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I can’t stop trying, to make everything right.
I can’t stop trying, to fight the good fight.
I can’t stop trying, to show you a good time.
I can’t stop trying, to make you mine.

I love it when you’re angry, well not when you’re angry with me, but when you’re angry with someone else, someone whose not me. I love the way your face kinda lights up and you get that little crinkle above your nose. I said crinkle, not wrinkle. No I don’t think your fat.

I can’t stop loving, your innocent face.
I can’t stop loving, sleeping over at your place.
I can’t stop loving, your beautiful hair.
I can’t stop loving, the way you always care.

I was wondering, when I met your mom did you get pissed off when I said you and your mother looked alike? I didn’t mean you were old, I was just complimenting your mom. No, no, no I think your mom is beautiful, I just meant, oh boy! What? No you are not fat! You’re beautiful, the most beautiful person I’ve ever met. I said you were NOT fat, not you WERE fat!

I can’t stop wishing, to see your smile.
I can’t stop wishing, to be with you once in a while.
I can’t stop wishing, to be your white glove.
I can’t stop wishing, to be the victim of your love.

Look honey, I wasn’t staring I swear! No I don’t love you for your body. No I don’t mean… I meant I loved you anyway. No I mean I love you for your inner beauty too. What? No I don’t think your fat!!!

I can’t stop gawking at your dress
checking if I’m fresh
loving what you wear
Imagine you in underwear,
standing up for you
doing what you tell me to
staring at your breasts
But only staring at your breasts.

Look, I’m not answering this time. Now that doesn’t mean I think you are fat, but I know when I can’t win. So there. No…no honey….don’t, don’t cry. Oh baby I’m sorry, I…I’ll answer the question. Just one thing….what do you want me to say? Ouch! Okay, okay, I’d have to say…that you are….nnnnoott ffaaaaatt. What? You aren’t angry? You love me? I…I…don’t know what to say.

Should you be eating that chocolate?
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