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Bitter Sweet

As long as i can remember, I had always thought Michelle had a perfect life. She was a star student, the school captain, a dynamic actress, oh well i could just go on and on. So as i was saying I was her biggest fan. Though it was the world's best kept secret. I mean u don't usually go around telling your big sister things like that. So we quarreled and fought.
But things can't always be perfect, can it? And so this is what happened.
She was 15 when she first met Keith. He was 20 and a total hunk. He swept her off her feet and thus began a fairy tale romance. Now, this, you will say, is also perfect. I mean, every one craves for prince charming. Yeah, right you are. But aren't we forgetting one tiny detail. Every fairy tale has a wicked step mother. Unfortunately for Michelle it was her own mother and her father.
Now did i tell you about mom and dad? My parents had a love marriage. And they were doctors. And we were not a family. I think this much details is enough for the story.
So like i was saying, mom and dad were the villains in the story. I am not joking really. Actually they were the world's biggest hypocrites. Michelle had always made them proud and taking into account their own love marriage they shouldn't have grudged her her happiness. But they did. And so began Michelle's sorrows. They threatened her, locked her, and locked the phone, kept a watch on her just so that she couldn't be with Keith. But she always found a way. Come on, Michelle was smart and they really loved each other and where there is a will there is a way. They even sent Michelle away to a different school, embarrassed her in front of all her friends and relatives. Michelle never said a word but i have seen her cry herself to sleep each night.
Then one day Michelle heard mom and dad planning black magic on Keith. Doctors planning this, and that too in the 21st century! Michelle was shocked. She personally didn't believe in all these voodoo nonsense but she couldn't bear to hurt Keith. Finally something broke inside her. She could bear no more and so she did something very stupid. She left us. No, she did not elope. Wish she had though. She died. The doctors couldn't figure what was wrong with her. But i know she died because she lost the will to live and this time unlike fairy tales she had no fairy godmother. And you know what Keith died too, soon after. Michelle after all was his life.
But after Michelle died something melted in mom and dad. They suddenly they tried to become family. But I hated them. For years i hated them for what they did to my sister.
Then one day after i had cried myself to sleep, after warding off mom's millionth attempt to try to make friends with me. I saw Michelle. She told me to forgive mom and dad like she had done. Forgiveness will heal and help heal. She smiled and i saw Keith standing by her. I reached out to touch her but they were both gone.
Next morning at breakfast i didn't snap at mom or dad for the first time in a long while and that marked a new beginning.
Its 5 years since Michelle died. Today I am 16 and my best pals and advisers are my mom and dad and i am dating this truly amazing guy that my parents like too. My life is now perfect but I wish Michelle was still here.

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