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You Can’t Keep Me Down

Attention! For all those who I knew and for those I still know. For all those who kicked and punched, who ignored and rejected, who laughed and joked, who insulted and belittled, for all those who tried to keep me down. You failed.

You see I’m still here. I’m still alive, I still live. I have good days, I have bad days, I have days where I love to dance, sing, jump, or play in the mud. You see, you can’t win. You’re not strong enough, tough enough, smart enough to beat me. I’m invincible. I’m a god! You tried. You lost, you know. You tried to hurt me, to make me feel weak. All you did was make me feel stronger. All you did was make me mad.

But why would you do it? Did you feel so threatened by an eight-year old kid that you had to destroy his spirit? I think so. Were you so scared of a child who stood for the standards you could never live up to? Absolutely. I was unwilling to allow others to suffer, to be made fun of, I stood up for them. You didn’t like it. You couldn’t understand it, and what you didn’t understand you ridiculed. Kids sound so stupid sometimes. What everyone had to say made no sense to anyone with minimal intelligence, all of you understood what you meant though, that had to count for something.

I must admit, the eight years that you tormented me, that eight years that you taunted and attacked and annexed me, did have an effect on me. I became mature. By seeing what immaturity looks like, and not liking it’s members, I became something more that what you were. I became wise. I grew to understand the human spirit, and by doing so, I grew to understand you. I don’t like you, or your primitive human spirit. You’re not worth the breath of life God gave you, and I have thought of taking it away. I won’t. I stand for something greater, something that does not include, as much as I would like it to, revenge. I allow you to live, allow you to learn, allow you to be who you are because you won’t be you for much longer. You will grow, as I did prematurely, and you will understand. I have nothing to fear from you, because you will be like me soon.

Doesn’t that scare you? No more fun at the expense of others, no more selfish desires, no more outrageous acts of aggression. It’s scary, isn’t it? No one needs to fear you, because they will survive your pathetic attempts at knocking them down. You can’t keep them down anymore. You can’t keep me down. In the end you will see the error in your ways and when you do, you can apologize to everyone for your inappropriate conduct.

But this whole speech isn’t for you, it isn’t to inform you, you’re not worth my time. I present myself to the victims, to those people who have suffered and survived the trials of the student body. For all those who share my beliefs, though the results may differ, I must remind you that you did nothing wrong. You didn’t deserve any of this, it’s not your fault. It’s their fault. You will survive, you’ll be okay. Take it from me, I’m living proof!

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