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Pretending in Winter

Pretending in Winter

I dislike winter,
Please donít get me wrong,
When, as a child, I enjoyed it so.
Today, I am my daughter, leaping into the snow.
Bombs away!

Oh, to be that child of long ago
I think I will pretend once again.
We can catch snowflakes on our tongues.
My daughter is laughing at me.

She stops and stares and suddenly wants to know
Have I ever thought of life as a play?
Oh, I smile widely for I know,
I am my daughter, playing in the snow.
Act 2,
Scene 5

You see, that was me so long ago,
Always wanting to know.
Lying in the snow, staring into the sky
My daughter, at nine is one of a kind.
Love you Mom
Love you Dana

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