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'Gorzle!' yelled the boisterous garblethok
'Gorzle!' repeateth I
We charged down hillsides laughing
we charged not knowing why.
The Froopeth near the bottom,
nervous glances tossed about
wondered who we were
and why the raucious shout.
'Gorzle!' we sang and ran
'Gorzle!' repeateth twice
We passed the Froopeth hordes
and over laughing mice.
Escaping nothing at all
but to the Fargath town
where, breathless, we fell in the square
and marvelled at what we had found.
'Gorzle!' the garblethok panted
'Gorzle!' I shouted again
the townsfolk all gathered in awe
an elder came closer and then
in cracklish voice aloud wondered
'What means this term you have uttered?
what stirs you so recklessly?'
We held our heads close and we muttered.
'Old man, it means more than anything,
more than wisdom will allow.
Oh, garblethok, do the honor!'
and it stood and it said with a bow:
'T'means nothing at all, dear elder.'
'What do you mean?' stammered he.
'Can a trout percieve the aroma
of a nicely steeping tea?
May you describe the warmth of a lover's arms
to the mighty chestnut tree?'
eyes widened and many folk nodded,
though understanding eluded them all
'Gorzle!' the garblethok shouted
'Gorzle!' then echoed the wall.
'Gorzle!' I cried, and led on
back up the grassy slope.
back past the dazed Froops
leaving elder and townsfolk to mope.

We sat a hill, the garblethok and I,
overlook'd another town.
stagnated, human pond
our task it was to stir...
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