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Porphyric Hemophilia

Porphyric Hemophilia


It was cold and damp, in that castle of his. His wife was tied to the four post bed, struggling. She groaned and screamed often. She was wearing only a large shirt. Her hair was a dark brown and her eyes were a light purple while her husband's were a darker purple. She, unlike many in Transylvania, was pure. She wore no fangs. The husband had pale skin and silver hair. His fangs were noticeable to the human eye. He, of course, was not welcome in the outside world. He was trapped in his castle with his wife, who seemed to be the only female that was attracted to him. Whether it was his vampiric charm or her fondness to blood. It did not matter.
A doctor was also in the large bedroom. The wife's struggling became more severe and her screams grew more shrill and louder. The doctor motioned for him to come over. It was time. The man walked over and stared disgustingly into the womb. “Come on, push my darling.” The man said licking his fangs. The woman grunted and groaned and she pushed with all of her might. The doctor spotted the head of a child and put his hands out for it.
The head came out and the shrill screams of the infant filled the air. Hot steaming blood stained the satin bed sheets. After a few more minutes the baby finally came out. The mother lay still on the bed, breathing softly. The doctor took out a bottle of water from his bag. He splashed it on the screaming child and clean the baby.
“It's a boy, Viktor.” The doctor said. The mother let out a small moan and held her hands out for the child. Viktor untied the woman. The doctor wrapped the baby in a white towel and handed her the small infant.
The infant's cries softened and the mother stared into it's dark purple eyes. She laid down with the child. Her heart was slowing. The doctor headed over to the woman and put the stethoscope to her heart. Nothing. A tear streamed from the doctors eye. “She is... gone, my lord.” The doctor choked out. Viktor's face filled with small droplets of water.
“Transylvania is no place for a vampire. As you have noticed. Please... take him to London.” Viktor said put a hand to his face. The doctor nodded and grabbed the child and placed it carefully in a basket. He picked the basket up and gave a bow to the man and left the room.
The date was Saturday, October 31, 1769.

Chapter One – An Evening Of Rotten Flesh.
Part One.

It was midnight. A young boy was wandering the graveyard, searching for cats or rabbits, anything would do at this time of night. He searched silently and found nothing. Voices came from behind him. He quickly ran into some bushes and hid as two figures walked over to a gravestone. The young stalker hid in the shadows breathing short and light breaths. His thirst grew. But he was so young. He couldn't Feast already, Could he? Not many Dhampirs were bad. They were all Vampire Hunters. He had only known of one other Dhampir in town. Of course... he did not want to gain a bad reputation with the town already.
He had noticed something odd about two figures one seemed to stand out to him more. The male. Yes, the males was a vampire too. He could see it. Not many could. Only few vampires could pick out another. But all Dhampirs could see them easily. They seemed to have... a vampiric aura around them. A girl was with him. They were holding hands and giggling.
The figures sat down in front of a large tombstone about five feet away from the boy. It was the statue of a famous person in the village. The boy didn't pay much attention to that. He noticed the trying to pull away. She must have seen his fangs. The pulled a hawthorn stake from his pocket and watched. He would have to move quick. The man started to make his move. The boy jumped out of the bushes and rushed to the man. The man looked over at him startled and with wide eyes. The boy jumped high and landed, driving the stake straight through the mans chest. The man bursted into flames and sparks and was reduced to a pile of ashes.
The girl screamed while this happened. She looked at the boy then to the pile of ashes and back to the boy. The boy dropped the stake and ran off to the graves. She picked up the stake, there was writing on it. “Raven Lestat” It must be the boy's name, The girl thought. She pocketed the stake and stood up. She kicked the hot ashes around and looked behind her hoping to find the boy. No one.
She slowly walked back to the village, peering back every few seconds in hopes of finding the boy.

