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As They Rest Their Heads

AS they Rest their heads

by: Tammy Mae Hall

As they lay, with their heads resting upon

their pillows soft as couds...

They feel no pain...

they do not know of the rocky road that lies ahead

its many jagged stones, tearing away at our hearts

in the end, we will be reduced

to nothing

nothing but, a whirlwind of emotions

an eternity of tears and agony

we will cry for decades until there

are no tears left to cry

we will scream forever, but no

sound will ever come out

for, we are hollow, our happiness

drained away and memories flooding into its place

they torture us, as we long

for them to continue, as we beg to see

the face they portray...

as we plead to hear the voice

that they contain

but, we will never see, we will never hear...

we are left to ponder, we are left to dwell

upon the tortured moment

the moment..

let them dream on

let them feel the warmth their happiness brings

as i worry, as i

drown myself in pessimistic predictions

that leave me in peices

let me carry the burden

as they drift away

let them sleep as i mourn

and silently cry

do not let them feel pain

as they rest their heads upon their

pillows soft as clouds.

Dedicated to:

Keny and Chasey Hall



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