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Paris Lights

Eric sat on a wooden bench looking at his bandmates argue over what they sould eat for lunch. Devin wanted 'Un Sandwich' but without the tomato and cheese. Henderson wanted a simple slice of pizza but was argueing with the server about what not to put on it. Mike was just flirting with a french college student that sat behind him.

"Tu es soif?" the server asked Eric.

"Oui, uh...j'ai juice d' pomme" He said with a slight smile. The server quickly wrote down is order of apple juice and spun quickly on his heels to the kitchen. Eric sighed and looked out the window. The streets of Paris were busy. He counted 5 people walking their dogs,6 couples sucking face, 2 street artists, and about 50 mo-peds on the roads and sidewalks.

"Eric...Eric....ERIC!!!" Mike yelled. Snapping his head toward him, Eric looked at him.
"What?" Eric said playing with his black bangs that covered his right eye.

"I need a pen and paper...this girl Helene is giving me her digts." Mike said winking at the blushing girl. Eric pulled out his thick sketchbook and a charcol pencil to give to Mike. Yes, Eric was a huge art fan. His sketchbook was filled with drawings of random couples kissing,some anime cartoons he saw in Toyko on some billboards, and his bandmates in some very wierd postions.

The server gave the boys their food and drinks. Nodding in thanks the boys paid the server. Eric poked at his salad. Sensing something wrong, Henderson patted his arm.

"Yo E, you okay man?" Henderson asked. Nodding, Eric said he was fine. Looking out the window Eric noticed a young woman, no older than 17, dancing. Her hair was a dark brown, her skin was pale as pale could get, lips painted a ruby red, eyes lined with black eyeliner, and green eyes. She wore a black skirt and a red top. She danced like a ballierna...hell she was. She even had the slippers. Dropping his fork, Eric glared at the young dancer.

"Eric...what are you staring at?" Devin asked looking out the window also. Devin gasped and let his sandwich fall from his hands. "Dude shes a cutie!" He said. Eric didnt hear his overly horny friend, he was too intranced by her beauty and grace.
The dancer turned to face the diner where that band sat. She noticed the two boys looking at her. She smiled at Devin but locked eyes with Eric. The bass player's breath was takin away by her. She blushed and winked before turning around. Eric smiled and blushed. He zipped up his black Atreyu hoodie and pushed Devin out of the way. Devin yelled and looked at the love struk bass player run out the doors to the crowd.

Eric pushed his way though the people to where the girl was. A top hat laid before her. It was filled with change and a few euro bills. He made his way to the first row and looked at her. Her hips swayed in grace and rythem. Swallowing hard he dug into his pockets. Pulling out a few bills and a pen and a scrap of paper. Scribbing down his a same message in french he took a hair pin from his hair and attached the note to her tip.

As he walked to her hat where she collected her tips, she and him locked eyes again. He knew he had fallen in love with her. She smiled and said a sweet 'Merci'. Eric smiled and took her hand.

"Du rein mon ange" Eric said before kissing her hand lightly. Blushing, she smiled and said to him,

"Je m'appelle Michele." She said.

"Eric Wentz" he replied. She winked and let her hand fall from his grips. Eric smiled and walked into the crowd.

"What a beautiful woman" Eric thought as he walked back into the diner.
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