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How to Find Your Perfect Partner by Thought Alone

Have you given up on nightclubs, supermarkets, sports’ centres, work or even dating agencies in pursuit of the perfect companion and lover? Do you feel that you are not deserving of a considerate and adoring significant other? Or have you had so many bad experiences, that you’ve convinced yourself that the perfect partner doesn’t exist?

Then just imagine how extraordinary, but wonderful it would be, if you could conjure up a vision of your ideal partner in your mind and then, as if in some enchanted tale, they appeared? Sounds implausible doesn’t it? But, believe it or not, you really can find your soul mate through a process that we subconsciously engage in everyday, called creative visualisation.

When you are sitting daydreaming at work and perhaps fabricating scenarios in your mind, you are undertaking the process of inventive imagery. And how many times have you fantasised situations or future conversations that have then actually occurred?

Creative visualisation is based on the concept that you tend to get what you expect. So why not expect the best?

Positive thoughts attract positive reactions, so really believing that you can attain your heart’s desire is the beginning.

So, what is the first step in psychically luring your future prince or princess into your life?

You need to conjure up a very exact picture in your mind of the type of person you would wish to meet, including their personality traits.

Next, start making a list. You should write down all the virtues that you require in a partner and also a list of the undesirable qualities that you would wish to avoid. Be very specific, because what you desire is what you’ll acquire, so if you fail to mention any traits that you would find objectionable, you may end up with these as well as the more attractive elements.

Remember, if you have any strong views on an issue such as religion for example, be sure to mention this. Do you like outdoor pursuits? If not, you could end up with someone who has a passion for rock climbing, unless you declare this on your list. What about habits, such as nail biting for instance? Anything that would grate on your nerves should be added to the unwanted column. And how would you feel about meeting someone who already has children from a previous relationship?

Think about all the areas that you would regard as major issues if you and your partner had opposing views and list these.

Yes, you could end up with a very long list, but the more you write and the more specific you are, the more likely it is that you will end up with the person of your dreams.

By writing everything down, you are affirming your desires. Once the list is completed, read it and re-read it. Picture your partner in your mind and imagine the two of you together in various situations, enjoying life together. Visualise conversations. See yourselves as a happy family unit. Don’t look upon it as an idle daydream. Imagine that you are looking into a crystal ball at your future. Sleep with your list under your pillow. If you live alone, stick it on your fridge or position it in a place where you will see it on a regular basis.

Don’t go looking for the person you have imagined. You don’t need to force the issue. The person will be drawn to you, even if you feel you never go anywhere to meet anyone. Your future partner could be someone who stops you in the street to ask for directions. They could appear as a salesman on your doorstep, unless of course you have condemned this occupation on your list!

The mind is the most powerful tool you possess and creative visualisation has worked for thousands of people in many different ways.

Did it work for me? Yes. I tried it four years ago and I found my current partner, whose traits exactly matched those on my list. I did, however, forget to mention a couple of points. The first was my dislike of football. And what is one of my partner’s favourite diversions? Yes, you’ve guessed! The second was regarding children. As I have children myself, I wanted to meet someone who also had children, so that they would be more understanding as to the ups and downs of raising a family. However, I forgot to mention that I wanted him to have well-behaved children, but we’re working on that one!

So why not try it out? You have nothing to lose. Go on, let your imagination run wild, start writing that list and let me know how you get on!

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