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Discoloring Society

1st verse
A dwery valentines day
Presenting colder weather gray
For everyone to be astray
For breathing all the sky's rays

A lonely mid twenty-something man
Doing almost every thing he can
Keeping himself away from the fam
Trying to keep the shit from the fan

Chours One
And I Say
"Why don't you every leave?"
awake twenty-four seven three sixty five
one of us has no life
And I Say
"Why don't you hurt something else?"
why do you let it rain on me
go rain somewhere else

2nd verse
They tell him to go to hell
They rather not wish him well
They laugh when he stopped and fell
Don't like it when it's his bad to tell

God didn't want him to exist
God rather not him try to resist
All of the lies that presist
It's better he would slit his wrist

Chours Two
And he says
"Why do ever go away?"
Please just go away
Please go find someone else to hurt
And he says
"I'll never go away."
I know you plan
I know it all
You won't make me go away

Say this before a guitar solo
Watch the colors go away
watch em go away
Watch the power go away
watch it float away

- Guitar Solo Here

3rd verse, about Anna Nicole Smith
It's a day of national infamy
A dumb broad's death allows sympathy
While soliders die for the oil spree
It sure isn't my cup of tea

We allow the population to grow
We allow the people to be slow
We allow the evil to show
We don't allow the people to know

Chours Three
And we say
"Why don't you let it go?"
Why do you cry
Why do you moan
Why don't you ever let it go
And we say
"Why won't you leave it be?"
Why don't you go
Why don't you leave
Why don't you ever let it be

Repeat Chours one and two, try a fade out

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