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M.S.S. and the Egyptian coin

The very Beginning

It was at night, a young boy called David Aniston was watching the old park for any
Suspicious thing’s, you know like people or old cars left their like scraps of rubbish
Or anything like that. The young boy called David Aniston is a mystery solver he is 10 years old and has been trained as a mystery solver for 5 years and this was only his first case. He also has two pets to keep him company and good company they were.
Like any mystery solver they had to guard things solve things and chase after any master criminals. David’s job as a detective was different he was more of a wiser detective he took his time and thought about a situation before either contacting the police in general or actually being able to solve a problem his self. Anyway like I was saying it was his first case guarding an Egyptian coin, found by one of the most famous detectives in the world Adam Harcno. They all say that this coin is valuable it would be worth more that a house more than a boat more than a car more than anything you could possibly think of. The coin was attached to an Ariel system that was located in the mist of Dio Street. It was quite a scary place Dio Street because it was almost as if it was in the middle of nowhere and the place looked as if it had been deserted for 10000’s and 10000’s of years.

Indian Snatchers

It was getting darker and darker every second it was a good thing that David isn’t afraid of the dark, My OH My what a dark pit tonight isn’t it guys, said David. After a while, a small vibration came from David’s pocket, he pulled out the gadget and it was his mobile phone the entire time, he pressed the answer button and then said, Hello. It was the M.S.S. The work station were David worked at, it was his boss Mr.Bigon the owner of the entire M.S.S. incorporated and boy was he bossy he always says, Do this do that; that doesn’t go over their why would that go over their,
It was like living inside a huge tower of bossy nitwits. Anyway were I, oh yes Mr.Bigon told David, that two men had been located saying they were heading for the ariel system to snatch the coin. David replied saying, Okay thanks for the info. David put his phone away and was getting ready for attack. Shhhhhhhhh, said a man from behind the rock of the park, two very strange men were getting ready to snatch the coin and attack David. David was getting suspicious he was hearing lot’s and lot’s of whispering from behind the rock and the two pets, Nevis and Jim the dog and cat were hiding behind a tree to avoid all the violence. This bomb should do the trick, said the strange man from behind the rock. The small bomb flew through the air and bounced off David’s head and on to the floor. What’s all this then, said David? Look out guys it’s a bomb. The bomb unleashed the gas and then David coughed his heart out and said, [cough cough cough] it’s… its tear gas, and tears trickled down David’s face like rain. The man behind the rock said, come on we can’t waist anymore time the coins unguarded. And the two men quickly snatched the coin and the two men ran off and the other man said, let’s get back to the plain the master will be wondering were we are; this coin will make a good antique to his collection. And the two men ran off to the plain as quickly as possible like cowards so now one could see them.
The very next morning David contacted the M.S.S. and told the owner exactly what the Indian snatchers had done.

Conko Prison

It was a bossy tower like I said he was, he was furious with David, even though he told him about the tear gas and how the criminals made a clever plan against him
And how they zoomed along the park before he could do anything. Mr.Bigon looked very curious then said to David, wait a minute did you just say these criminals were Indians, said Mr.Bigon. That’s right, replied. It’s just as I remember, said Mr.Bigon.
In the paper this morning to prisoners escaped from Conko prison last night and were headed straight to last nights location. Hmmmmmmmmm, said David. I wonder if I could find any clues over there, if anyone needs me I’ll be at conko prison. Out side conko prison was a blue Ferrari parked right outside the prison. David’s face looked like as if he had seen that car before. He walked inside the prison and showed the officer his papers and then carried on looking for clues. The cell the Indians were in was very spooky; he looked up on the wall’s the floor the ceiling but still know clues to show why the prisoners were up to. But then he came to his common cense which David usually had a lot of but not this time. He looked under the mattress and a small piece of crumpled up paper was lying there, David unscrambled the paper and was surprised to what he saw, the paper said,

A plan, said David, wait they said they were coming back for it at exactly 11.30am and now it’s 11.29am. David took a big gulp with fear and then remembered he was the worlds best 10 year old detective and quickly wrote down the code as fast as he could and then……………….Crash bash bang pieces and pieces of tiny bits of glass fell through the window and knocked David on the head but nobody should forget that David’s head was stronger than ever, so he got up again and bashed the enemies assistant out clean then David ran for it when the sound of gun fires caught his ear.


He took the piece of paper from David and then said, “It say’s they are going to Africa didn’t they, “That’s right, replied David,” Well then pack your bag’s then David your going to Africa”, said Mr.Bigon, “AFRICA”, said David very seriously, I can’t go to Africa its….. It’s only my first…... “You can and you will; now get going the next flight is in 2 hours. And David’s face fell.

On the plane to Africa David was sitting next to a very strange man that looked like he was working on a paper for the law’s of science, witch David had know clue what that was yet. The man saw David looking at a map, telling David which direction he was heading for and he noticed the top of it saying M.S.S witch he knew
That it stood for Mystery Solving society. “Young man, said the strange man. “Do you work at M.s.s, yes I do, said avid; please to meat you, said David. “Please to meet you too, said the man, my name is Professor Mcogin
And I work at M.S.S as well. “No kidding, said David. “I’m a young detective trying to get back the Egyptian coin found by one of the greatest detectives Adam Harcno. “Oh, yes Adam Harcno he was one of the greatest teenager detective I ever had laid eye’s on. David put the map down for about two hours witch took up the entire flight and when the plain came to a final stop they both had to say goodbye to each other and David carried on solving his mystery and was being careful about what he was doing. In a lair in the mist of carto street and it was a huge lair with beautiful shiny metal screwed in firmly by small little screws. The man that almost murdered David was writing a letter too the conko prison to capture a spy called David Aniston
So that he wouldn’t be anymore trouble to his concern. About two hours later the conko officers were hot on David’s trail they stopped by Professor Mcogin and he told them everything. The officers spotted a black limousine with white doors and roof and they spotted a young boy in the car and it fitted perfectly with the description. “Stop that car it’s David its David. “Oh dear, said David, “The police are hot on my trail and we can’t stop a few more inches and they’ll get us it’s a good thing this pen knife com’ in handy. David bashed a hole threw the roof and with the officers far away, he was able to duck behind the bushes and run free.

The Indians lair

When David had finished running from after 30 miles, David was worn out and to tired to do anything but then he knew that he had to keep going so he walked for about 20 minutes and then stopped for some water.
As soon as he kept going he came across a huge lair, and had know doubt that this was the Indians lair and the Egyptian coin was being guarded by solders but it wouldn’t be easy their would be security everywhere, looks like it was time to give his wise detective skills affect and the considering the pet’s are perfectly guarded by
Solders at the kennels for some strange reason, it will be much more easier to knot get caught by the Indians
Zorno and whatever the other guy’s name is now was time to enter the lair.


He entered the building and then…………… [Alarm alarm alarm] The alarm went off and then David said, “Oh no the alarm, better run to the control room. In the control room was a small coin floating in midair because it was covered with lasers that would kill you if touched. David slowly brought out the gun from his pocket And aimed at the control panel, bang crash boom the controls were dead and the lasers stopped and the coin fell in his hand and then said,

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