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Perfect Rose

You're alone, sitting so peacefully, quietly alone,
You don't do anything and I'm attracted
But then you don't really need to.
Your perfect hair, such deep, meaningful eyes,
That's what I want, your soft, warm touch.
I want us close, like petals on a bud are
So perfectly united, sharing ourselves
To form one body of love so true.

What is it about you? I can't understand
You're so perfect in all ways, not just
One beauty, you're everything I could want
In every aspect you melt me like butter.
Of course you would when what you are
Is heaven and Earth rolled into one, no poor points
Are visible in you, heaven has cleansed any
Possible blemishes now impossible to see.

You're a rose.
A rose with such perfection, no beauty can surpass
Your weakest of points, now non-existent.
My heart bleeds for such a Perfect Rose.
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