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Day Dreaming

Sitting alone in this world,
In a vague state of mind,
Not being seen,
Not being heard,
Being in a transversal state of thoughts,
Thinking of the past,
And the one I love,
Looking up,
Only to see his face with a different body,
I blink,
And he's gone,
Thinking about words he spoke to me,
Thinking of him period,
Wishing I could tell him how I feel,
Wishing I could tell him,
That I truely love him,
And I wish to be with him forever and more,
To him,
He may not be ready to love,
He may still be thought of as sorrow,
Wishing I could do more,
But nothing can be done,
Except to be there for him,
And love him no matter what,
Thinking of him day to day,
Of how marvilous his eyes are,
Just the way he looks,
Like he was sent to me from the past,
Like hw was alway's there watching me,
But not being able to gt to me,
Like a dragon being traped by the beauty of one,
And being captured and chained by another,
For she can try to free him,
But no matter what she does,
The chains of the past are too strong,
But if he believes in ones eyes,
He will be free,
Only to break the chains of sorrow,
To be set free of the past,
Excaping thoughts of another,
Letting it go,
He runs free,
And is sent to me,
To love,
And to be free from,
The past of sorrow,
Going on day to day,
Thinking of the one I love,
Thinking of his marvilous eyes,
Just of how hw looks,
I lay in bed,
Thinking of him,
And his voice,
I slowly fall asleep,
With the sound of his voice humming to me,
And him holding me under his wing,
And him watching over me,
I fall asleep.

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