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Broken Hearts bar

This is the place where they come to escape the stress in their lives
A lot is from their husbands and wives
This place gives them a lift
The regulars start swooping in at 10 am from a long night shift
At one time or another, everyone hurts and bears some kind of painful scars
You can find all kinds of emotional burden here at the Broken Hearts Bar
The doctors, the suits, the welders, we get them all
Others escape by attempting to crank out a tune on the piano facing the west wall
After a few drinks, everybody starts feeling well
The alcohol numbs and strips away our protective shell
Everyone enjoys talent night, it makes them feel good
Distorted by the liquid courage, they believe this is their ticket to Hollywood
A taxi driver of 23 years, complains about his back
He has his pain killers with a double shot of Jack
There is always a place for my down and out guests
I lend an ear and allow them to get it off their chest
The winners and losers come here because they are accepted for who they are
Everyone is welcomed to the city\'s center of depression, the Broken Hearts Bar
George tells me tonight he will be visiting for the last time
He says this every night right around nine
George takes a moment to reflect on the troubles of his past
He tells me it\'s true, nice guys finish last
So long, my time is near
I will become a nobody and disappear
He tells all his friends to keep reaching for the stars
I smile and tell him, there is always a stool for you at the Broken Hearts Bar
Yeah, I know here the door swing in and out
I thought maybe at the bottom of one my drinks I would discover what life is all about
The emotion in the air is thick like tar
Please come again to the Broken Hearts bar

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