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Dr.who and the great stone wall [Part one]

Stuck in the great Stone Wall

“So where are we going exactly Doctor” said Jill running round the TARDIS like some dog chasing a cat. “You’ll find out soon enough Jill,” said the Doctor. The control panel suddenly exploded into nothing but stones and ash. The Doctor looked shocked, “It’s impossible, said the Doctor falling on the floor. “DOCTOR”, shouted Jill in shock. Ace leaned down over the Doctor, “Jill”, squelched the Doctor, “get my ointment from the medicine cabinet. Ace ran to the medicine cabinet. “Gulp, Gulp, Gulp”, gulped the doctor rudely. The Doctor got back on to his feet, “Are you okay Doctor? Said Ace. “Yes I’m quit alright, explained the Doctor. Still the Doctor was speechless; he just couldn’t believe what had happened to his beautiful time ship. “I think the damage to the TARDIS is that the peaces from outside has disguised it from what they think it is and now we can see it to”, explained the Doctor. Jill opened her eyes as wide as she could, “But what could possibly be as bad as the world to be covered in ash and stone. “I don’t know”, said the Doctor. Jill suddenly brightened up a little, “hey” said Jill, “at least it’s probably calm and empty, thought Jill. The Doctor glared at Jill and said, “It may be calm, but is never empty, explained the Doctor. Jill shook her head “you can never make anything sound happy can you Doctor, said Jill heading for the door. “WOW”, said Jill looking outside the TARDIS door.
The Doctor looked outside the TARDIS and said, Oh No……………………………….

end of part one.

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