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Lyrics for a song

They called me lost soul and they took my wings(and i cry and i cry and i cry) I've lost my voice and they've stolen my eyes(and i cry and i cry and i cry) They grabbed my dreams and they've burned my hopes(and i cry and i cry and i cry) And i cry and i'm broken and they've founded me down there all alone,on my own,while i'm naked,while i'm drown. { But i'll wake up. And you. You're the only one who can hold me tight. I wanna dance,i wanna scream. I want my wings to fly free. I need you so i can be strong. Like the lyrics for my song.} i've sinned,sinned,sinned because sins follow the sinners(and i die and i die and i die) And i breathe,breathe, breathe while i'm trying to see some reality(and i die and i die and i die) Keep me safe in your arms and don't let me see nightmares again(cause i'd die cause i'd die cause i'd die) Cause i'm dying and i live. Take me with you. Pray for my heart and hold Heaven's Gates open for the blind angels. { But i'll wake up...} like the lyrics for my song. Cause they're always something more that just some empty words.