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Do I want to see the Heavens in a different world away from are place of dreams. Lost in a void for which there is no way out? I can see myself reach for you, a beautiful figure with a smile upon your face and as I reach my head goes right though you.
Do I want to count stars in the sky and wish on everyone that one day our lips will touch again and our bodies will be as one?
Do I want to look across far lands just to make myself think that you are not far away but close to my heart? The look the feel the touch would be a memory never forgot.
Do I want to sit at night and read the words you write just praying I was there to see you write it? The words would reach out and hold me as once you did.
Do I want to fear never seeing you again, your smile, your look the passion and joy? I would die if I couldn't see that again.
Do I want you to cry, worried if I am safe or okay? To see you cry would break me down and I would if I could run into your arms.
No I must say but still there is more.
Will I be the same, happy and fun like a child at play or just a stone with no emotion to see?
Will my heart still love you as now or will I see you and the world different?
Will I die?
So many question with no answer to be given but one thing I know.
I know you are the best thing to ever happen in my life and as days and nights go by nothing will never change that. I need you as part of me, I need you as a part of my soul. I need you like I've never needed anyone in the world. You are my life, you are my love, you are my soul.
As life plays it games just close your eyes for I will be there reaching for you as I always do.
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