Part Two.
The next night the girl laid a piece of parchment with her name on it in the bushes where the boy came out of. She turned around and started to walk home. A few seconds later she heard a rustle in the bushes. She turned around quickly to see the boy reading the paper. His hair was long and black. It was shaggy and dirty. The boy wore a white shirt, stained with blood, dirt, and ash. He wore long pants that had several pockets that were homes to stakes.
“K-... Kaitlyn... ?” The boy sounded out. He didn't read much. But he knew how to. The girl nodded. She pulled out the stake. “Raven?” The boy nodded and put his hand out for the stake. The girl slowly moved closer to him. “I-I won't hurt you.” The boy squeaked out. Kaitlyn faintly smiled and handed him the stake. He shoved it in a pocket. He reached into a separate pocket and pulled out a bottle of Pure Water.
“Splash this on a vampire if they try to get you. And try to stay out of harm's way.” Raven said holding out the bottle. Kaitlyn snatched it and put it in a small pocket she had. “If you get Bit, pour that on the wound and you wont Turn.” Raven added. Kaitlyn nodded.
“Thanks.” She said. A faint scream was heard, then a howl. Raven looked behind him, where the noise came from. He looked back at Kaitlyn. Then spun around and dashed deeper into the foggy graveyard.
He ran until he came to a small clearing. He hid behind a large statue and watched in horror as a wolf chomped away on fresh corpses' flesh only ten feet away. He hadn't been taught how to kill animals. He figured just to stab it then. Of course, it would be ready for him. Animal instincts are often better than Human or Vampire. Raven was a mix of the two. His mother was a Pure, or a rich non-vampiric folk. His father was a Pure Vampire, his blood line had come from all Pure Vampires. He crossed the bloodline by marrying the Pure Human.
The wolf sniffed and caught a scent of something. The wolf looked up and stared straight into Raven's eyes. The wolf stood there, as if it were dumbstruck. Raven held his breath. Only a quarter of Raven's head was visible. But the wolf knew he was there. Raven exhaled and as he did the wolf bolted towards him.
Raven jumped to the right, dodging a row of teeth and ramming into a tombstone. He cringed and darted forward as the wolf barely missed his feet. Raven pulled out a stake while running. He looked behind him to see the wolf gone. He stopped quickly to see a human-like figure walk towards him. He knew it was a Vampire. He could sense the aura.
The figure had pale skin with bright silver hair. The moon was the only thing lighting the graveyard. Raven stood his ground as the figure stopped five feet in front of him. The Vampire's face was facing the ground and it's long hair fell in front of it's face. Raven keep the hawthorn stake steady in his hand. A few more minutes went by with nothing. Raven made his move. He leaped left as the Vampire made his move to the right. They circled each other. The Vampire had a small knife in his hand. The Vampire stopped and started shaking. He fell to the ground with foam coming from his mouth. His eyes rolled to the back of his head, then came back down in a bright yellow color. His face turned more into the wolf's with each second. Raven used this time to hide behind the nearest tombstone.
A howl cut through the silence. Raven peered behind the tombstone but saw nothing but fog. It had nearly made him blind. At least he could sense the thing. It was a mere ten feet away in front of him. He knew it could sense him. Raven had never dealt with a Hybrid before. He didn't know what would kill it, so he kept the stake ready.
He could hear the snarling of the wolf. And the figure of the wolf came into a blurred view. Raven wasted no time and ran straight for it, holding to stake out in front of him. The wolf jumped to the left ramming it's side into the tombstones. It let out a yelp and fell to the ground. Raven looked around for it. He spotted it and dove for it. The wolf jumped forwards out of the way. Raven landed on the ground hard. He felt a sharp pain as the wolf ripped at his right arm. In response Raven dropped the stake and rolled away from the wolf. He quickly whipped out a bottle of Pure Water and splashed it on the wound. It closed up instantly with a sizzling sound. He put the lid back on and shot up. He turned around and pulled another stake from his pocket. Only two left.
The wolf jumped on Raven's back and bit at his hair. Raven cringed as he fell to the ground. He kicked the wolf hard in the right leg and heard a snap. The wolf cried. Soon it's cry turned into a human cry. The Hybrid was holding his broken leg. Blood was gushing from the wound. Raven got up slowly and stared at the Hybrid. Raven closed his eyes and jabbed the stake into the Hybrid's head. He felt the burst of heat as the body combusted into ash. Raven fell to the ground purposely and shut his eyes.

