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My favorite little-guy,

How have you been lately? I miss you so much and wish I could be there with you now. Don’t worry though, I’ll see you on Christmas day. You’ll know it’s Christmas when you finish that chocolate calendar I sent you, hope you enjoy it. I think maybe Santa will leave you something special under the tree this year, but you’ll have to wait and see.
Your mother told me that you’ve been asking questions lately, questions about why we don’t live together anymore. You see, mommy and I don’t hate each other, we just think we work better as friends. That doesn’t change the fact that we both love you very much. You still have a mommy and you still have a daddy, that will never change. I know you wish I was there right now, but we’ll be together soon and when we are we can do all kinds of fun stuff together, just you and me. Don’t worry about it, I’m still your dad and you’re still my favorite little-guy right?
I heard that you’re having trouble with the kids at school. I know what that’s like. When I was at school I was picked on too. It’s hard to have no friends, I know that. It’s never fun for others to pick on you and call you names, I’ve been there. The best thing to do is to ignore it; let it go. You know it’s not true and that’s all that matters. Just be yourself. I know that’s not easy when they hurt you but it is important to be true to yourself. Someday it will get better, I promise you that.
I know you’ll survive you’ve always been strong. Just remember who you are and where you come from. You’re a Hutchinson, you’re my son. You don’t hurt people or call them names. You know what that feels like; it’s not fun is it? You help people when they’re feeling bad or being picked on, you’re a good person and you should show it. Make other people feel good and that will make you feel good too. Always remember, stand up for yourself and for others. You don’t have to hit anybody, just take a stand and be the bigger boy. The only thing hitting gets you is a headache. I know that being a kid is tough but you’re tough too. Just be a good person and help out whenever you can. You’ll be surprised how far a little kindness goes.
I sure do miss you little-guy. I know we don’t get to spend as much time together as we’d like, but we make it count. I love you very much, I can’t say that enough. Don’t forget to bring your teddy on Christmas for our sleep-over, I even bought pj’s for teddy, too. I can’t wait to see you. I’ll be so much fun!

I’m thinking of you,

PS No matter what happens remember, I’ll always be just a phone call away.
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