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Evil Storms of Destruction!

“Wow!” yelled Mark excitedly one June afternoon! He and his best friend, Methuselah Imager, were watching Day of Destruction on TV. Two storms were causing severe damage in Missouri. These storms were a hurricane and a tornado.
Suddenly, the screen went black. Then, after 5 seconds, it displayed Chief Meteorologist Merril Teller on the TV! Mark was scared! He looked outside. There were no clouds. There were no signs of bad weather! What was going on?
Merril Teller’s face looked pale with fear. He was shaking as he said, “I can hardly believe this! There are numerous thunderstorms developing over the U.S! There may not be much sign right now, but there will certainly be signs after 30 minutes. These countrywide storms are all supposed to last 2 hours, and they will cause severe damage as some of them have tornadoes. Warnings are already being issued U.S.-wide. The storms are expected to have hail up to the size of nickels to softballs, damaging winds from 75-100 miles per hour, very heavy rainfall, and deadly cloud to ground lightning strikes. Locations under tornado watches are where the worst storms are supposed to be. I urge all U.S. citizens to use extreme caution. If you have outside work planned, it is strongly recommended that you cancel all plans until the storms pass. Whenever the storms pass, it might take weeks, maybe months, to repair damages. The storms should start by about 7:00PM tonight. They could destroy half of the U.S. by the time the storm warning expire. Our only hope is to pray. Please use extreme caution, all ye U.S. citizens!”
Mark shut the TV off shocked! What was going on? Storms all over the U.S? They could destroy half of the 2nd largest country in the world too! There was only one hope. Pray.
Mark and Methuselah took the hope. They prayed to God that through His power, the storm could be stopped or cancelled before it got too horrid.
When they had finished praying, he went back to the window. Sure enough, there were clouds all over the sky. Right now, they were just white clouds, but, they were going to darken into a dangerous thunderstorm by 7:00PM. But that was just one of the hundreds of thunderstorms developing all over the U.S!
Then, something seemed to tell Mark that if he had faith, God would stop the storm through him. He got down on his knees again and said, “I believe You.”
Then, a brilliant idea entered Mark. He could try making a large electronic storm breaker which would have enough energy to spread all over the U.S. He and Methuselah got into Mark’s first and brand new car, and went down to his science lab near the high school. He stopped, got out, and went inside.

Mark got out his directions on how to make ESB devices. He and Methuselah read them. After getting all their tools out, they got started.
First, he got some legoes out and put them together into 48 large, black clouds. By the time this was done, 3 hours had gone by, because it took a long time for Mark to have those large legoes put together correctly and exact to fit the US map.
Second, he grabbed his US map and put all 48 black clouds on the map. This would mean that the storms would cover the U.S.
“Methuselah, could you grab me that electronic lego on top of those boxes?”
“Sure will!” replied Methuselah. He grabbed the large electronic lego on top of the computer boxes. He also grabbed the USB cable for the lego.
Mark hooked up the cable to the lego while Methuselah hooked it up to the computer. Then, Methuselah turned on the computer.

“Aha!” yelled Methuselah.
“What is it?” asked Mark.
“The computer has detected the hardware! It says in 2 hours, it will be an ESB device! I can hardly wait to see it finished!”
“Yeah. Once it’s done, we can start it, and the storms will diminish!”
Methuselah hugged Mark. “We’ll be heroes before you know it!”
“Yep,” said Mark. “Let’s get going home. I’ll keep my little computer alert system gadget in my pocket so we can be aware of any problems which might happen. If any problems happen, it’ll be too late to redo it. The storms will have taken over too strong.”
When Mark and Methuselah went outdoors, it was very cloudy. The clouds were now gray. It was already raining lightly. But, the rain would become a torrential rainfall by 7:00PM. On top of that, there was negative lightning flashing across the sky along with quiet thunder.
Mark and Methuselah watched the sky for the next 90 minutes. The clouds were even darker now. It wasn’t raining, but the clouds were practically black! They looked like a tornado was coming along with a severe thunderstorm!

Suddenly, Mark’s alert-alarm beeped loudly! The gadget said, “There was a problem! An unknown error occurred while the computer was trying to turn the ESB device on! Try again!”
Mark growled fiercely! What would the so-called heroes do now? They had to restart it!
They raced outside to find it hot now. Then, the thought came to Mark. Cloudy and hot mean tornado! There’s a tornado coming along with the thunderstorm!
It was 6:50! The storms would be starting any minute! There was nothing to stop them either!
Mark opened the door to find that the computer had an error message reading, “Unknown error! Computer could not turn device on due to dfjakj.dll not found! Try again!”
Mark shook with anger. Now, the U.S. would be in ruins! Two hours! That was just enough time!
“God, help us! You know the mess we’re in! Please help us find the solution before it’s too late! In Jesus’ name, Amen!”
Then, Mark found the CD-ROM to which the electronic lego had to use.
Nuts! I forgot to put the disc in! Well, try it now.
Mark clicked the start button after putting the CD-ROM in leading ELEGO_13.
“2 hours remaining”
Suddenly, it hit! The clouds were letting it loose all over the US! It was the storms! Hundreds of them were doing practically the same thing over the U.S.