Part Three.
Raven was awoken by a slight pain in his ribs. He looked up to see a small boy poking him with a stick. The boy dropped the stick and ran away. It was light out and the ashes from last night were gone. Only a small black outline on the ground remained. He pulled himself up slowly. The back of his head was stained red. He touched the scalp and cringed. He looked at his arm and there was a slight scar on it where the wolf had bitten him.
Raven yawned and rubbed his eyes. The graveyard was still a bit foggy from last night. He didn't want to go to the village, but he was starving. He had lost his thirst for now, he knew it wouldn't long before he needed to Feed. He walked on towards the village.
He walked past the tombstones he knew all to well. He had lived here for most of his life. He just slept where he wanted. And not many dared to come in here. They all thought he was a Vampire himself. He didn't mind the peace and quiet. And he didn't mind the days like last night. But he did mind the pain that came with it. He sighed and walked on slowly. He passed a tombstone and saw the kid that was poking him behind it. The kid coward when Raven looked at him. The boy had to have been around his age.
The boy suddenly held out a stake. Raven looked in one of his pockets, a stake was gone. Raven giggled. How could he have let a kid take that. The kid did not look at him. “Keep it.” Raven said. The boy looked up at him. Raven started walking again. The kid got up holding the stake.
“You killed my father, I know you did. He was a Vampire... and you killed him.” The spoke out. Raven stopped with wide eyes. He turned around, but it was too late. The kid had driven the stake right into Raven's shoulder. Raven screamed out in pain. He ripped out the stake and threw it to the ground. The kid looked surprised.
“Why... why didn't you explode? You're a... a...”
“Vampire? No, My father was a Pure Vampire and my mother was a Pure Human.”
“So you're a...”
“Pure Dhampir. And stakes won't kill me that easily. And if I was a Vampire... don't you think the Rays would have burned me to death?” Raven said. He looked closer at the boy's teeth. Fangs. But it's light out. Another Dhampir? Couldn't be, he would have known I was one too. Raven was puzzled. “And what are you? You certainly can't be a Vampire. The Rays would have blown you to bits.” Raven spoke challengingly.
“I am not as lucky as you. My father was a human, not Pure, like your mother. And my mother was a Dhampir.” The boy said. “And I got her side of the genes, but my father's normal genes corrupted her side. I have all of the traits of a Vampire, but none of the bad affects.”
The warm blood dripped from Raven's shoulder. He grasped the wound with one hand. The wound burned as the air touched it. Raven's breaths were heavy and sharp. The boy just grinned at the sight.
“So who are you?” Raven asked painfully.
“As a Dhampir, I am called Drako, but my birth name is Dracula Vladimir.” The boy said with honor. “And you are... ?” The boy added.
“Raevos Lestat is my birth name. But the people of this village have given me the name Raven. If we're both Dhampir then why did you do this?” Raven said.
“Simply,” Drako spoke. “You took my kill.” Raven's eyes widened.
“You were going to kill your own father? And what makes you think I killed him?” Raven asked. “I've only killed five Vampires in my whole life.” He added
“You killed him... I know you did. You and I are the only Dhampirs in this hell of a village. Why do you think you don't get many Vampires? I do all the work in the town. I'm surprised they haven't all gathered here.” Drako yelled. Their encounter cause a small group of people to crowd behind the cemetery gates. The two Dhampirs had not noticed the crowd.
Raven moved his hand from the gaping hole in his shoulder. Drako made his move here, bolting forward at Raven. The crowd gasp and Raven painfully dodged the maneuver. Drako grabbed the stake at his feet and held it steady in his hand and waited for the next move.
The crowd grew bigger and still the Dhampirs had not known about them. Kaitlyn was in the crowd, holding a bottle of Pure Water close to her chest. She and the crowd flinched whenever there was an attack.
Raven breathed hard and fast and Drako was hardly tired out. Drako grinned and dove for Raven with the stake in front of him. The stake caught Raven's left calve, leaving splinters in it's wake. He tripped and bashed his face into a tombstone, leaving him unconscious and bloody faced. Drako fell on his stomach and got the wind knocked out of him. His head was only a few inches away from Raven's feet.
The two Dhampirs lay there, motionless. Two villagers with pitchforks walked into the graveyard and closed in on the two lifeless figures. They looked at each other frighteningly. Drako opened his eyes just enough to see the feet of the villagers. In one quick movement he spun around with his leg's out and kicked the left villager hard in the knee.
The villager screamed in pain as the leg snapped backwards, revealing the horrific image of a bloody, protruding, bone. The other villager screamed just as loud at the sight. Drako got up and held his hand to his stomach. The villager tried to plunge his weapon into Drako but he missed. It was obvious that he was drunk, because by this time he was laughing every time he missed Drako.
Drako grabbed the pitchfork and kicked the wooden part. It came up and hit the villager in the head. The villager fell down laughing. Drako went to stab the villager but was stopped by a hand on his shoulder. “Don't.” Raven said angrily. Drako felt the rough edge of the stake come to his throat. The villager stood up and helped the other up and limped out of the cemetery.
“Alright, alright. Let up.” Drako whined. Raven let him go and spoke, “Are you going to be good and give me a chance to explain myself?” Drako nodded. “Thank you.”

