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Dare to Dream

She has a name but no identity, like so many like her she is an ordinary woman of todayís world with so much out there but she cannot stretch her hand & grab what she wants from this world. Why doesnt she?. What stops her, she is educated, good looking, intelligent but then why does she continues to live an ordinary life when she knows in her heart she needs more... she wants to fly...she wants the whole skyÖ.she wants....yes she just wants when she looks at that piece of the little blue sky from her window.

She has responsibilities. She has duties towards her family she loves, her parents, her friends, the society she is part of, She is happy in her own small world, that she has created around her, yes she is happy when she sees her happy family & her happy small world but she wants more...her heart wants more, she is demure & docile, her heart is fiery & rebellious. She canít see anyone unhappy around her, her heart is unhappy.

It seems she has a perfect life, she feels she has almost perfect life, but still she feels incomplete. She wants her piece of sky, she wants to fly.......

She has to do something before she loses her fiery rebellious heart, before she loses herself further in the sea of humanity around her.

Her small world is her priority even more than herself, she canít compromise that! she cant be so selfish, even if it means death of her heart, her dreams
Will she really be selfish if she puts her own dreams before that of her family, her children, do they need her more than she herself?

Life is about making choices, the right choices for one self. Has she made a right choice? Maybe for others but not so sure this is the right choice for her. Should she break free? Break free of what? The family she loves, the small world she has created on her own. NO!! Never! This is her creation; if she can build this she can build her dreams too, her heart still burns with passion, passion for life, passion to find her sky.

The flame of passion is flickering, she is holding on to it, struggling to let it not die. She is alone, she canít ask for help from her loved ones, who love her. They will not understand, she seems to have a perfect life.

She has to believe in herself, in her passion, her dreams and her ability to make them come true. She cannot continue to live through the lives of her loved ones. They love her they'll understand but before that she'll have to understand herself. Life is about making right choices, creating your own opportunities. She had lost the vision of her life, failing to look beyond her little world, afraid to disturb the rhythm of her life, afraid to create ripples in the still waters of her life.

She will find her sky & it will not be a blue sky but a red sky, colored by the rising sun of a new beginning, of her courage to dream, of her struggle to find her rightful place in this world. And there in her red sky with the rising sun is the flock of birds flying by gaily, thatís her family, her small world. Her creation
She dared at last; She dared to stretch her hand to get from this world what she wanted. She dared to ask for help from those who loved her.

The sun is rising in her sky. She is not afraid anymore. She's understood she doesnít need to break free of her world to fulfill her dreams; she only has to include her dreams and aspirations in her creation.

She seems to have an almost perfect life, but its still not perfect, would never be, she has to keep dreaming for herself, for her loved ones, for her small world, for the whole world.

She has a name, she has an identity, like so many like her she is an ordinary woman of todayís world, but she is extraordinary because she didnít let her heart die. She dared...........

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