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Hobo war (chapter 2)

The hobintrash who escape was called Jarrow, he knows he must get to the Hobintrash hide-out as fast as possible. At first Jarrow and his groups were on a patrol but now it turns to be too seriously than he thought, the Ratty were obviously preparing an invasion. God-knows-when they’re going to attack, if Jarrow doesn’t get back to the head-quarter in time, this could be it for Hobintrash, this could be the end of their race. Sudden sound of rock whistling beside his head made him turn around to see two Rattys holding a slingshot each except it wasn’t rock they were shooting this time, it was some sort of sharp wooden dart. The streets were quite quiet at midday. Buildings were empty ether abandon or the occupant inside are at work. As Jarrow turn the corner a sharp sudden pain spread through his leg making him shout in pain.
Jarrow kept on running even those his leg is slowing him down, he just wouldn’t stop.
Two more dart went through his back making Jarrow cry out even more as blood slowly make his way down his leg but Jarrow still kept going. Another two came, this time hitting him on the back again. With his last ounce of strength he yelled out “Red Alert!”

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