Part Four.
A full moon was out and the two boys patrolled the streets of the village. They heard rumors of Werewolf sightings. Since they were both Dhampirs they had a telepathic connection with one another. They didn't know how it happened, but their friendship supported this connection and they could now communicate with each other where ever they were.
Anything yet? Raven thought. No, nothing. The voice of Drako said. Hey how do we kill a Werewolf? Raven asked. Silver, remember? Well that's what Father said. Drako thought.
The boys had been taken in only three days after their friendship had started. A man named Coheed Ilie had found interest in the boys. He had trained them to deal with vampires, and other deathly creatures, such as Zombies, Werewolves, and Hybrids. The two called this man Father. They lived and trained with him for a year and then he dumped them out on the streets and disappeared.
Yeah, I remember, we just didn't cover it that much. Raven thought. He pulled out a silver stake from his pocket. Raven wore all black with a black vest that held all sorts of things in them. There were small pockets for stakes, bottles, arrows, silver wire.
Raven I think I've got it. Get over here, by the church. Drako's voice said. Yea this is it! Let's go. Drako moved in on the church. There was a large wolf like figure digging a grave up in the church's graveyard. Drako Hid behind a near by house and wait for Raven.
Raven came from across the street from Drako. He spotted the Werewolf then spotted Drako soon after. I see you, how should we get this thing. Raven thought. We'll both run straight at it and make the best of it. Drako's response came. Raven and Drako bolted at the Werewolf. It didn't notice they were there until they jumped over the graveyard fence. The wolf had a bandage on it's right leg. The wolf jumped high in the air, dodging their attacks. They nearly collided and fell to the ground.
The landed on top of the two and dug it's nails into their flesh. Blood gushed from their torn pores and they cried in pain. The Wolfe seemed to chuckle at this. Raven swiped at the Wolfe with the stake and missed. The Werewolf jumped backyards and stared at Dracula, who was just getting up. Drako stared into the Wolfe's eyes. Father, he said lightly to himself. You won't get away this time.
The beast darted towards Drako at full speed with his teeth unsheathed. Raven made his move as Drako jumped out of the way of the chomping spikes. Raven Dove at the beast with his arm out in front of him with the stake in his hands. The beast acted quick and ducked as Raven soared over the Wolfe. Raven landed horribly wrong and the stake was driven straight through his shoulder, just as it did one year ago. Raven watched as the Werewolf ran off, and Drako behind it.
“Dracula! No!” But it was too late, Drako was already halfway down the street, chasing the beast. Raven watched in horror as Drako was ambushed by five dark figures that came from the Alleys. Drako struggled furiously and managed to bash one in the face with his fist. The figures noise cracked and blood dripped vigorously from it. It's scream was terrible, almost like a vulture's coarse call.
Drako was dragged into the Alleys by the unknown. Tears streamed from Raven's face. His only friend was gone, his only connection to the social world, gone. His only source of blood was drained just as he drained the blood from Drako's luscious neck, and Drako from his own neck. Raven did not want to find affection in the form of a Vampire, let alone a male Vampire. But he did, and his tears proved it.
And now, of all times, rain fell like it never had before. The rain stung Raven's wounds. He began to feel lightheaded from all of the blood loss. He felt completely destroyed, the pain was unbearable. He dizzily fell to the ground with a cry of pain. He heard the clip-clop of a horse and buggy grow nearer to him. The noise stopped and the sound of a door opening took its place. A splash of water at Raven's back meant someone had gotten off. He felt himself being picked up but then he was dropped as the blood made the hand slip. He dropped painfully to the ground once more but was collected again this time with a tighter grip.
He got the smallest glimpse of the man. He was very familiar. The man's hair was large and poofy. At that instant he knew who it was.
Father. Raven thought in his mind,
RAVEN! Screamed Dracula's voice.

