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True Love

The Beginning

It was a late night of 1986; the world was at peace, well for most places anyway.
A band called WRAPPED UP was performing everyone’s favourite song [Like a Cat in a Microwave]. The Girls were in trance they could not stop looking at the most wonderful player in the band, CAMPELL KINLOCH he was a man that always had a plan he was the man with the rocking band there was nothing more greater to the girls than Campbell Kinloch. But there was one particular Girl who had no interest in Campbell at all and all the other girls thought she was crazy. It was concerning Campbell that only that one girl didn’t like him but he thought she was absolutely delicious. It was also strange to the girl called Rosemary McCashin how Campbell was always trying to look over the drummers and look at her, every time her friend Irene always convinced her to go to there concerts.

Mrs. Dumper

When the band finished and came off stage Campbell looked high and looked low but still couldn’t find the girl of her dreams anywhere. But then he noticed a blond girl at the bar drinking wine with his good friend Irene. “Hey, hey you, said Campbell. Campbell finally reached the bar and tapped rosemary on the shoulder and then she turned around and said, yeah, oh it’s you, and what do you want. “Um hi my names Campbell, I just wanted to say I think you look beautiful and that I was wondering if maybe you would like to go out with me some time. “NO, NO, NO, no way wouldn’t I go out with you even if you were the last guy on earth no way now just go away, said Rosemary. “OH, okay, said Campbell walking away with disappointment.
Rosemary turned round to talk to Irene for another good 5 minutes then decided to go home.

Rosemary and Sean Sitting in a tree

Even though Rosemary didn’t like Campbell, she had a very good infatuation on Sean McGarvey and Sean had a little crush on her to. Campbell was furious with Sean when he figured it out and was going to fix this once and for all.

Ask Irene

Campbell had a good idea of how to get Rosemary to like her, it was going to be tuff it was going to be dangerous but it was very, very necessary. It was time for action and also time for plan A- Favourite Music. Next would be plan B- Favourite Animal and then so on and so on. The good idea about finding out about Rosemary was asking Irene whole load of stuff,

[I mean they talk about a lot of stuff any way you can’t doubt for one second that they don’t talk about each other p.s. I mean they are girls]

At Campbell’s house everything was going awfully bad and wrong,
Campbell’s Dad over heard hi talking on the phone to one of his band members talking about him liking the girl Rosemary and how he felt about her.
After the half an hour talk with the band member, Campbell had another talk coming his way and this one was even longer than any other conversation he had ever had. Apparently his Dad called Jimmy was very concerned about the way he is felling about this girl Rosemary and the conversation was very, very boring to him 100% and this is exactly what Jimmy had too say.
“I think the way you think about this Rose Girl………. “Um it’s Rosemary Dad, interrupted Campbell. “As I was saying this Rosemary girl, doesn’t like you back, and if she doesn’t like you back I insist you don’t keep trying or you’ll get your heart broken faster than you can say DUMPED. “Don’t worry, said Campbell; I already tried asking her out once and she turned me down faster than you can say “I”, said Campbell. Later that day Irene and Campbell met up at the pub and he asked her absolutely everything that could be about Rosemary in the world. Back at his house Campbell made a list of thing’s about what Irene had told him and what a long list it was

1. Animal-cat
2. Music-James Morrison
3. Food-Spaghetti
4. Person-Mum
5. Place-Spain
6. Car-Ferrari
7. Book-Small Island
8. Flower-sunflower
9. Jewel-Diamond
10. Sport-Shopping

Campbell began thinking he would have to work harder at trying to win Rosemary’s Heart. So he was about to get more money by helping out more around the house to get about a fiver a week.


It was amazing the weeks that went by seemed like a century of work, but it was worth it to win the girl of his dreams. It was also amazing how in the last 6 weeks he had earned 100 pounds, that would probably pay for the Sunflowers the gift card and a two week vacation in Spain and to buy her the Holiday on DVD, everything was going absolutely GREAT!!!!

Campbell find’s out the truth

The Next morning, when Campbell had bought all the stuff for Rosemary he reported straight to Rosemary’s house and was in for a huge surprise. He knocked on the door feeling exited and was thankful to Irene for all she done for him.
She answered the door and saw Campbell standing there with a suit and the bag of thing’s and thought he looked absolutely ridiculous.

