I try | By: Brianne DiPrima | | Category: Short Story - R&B Bookmark and Share

I try

Sometimes it gets a little hard
to hold it all inside
hidng all of my emotions
won't let people see me cry
but at times I start to show it
you can see it in my eyes
my feelings start emitting from my veins
and I give in

Chorus: So I try
but sometimes life is so hard to hold
with shakey hands
I feel I could fold
Barely hanging
by my thread I have sewn
I keep fighting
I will save me on my own

Each day I keep asking
why not just let go
but when your heart
feels this strongly
its not that easy to do
So I keep trodding my course
and each waking moment
I'm hit with the force
of this love that I'm feeling
and how I have to hide it
I'm dealing


I wish I could pour out
this bottle of emotion
But I'm so afraid the result
will serve as no potion
I would be exposed
the truth be revealed
emotions everyone would know
no veil to hide behind
everything on show
a day that I'm dreading
a day they'll hear
everything I've thoguht but not said

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