Flaw | By: Brianne DiPrima | | Category: Short Story - R&B Bookmark and Share


I can't remember the last time
I thought about me
These are the things I'm thinking
When you're looking at me
From day one you pointed out what's wrong with me
all of these things
I know them
they're just skeletons
I refuse to see

CHORUS: But you see I'm not perfect
you look right at me
you pointed me flaws out
and you still love me
not despite them
but because they are a part of me

You want people to listen to every word you say
You think if its not done your way
Its all wrong
But you need to see that
people have to learn on their own
no matter what you say


I let people step on me
I have a need to please
I think I'm not worthy
when it comes to me
you see these flaws in me
they're mine
so don't try and change me


You need to be reassured
on every little thing
its amazing how you can be so weak
when so seem so string to me
I see these flaws in you
their yours
So I won't try to change you

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