Chapter Two – Let The Feast Begin.
Part One.
“Master, he has found the boy.” A disturbing voice said. The voice came from a short and plump man wearing a brown trench coat. The man had shaggy, oily, black hair. His face had a hefty amount of facial hair on it. His sideburns met with his beard stubble and so did his mustache.
“Perfect.” A demanding voice spoke. “Send Coheed my regards when you meet up with him, Hughe.” This voice came from a tall slender figure. His skin was as pale as the full moon, as was his hair. His were an aubergine color. The facial expression was triumphant, as if he accomplished something recently or something is going the way he planned.
“And what about the other boy? The dark haired one, what is his fate?” Hughe asked, staring upwards into his master's eyes. “Hm, Let him go with Dracula. They seem to make a worthy team. Make sure they don't get split up again. They'll be useless other wise.” The master said.
“Of course Vi-”
“DON'T... say it. You know the rules my friend. Now quickly, to Westminster with you, get those two Dhampir.” He said the word with utter disgust. The servant nodded and ran out of the room. The master sat on his bed alone. He missed the being of the wife he once had. He walked over to a stone wall and pressed in a stone. The wall opened up to reveal a coffin. He never thought it would come to this. Sleeping a coffin, what a disgrace to his name. Coffins were only for the poor Vampire. He laid himself in the coffin as the sun set slowly. He knew it would be a long night. It was cold and damp, in that castle of his.

