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A Candle of Change

A Candle of Change

by: Joe Ingram

Now this is a story of a young hermit who learned well that… we’ll just have to elaborate on this tale who knows it may change your life as well.
Once ago however somewhat recent, there was a young hermit who lived tucked away in a deep dark coniferous forest. Now this forest had a deep green appearance and all that remained were a few remote individuals. This young hermit was content with her life, a vivid prolonged adventure of daily tasks that seemed to encounter and fulfill her every endeavor. Now at this point even the author has a hard time explaining. No nothing lasts forever and out of nowhere another life seemed to drag her away from this satisfaction. This was a hard concept and endeavor for the young hermit wishing to be tucked away where simple satisfaction was omnipresent.
Now this short story originally takes place in the Northern portion of the states where the air is quite a bit chillier. Now this hermit was well experienced in the colder environment and could handle anything so she thought having witnessed the worst, frigid temperatures, tremendous snowfalls and well… the works. Nothing seemed to faze her what could I say, tough as nails, cut nails that is. But there was a flaw to her simple tucked away life, everything was based upon a magic candle that provided all the warmth, personal enjoyment, sustainment of life to say the least. To this day no one knows why this candle decided to go out, now some say even the candle couldn’t handle but so long in that environment even if it was magic. Not this young hermit who thought she could handle anything was heart broken. She could handle anything that came her way but now for the first time there was something she couldn’t. Now everyone that knew the least little bit about her knew she could continue on without her short stubby candle. But again she was heart broken and decided to leave her humble abode and go out into the world in search for a place and person who could relight her candle. Now anyone couldn’t light this candle, it takes a special person to and this story is about her search to find where could this place and person be whom can relight her candle and then travel back to her humble home in the giant green coniferous forest.
So off she set in search of a place/person who could relight her magic candle. Not knowing whom she would meet nor where she would end up she set out on her personal mission. The first person, well actually second because the first was the local idiot who asked her for directions, anyway on her first real stop she met this person who promised her luxury. He was well groomed and everything about his uniform appeared pristine and he spoke so proper with his head held high as if nothing not even the mighty Zhor himself could knock him aside. Zhor is the mighty and dreaded forest scoundrel back in the carnivorous I mean coniferous forest. After the hermit explained the problem the nicely groomed man replied with “Everything will be ok young one” and all she had to do to receive these benefits was to serve but what she didn’t exactly know. My my she didn’t want to do it but then again if she went back home without her candle being relit she would continue to have a miserable life. I declare what a predicament. So anyway to make a long story short she took the man’s offer and found herself in a great state farther down south. Well the lustrous coniferous forest was way away now and she missed numerous aspects of her past life, after all now she had gotten so far away that even if she did want to go back she couldn’t, after all she was deeply committed to this new endeavor.
When she arrived at her new destination she noticed this was nothing like what she expected. At this newfound home people were way different and dreaded for change was in store. Now one would think that one would initially wonder around for a few days trying to adapt personally to a new area but no not this hermit, after all she was on a personal adventure.
One day she happened to lock eyes with this old wise lady in which nothing was known initially who or what this lady wants. But at this point the hermit didn’t know how to respond. “Miss lady, what do you ask of me” asks the young hermit? The old wise lady replied with “hush young one, I have been there myself many moons ago and do not wish to see anyone relive those moments” she replied in a slow disgruntled voice so it seemed. This older lady mysteriously knew instantly what the problem was and could see the candle had ceased to burn. “I see that your candle has gone out. I have never seen a candle of such caliber,” and she continued on for hours. The young hermit had found refuge with this older lady and spent many hours with her. Well hours turned in to days and days into weeks and finally the young hermit had gotten so involved in this old ladies life that eventually she began to not think about her humble abode as much. After many countless hours of doing her tasks and chores she agreed to provide a secret into her problem. After an exchange of words, the conversation full of words of wisdom ended with you shouldn’t stay here, go out and find a new area because that is where you will find the solution to your problem.
At this point the hermit had a new outlook on life and no longer strolled around hump backed with a stammer. Oh my initially what a sight, it was so bad that even Zhor refused to bother her however; now that so many things had changed word traveled fast, so fast that Zhor caught word of it back up north. Now Zhor was absolutely furious, irate! Now we all wonder why Zhor was so irate, well Zhor as others had always been afraid of the hermit because he was afraid to look at her with such a stammer. He was afraid that to even look upon this hermit would bring awful consequences. Now how could this change, he was furious if the hermit were to ever step back into the forest things would change? No longer would the world pass her by and Zhor was use to having total control.