Outside, it was dangerous! Lightning flashed cloud-to-ground! Thunder boomed loud enough to shatter windows! Rain and hail fell down everywhere! Winds blew 100 mph!
Suddenly, Mark heard a loud cracking sound! Then, a loud thud along with a crash! The storm had blown down a tree! The roof had cracked too!!! Now, the rain would rush in and destroy the computer and everything! Mark’s plan was going to fail!
The storm was increasing in strength! The rain came down in sheets! Cars were being blown over by the damaging winds!
Mark had seen bad storms before, but this one was by far the most severe! In fact, the force of it was so intense it was knocking down houses and it was hard to see outside due to the storm!
Suddenly, through all the loud noise, the city whistle blew! Then, Mark remembered! The tornado was coming! Maybe that was why the storm was getting to be so severe!
Suddenly, a noise like 1,000 freight trains put together erupted! The tornado had hit! It snaked its way down to the ground. Then, it moved east at 60 miles per hour! Would the tornado hit them? It seemed to go back up before it hit the science lab. Whew! The tornado didn’t hit Mark and Methuselah.
“Thank-you, Jesus!” Mark and Methuselah said in unison. The tornado just barely missed them! But, the storm was still going by dangerously! It would rage for another 2 hours! That was just enough time.
Thankfully, Mark was able to tune in to Channel 12, although it was snowy due to bad weather, you could still see Merril Teller with a pale face full of fear! What was the matter now?
“Ladies and gentlemen, the storms are supposed to last longer than I thought. They’re supposed to last till Midnight! Warnings have been extended from 9PM to midnight! Stay indoors if you know what’s good for your life! The storms are –“
The TV shut off! The power lines had been blown down by the wind!
Mark went to the computer. “1 hr 4 mins remaining”

The storm was getting nasty! Although the tornado warning had expired for Lyons, the storm still raged like crazy! And this was happening all over the U.S!
Now, in Toledo, Ohio, Mark’s mother, Sue, was scared. The storm had hit so sudden there, that she almost went crazy. Thank goodness, she didn’t. And there was more good news too. No tornado had hit Toledo, either. It was just a strong thunderstorm. But, the storm was only half as bad as Lyons! The phones were dead, so Sue couldn’t contact Mark by any means to find out if he was okay or not.
Soon, it was 9:00PM CDT. The storms had united into one severe thunderstorm covering the US! Satan was really being allowed to cause trouble now! The US was in danger! It was 9PM now. The storms had been raging on for 2 hours!

100% done!
The ESB device was now finished! Would it work?
“Well, here goes!” yelled Mark. The storm had not ruined the place. Mark pushed the green button. A green square in the shape of the US Map ran through the room and was spreading fast! Would the plan work after all?
Mark looked at his computer. The screen read, “map updating… storm activity: very low”
“Hey!” yelled Mark! “Methuselah, look!”
Methuselah clapped his hands and hugged Mark tightly! The storms were stopping!

Outside, the sky began to clear. This was happening in Lyons and all over the U.S! The plan worked after all!
Suddenly, the computer read, “sherry bigcharles is online”
The webcam showed Mark’s grandma.
“Mark, looks like the U.S. is going to exalt you as #1 16-year old.”
“Yes, Grandma. It looks like America will alright.

The next morning, after a good night’s rest, the phone rang. Mark picked it up.
“Mark, this is the President of the United States. Your grandma told me how you stopped country-wide storms through your little gadget. You have a $1,000,000,000 reward coming your way.”
“ONE BILLION DOLLARS?! Wow! I can really be generous now to the poor!”
Bush chuckled. He said the money would be sent directly to First Bank of Lyons, Kansas where Mark had a bank account.
Mark thanked Bush, then hang up.

Ten days later, Mark went to the bank. He saw that his balance was one billion dollars. He was the richest now that anyone in Lyons. Mark spent thousands of dollars getting Jews back to Israel, and all kinds of other stuff. By the time he had only $100,000 left, he bought 2 new cars for $25,000 each. He spent the rest on a house for himself in Sterling, where his best friend lived. If it wouldn’t have been for the dangerous weather, Mark wouldn’t have got this blessing! He was poor now in money, but rich in happiness!

Acts 20:35 – It is more blessed to give than to receive.
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