ANGELA | By: Jere Hutchinson | | Category: Poem - Love Bookmark and Share



I love her.
I love everything about her.
I love her smile, that gorgeous smile.
I love her eyes, those big brown eyes.

I love the way she looks, when she shyly asks me for paper
The way her head tilts downs ever-so slightly
The way she stares at me with those big innocent eyes
The way she suckers me into giving in all the time

I just want to give in.
How can I want anything else?
How can I possibly deny her my heart?
I can’t.
I won’t.

I love the way she cares
The way she cares about everything as if it was the end of the world
The way she cares about everyone without judging them
The way she cares about me, nobody ever cared about me

I just want to care for her.
I want to hold her and never let go.
I want to tell her what she needs to hear.
I want her.
I need her.

I love her.
I love her for who she is.
I love her because she loves me,
even though I’m me.
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