“Hi Rosemary, said Campbell quickly. “I’ve been told you like all this stuff so here,
I hope you like it! Irene ran up to the door and then they both started giggling at him. “I’m confused, said Campbell. “We can’t believe you fell for it, said Irene giggling.
“Fell for what, said Campbell wondering what was going on. Irene and Rosemary stopped laughing at him and then Irene said, “Don’t you get it; we fouled you into thinking that Rosemary liked all those stuff and we just can’t believe you felt for
It instantly. Campbell felt humiliated and disappointed and conned.

[I mean Campbell really liked Rosemary and she had the nerve to trick him]

The Date

“Thanks a lot Irene, said Campbell furiously. “I thought you were my friend, I guess it’s just too much for the truth from you.
“Oh no, said Rosemary. “Here comes Sean, I just hope he doesn’t think……….

“Okay, said Sean. “What is going on? Rosemary tried to say as little as possible but it was no use she had to lie to him and hope he will believe her. “Well, said Sean. “Come on tell me, and it better be the truth. “The truth is…….. I’m secretly dating Campbell. “WHAT, said Sean fiercely. “I don’t believe you, said Sean. “Well if you don’t believe me I guess I’ll have to prove it to you. “Prove it too me how, said Sean.
“Come to their date tomorrow then, said Irene. “Yeah, said Rosemary. “Yeah, agreed Campbell. “Okay fine, said Sean what time’s you date. Rosemary, Campbell and Irene all looked at each other, and they all came out with different answers like,


Sean had his eyes wide open staring at them all confused, “Uh….. What, said Sean felling puzzled. “I actually mean nine o’clock, said Rosemary. “Perfect, said Sean. “We’ll meet at exactly nine o’clock p.m. tomorrow night. Rosemary looked up at Campbell and said, Look I’m really sorry about…….. But before Rosemary could say anything more Campbell began to say, “It’s okay, said Campbell, It doesn’t matter to me anyway because I think you’re the most beautiful girl in the world. Rosemary began to smile brightly and said, Ohhhh that’s so sweet, that’s the nicest thing any one has ever said to me. OHHHH, said Irene loudly.
The following night Sean and Campbell both arrived at Rosemary’s house at exactly nine o’clock and were ready for the big date. DING DONG, DING DONG, went the doorbell. The door gently opened and there stood a very, very beautiful young lady. “You look beautiful, said Campbell and Sean. “Ohhhh thank you, said Rosemary sweetly. The date was taking place at the Chinese Cotton House, Rosemary’s favourite restraunt. They all ordered the Friday night Special witch was rice with a Chinese sauce and chicken. “Yummmm sound’s good, said Rosemary.

The Surprise

Halfway through the meal Sean had to go to the toilet and Campbell and Rosemary
Started talking and they were talking abut stuff to do with that trick Irene and Rosemary played on Campbell, and then Campbell asked, “Why did you play that funny trick on me any how? Asked Campbell. To be honest, said Rosemary, “I and Irene don’t really know. Campbell tucked his chair in even closer to Rosemary and then said, “Well can you remember anything about last afternoon, said Campbell.
“I think so, said Rosemary. “All I can remember was inviting Irene over and then Sean brought us over into the TV room and then……….”And then what, said Campbell. “I can remember a trance on the telly and then I think Sean whispered something into both of our ears saying, TRICK CAMPBELL, TRICK CAMPBELL, TRICK CAMPBELL. “So that trick that game was all a trance, said Campbell. “I’m afraid so, said Rosemary we have to get him back, said Campbell……………………………………………………..


Yelled everyone coming out from behind tables. “Okay what’s going on, said Campbell and Rosemary.

It’s a surprise party celebrating something, said Sean.

Suddenly Campbell left the table got down on one knee and held out a leather box.
Rosemary looked shocked but then Campbell said something even more shocking

“Rosemary McCashin will you marry me.

Rosemary took a deep breath and……, Yes, Yes I do, cried Rosemary

[Then they got married and had to kids and lived happily ever after KNOT. Also Rosemary was often caught saying to his son, Euan what are you doing……………..]

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