Zhor pondered many days while the hermit was still occupied at her new life. By this point the old lady had left and yes the hermit, no now young lady was alone now yet she sill had to finish her word to the service man she committed to initially. She was determined now and though she had learned so much regarding life that although in a new place she would continue along for just a few more days although her passion to return to her quiet place back up North was still present. Now these few days extended for quite a while. During this time although not to her knowledge but greater change slowly and continuously crept in. She didn’t realize the person she had become and now she was not just a young lady but an absolutely amazing young lady with great ambition. She had met many individuals and the many small adventures she had encountered. Now there was this one adventure where, well what can I say, words can’t describe it. Well back to the story, now all this time Zhor was looking for her and where she had gone.
Zhor had heard enough and his intentions were to find and destroy everything that she now stood for by destroying the short stubby candle that started this whole endeavor. He figured if she lost the one thing that gave her satisfaction as it once did it would certainly doom her and she would resort back to her old ways. Anyhow Zhor continued his search everyday for this now amazing young lady but so far hadn’t had any success in locating her.
One day came when the young ladies training was complete in the great southern state and move on to finish her commitment elsewhere. Now my my what a day when the endeavor at this somewhat miserable training area ended, she was excited yet sad at once. Now this put her on edge for she had no idea what was happening, she had never experienced such a feeling. She had to smack herself in the face a couple times to let her know it was really real.
So off she set for her new endeavor in hopes of still finding that person/place although her ambition for finding that person who could relight her candle was smaller than when se first departed the forest. But without her knowing her presence had greatly affected the people back at this training area and my how her conversations and stupid jokes were missed. What can I say, she left a lasting impression; an unbelievable impression; one that even the author thinks about tremendously wishing to be in her presence.
Well the man she originally made a commitment to serve took her away and now she found herself in the deep deeeep South. Wow this place was nothing like what she was used to and the complete opposite of her home back in the lost and deeply colored forest. While at this place like with her other adventures things were different and change was in store. To shorten the story she adapted to this new environment with flying colors. Things were great so she thought and then one extremely hot day like it feels everyday Zhor finally located her and made his way down.
Zhor by this point was completely crazy he was so jealous and mad at this changed hermit and in utter fright he would loose control of the forest upon her return. Zhor was cautious when he reached the deep southern location having to stop several times to catch his breath in response to his gasping attempting to revive himself from the extreme heat. Now Zhor secretly followed the lady for multiple days studying her every action in attempt to make his move. Now he learned her typical routine well and decided to make his presence known one day after the lady got off work and act upon his evil plan to end this amazing young lady. For such a great event it occurred on an average workday, a Tuesday in the midst of the summer. The young lady had finished another day of work and commenced on her daily travel home where she could enjoy a peaceful evening curled up alone with a book in hand. But not today just as the young lady arrived at her new home she was stopped by the horrendous Zhor. One could feel the awful impression that flowed forth from this evil person. The young lady quickly looked for an escape but it was too late, after a quick glance she noticed she was standing right in the middle of a trap set forth by Zhor that would end her. Zhor just stood there with a sense of giddiness just waiting to laugh at her for her changes thinking she was going to be a better person and to destroy her once and for all. Then out of nowhere words can’t describe what happened next. Zhor was within nanoseconds of executing his awful trap but at that instant he had a heat stroke and this was just the split second that the young lady needed to escape. Quick she jumped from the well-hidden trap and took a quick step to depart the situation. Then one step is all it took and then like a flash even one that would put the roadrunner to shame she pranced back towards the horrible man and revived the evil Zhor. Just as Zhor was revived and opened his eyes he looked into the bright hazel blue eyes of this young lady and he broke. Instant change occurred in his thoughts and views and a changed person was in store. So after this ironic event Zhor decided to depart and leave the young lady to her new life and...well Zhor although initially an ill person with horrible thoughts did have a magical power that he never chose to let anyone know or use. He all this time had the magical power to relight the magic candle and he did and wish the incredible young lady the best in all her endeavors. The young lady helped Zhor now a changed person and promote him on his way back to the forest. As Zhor was departing, the young lady yelled his name as he had his back turned and now stepping away. He turned around to see at his surprise she extinguished the candle. She no longer needed the candle for satisfaction for now she was completely changed; her satisfaction now came from helping others. When Zhor made it back to his abode he had a new outlook and he began to help and the forest had a permanent change for the better.
Well that’s the story of small hermit with a stammer that decided to take actions into her own hands and encounter the world. She made a difference not only changing the environment around her but changing herself into an amazing no absolutely incredible young lady with no stammer and a smile that would change anyone, even one that changed the evil Zhor the most detested and feared of the deeply colored coniferous forest. Now that’s where I’ll end this story but if you ever wonder what happened to this young lady...well just look around, her presence is sure to be seen

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