Part Two.
Raven lay in a coffin in the back of a buggy. Unconscious and bleeding he dreamed away silently.
Raven was in the form of a wolf. His fur was just as black as his surroundings, but he could see quite clearly. It appeared he was in a dungeon, no, in a prison cell, chained to the ground by his foot. How this had happened he had not known. He chewed on the chain for minutes trying to break free. He sniffed and sensed a familiar presence. One of his own kin? Perhaps a brother... or someone of the same bloodline, after all it seemed Raven was at least 20 years old. Well he felt that way anyways.
He heard footsteps, he tried to bolt into the dark corner but yelped as the chain rejected him. A tall figure walked into view, just outside the cell bars. He lit a candle and his face came faintly into view. Dark silver hair, and dark purple eyes that strikingly resembled Raven's. He was wearing a black robe.
The figure stood in front of the cell, watching Raven. The figure spoke to him in strange languages that Raven did not know. After an hour of the figure speaking in all sorts of languages it finally spoke Vampyre.
“Alnothe mi herman. Gou.” It is time my son. Go. Vampyre, it had been the most seductive language anyone had heard, whether they lived to tell of it or not. Raven could only speak and understand two languages; Vampyre and Common. The chain broke with those words and Raven bolted forward, and just as he did he woke up and his head came in contact with the hard wooden roof of the coffin.
He made a grunt and heard a figure speak. “He's awake now.” The voice was unfamiliar. The coffin door opened and the Sun's Rays flooded into the coffin. He raven shouted when the Rays touched his eyes. His vision came to and he saw a pale face looking into his eyes. The face was unfamiliar, but the face that came up next was all to familiar, and quite frankly the last person Raven wanted to deal with.
“My son!” The face shouted. It was Coheed, Raven's first step father. He had taken in Drako and Raven in a year ago and not only two days ago dumped them out on the streets. Why he did this Raven did not know, but it made him furious how Coheed expected Raven to just come back with open arms. The man tried to embrace Raven in a hug but Raven pulled away.
“Don't call me that.” Raven said. He looked around, he was in a church. He never really had much interest in religions.
“Now, now my dear child-”
“I said don't! I'm not your son or child or whatever! I'm done with you, just like you were done with me.” Raven shouted. The unfamiliar man walked over to a pew and sat. “I am not done with you until I say I am.” Coheed's tone filled with frustration.
“Knock it off! I've grown up. I don't need you.”
“But I need you, you foolish child.” Coheed snapped back. What could Coheed possibly need him for. Suddenly a familiar voice seemed to come from nowhere.
Raven. Drako's voice said. “DRAKO?!” Raven screamed in respond. Nothing but odd faces from Coheed and the man. Drako... where are you? Raven thought.
I can't see, I'm in a coffin. Where are you? Drako responded.
I'm with Father... unfortunately. Raven looked over at the man he called Father. He would never trust him the same the way as he used to. “What are doing? Why are you so quiet? Speak!” Coheed said. Raven looked away from him. He hasn't changed a bit.
Ugh they coffin won't open. No wait, someone's opening it now-. Silence.
More silence.
No answer.
Raven shot towards the exit of the church. The unfamiliar man stopped him with a strong arm. Raven struggled furiously, by this time his eyes were flooded with tears. The evil grin of Father's face meant that he knew what had happened. Raven put his hands to his pockets to find his stakes were gone.
“That's right my boy, you're useless with out your weapons.” Father, no, Coheed said. Raven's face was drenched with the salty liquid of his tears. He grabbed the unfamiliar mans hand and bit down as hard as he could.
He body went into a blissful state when the blood touched his tongue. He had Feasted for his first time, although, not the time he wanted to, but this certainly would suffice. He tore his teeth away bringing with them a large portion of the man's wrist. The man screamed louder than Raven had ever heard anything scream.
Raven's face was soaked in tears and blood. Raven dug his nails into the man's stomach with extreme force. Oddly the man simply stood there and screamed his ass off while he was suffering from major blood loss. He screamed out all the curse words he knew. Raven counted them all while he dug deeper and deeper into the groin of the man. The sight was horrible. Raven's facial expression was almost calm and certainly filled with anger. He stopped clawing when he saw the other side of the church through the man's stomach.
Raven held his hands up, flesh and blood covered every inch of them. Raven simply stood there, as did the unfamiliar man. But the man had stopped screaming. And while all this was happening Coheed just watched in horror. This was his fault, he had created this... monster. He had never let Drako or Raven Feast. Of course they had drank each other's blood from the neck, but that was willing, Feasting only happened when the victim was completely unwilling. It gave the Feaster a sense of control and power. Like a sugar rush only ten times more dangerous.
Raven looked up at the man's stomach. He fell over at what he saw. The man's stomach had been completely restored, not even a speck of blood was found on it. Raven looked to his face which was grinning the most disturbing grin he had ever seen. The man's arms appeared as if they were limp and useful, they lay in front of him, and his back was arched, giving him a more demonic look. Raven watched with horror as the man's face became more slender and pale. The man's eyes grew wider, and his iris gain a red hue. The man's black hair grew uncontrollably.
At this point Raven was already crawling backwards away from the man. And the man was slowly walking towards Raven. Then the mans arms grew wider and longer, and now they dragged along the floor. The mans hands grew huge, at least as long as Raven's torso, which was about a foot and a half. The man's clothing had been outstretched and they dropped to the floor, leaving this creature naked, except for a few rags around his waist, which didn't cover much.
Raven hit the wall behind him. And the monster was only 10 feet away from him. But he wasn't moving closer anymore. It seemed his transformation was complete. The beast was horrible. And from this grotesque scene a voice said, “Do you like it?” It was Coheed. “I had a feeling you would be running from us today. So I brought along a little friend. His name is Klaaw, can you guess why?” Coheed chuckled. The man's nails did resemble sharp blades. “Let's make it fair.” Coheed reached into a top hat and pulled out a long, sheathed, sword, which clearly couldn't have come from the hat. But Coheed was known for his tricks.
Coheed threw the sword to Raven. A katana, rarely seen in England these days. Raven grabbed it, and as soon as he did the beast came roaring towards him. Raven took the handle and shot left, dodging rows of razor-like teeth. Raven stopped short and looked to the beast, who was perfectly still.
The beast gave Raven a horrible glare. He knew this wouldn't end well. Raven held the sword near his face and stared into the dark, black, abyss that had filled the monster's eye sockets.

Part Three.
Drako was knelt down on both knees. His hands were cuffed and in front of him was a pale figure. The figure was holding a wooden pole which was covered in blood.

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