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Master Pimp/Ultimate Red Neck

A man walks by in a gray polyester suit
He tells another man to call him Juice
The other man in bright orange hunter's clothes, he looks bold and brash
He tells Juice to call him Cold Hard Cash
They sit at the bus bench to discuss a new business they want to start
It all begins tomorrow around the corner at the local trailer park
Cold Hard Cash tells Juice, this is my last 500 bucks, but what the heck
It all started when the Master Pimp met with the Ultimate Red Neck
Cold Hard Cash tells Juice, follow me, I will give you the grand tour
Starting at my trailer on lot number four
As they enter Cold Hard Cash's place, it smells like rotting potatoes
Juice enters and slips on some cherry tomatoes
Cold Hard Cash says here and hands Juice a plate of sauerkraut and dogs
He tells Juice, if you stick around for supper, I will roast us some frogs
Juice asks Cold Hard Cash, after we eat, can I be given the golden key to the park
Cold Hard Cash, says let's go next door we will begin at Judy Starks
Juice goes with Cold Hard Cash to interview their first employee in their line of money makers
After the interview, Judy says yes, Juice comments, she's a real shaker
At the next interview, the girl shows them why her picture used to be on Breck
This all transpired when the Pimp Master hooked up with the Ultimate Red Neck
Juice says we need one more soe we can rotate them around the clock
We will put them to work outside the laundry mat and liquor store, which are on the same block
Cold Hard Cash asks what if one calls in sick
Juice answers in a business voice, then one of the others will pull a double shift
Juice points and asks what about this place
Cold Hard Cash says you don't want to see her face to face
Cold Hard Cash says she's the one they used to design Shrek
Good luck with your business, Master Pimp and the Ultimate Red Neck

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