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A Gentle Vignette

The pine trees wave in the gentle wind. A ruffle in the leaves of a nearby gum tree brings a little blue bird to my attention.
It hops about from branch to branch, singing its own little song. Another ruffle of the leaves and away it flies. Twisting
and turning, threading its way gently through the air. On the other side of the oval I can see a flock of corellas in the tall
pine trees, whitening the tree tops. As they chirp to each other a car passes and the flock moves to the ground. They
search everywhere for seeds.

Then off they fly. Their wings flapping, soaring high then dipping to the ground and floating back up. They start to
chirp as, once again, they come to a stop in the pine trees. The sun beams down from a cloudless sky as the cool breeze
drifts across my face. A magpie moves from his vantage point and floats to another one, joining up with a friend. Then
swooping and soaring they drift to the oval in search of bugs and worms.

The brilliant light of the sun brightens the white of the magpie making a greater contrast with the black. In the distance
I see blotches and rows of trees, amongst the long, dry grass and new green shoots. A herd of cows lie on the grass
chewing their cud. A large Hereford bull gets up and starts towards the trees, the cows follow his lead and travel in single
file to the trees and water trough.

And then, all of a sudden, the alarm in my pocket starts to call loudly, signalling my time is up. I am now in the position
where I must return to class. And so, I end this piece...
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