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She stood at the very edge of the cliff and glanced at the waves,
those beautiful waves crashing against the strong steady rocks. She
looked up towards the sky and felt the wind against her face. Her long
auburn hair moved wildly in the wind. She thought of Justin. Justin,
Justin. The only person she had truly trusted. She felt a sharp pang
in her heart as she remembered the betrayal. His betrayal. Tears rolled
down her porcelain-white face. She could visualize the moments when she
had seen him with the girl. "That slut," she thought bitterly to herself.
Those moments were crafted vividly in her memory. When she saw him
kiss that slutty bitch at the party, she felt like killing both of them.
"How could you do that to me, Justin? I loved you. I goddamn loved you,"
she whispered raggedly through the tears which was flowing steadily.
How he broke her heart. She felt torn. So, so torn that life was not
worth living anymore. Her parents were dead from a shooting incident and
her elder sister was a cheap, useless whore. "What have I done to deserve
this? Tell me now. What is it?" she screamed to the open sea. All her
thoughts were messed up. Nothing seemed right. Nothing was right. All
those beautiful moments torn from her memory for life. "Live life to the
max" that us what they say. This was the maximum. She could not take it
anymore. Taking a deep breath, she jumped and thought for the last time,
"No worries, no fears. This is what life should be like."
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