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Montana Legacy's Forbidden Love Part 2

Chapter Two

In his office John was going over reports on the companies various projects. He finally got to the reports Josh had sent in, the reports were sloppy with several errors. Hadn’t Trey gone over these? He couldn’t use these reports they were a mess! What the hell was wrong with Josh? His mood didn’t improve when he received a call from his Father several hours later informing him that Josh had blown off James Whitney.

Joshua was getting ready for a night on the town with his friends when the phone rang. Joshua crossed the bedroom from the bathroom and reached down to pick up the phone on his bed stand.
"Hello!" Joshua said after picking up the phone.
"Well hello stranger, I'm surprised that you’re not out partying with your friends." A beautiful dark haired woman seated at a table said into the phone.
"Hi mom, actually I was just on my way out to meet the guys." Joshua replied.
"I don't suppose you have time to talk to your mother than." Jessica said only half kidding.
"I always have time for you mom what's up?" Joshua asked already guessing the reason for her call.
"I was just wondering what you’ve been up to, since you hardly ever bother to call me or your father. Kayla keeps asking when you’re coming home. She misses her Daddy." Jessica claimed accusingly.
"Mom I've just been busy, you know how the guys are always wanting to party." Joshua replied sitting down on his bed.
"Joshua I'm worried about you." She replied sadly "You’re just not acting like yourself. I want you to come home." Jessica said after pausing.
"Mom I can't come home I promised the guys I'd spend the summer with them.”
"Joshua your father and I both feel you need help." She replied.
"Mom you’re being absurd I'm fine! Okay! Look I've got to go!" He replied as he stood up. "Stop worrying about me I'm fine I'll talk to you soon." Joshua said eager to get off the phone.
"I love you, and I worry, I just want my son back." Jessica said tears sparkling in her eyes.
"I know Mom bye!" Joshua said sadly before hanging up. He picked up his keys, putting on a jacket he hurried out.

Jamie and Kristen were seated in Jamie's car outside a seven eleven store. "You wait here while I go buy some wine coolers." Jamie said.
"But your underage and so am I." Kristen said worriedly.
"Will you stop worrying I have a fake ID and it's time you learned a little about this world your much to innocent for your own good." Jamie stated firmly. Getting out of the car Jamie goes into the store and picks up a package of wine coolers and walks up to the counter smiling at the guy behind the counter. Outside Kristen waited anxiously convinced the store would never sell alcohol to Jamie.
"We'll probably go to jail for this." Kristen mumbled as she sees Jamie coming out of the store carrying a package.
"You see Kristen you were worried for nothing!" Jamie said as she climbed into the car.
"Now all we have to do is find a secluded street to drink on and were all set." Jamie said as she started her car.
Parked on a secluded street in Jamie's car Kristen and Jamie drank
the wine coolers, by the third one Kristen was pretty high on life. They take off in search of a party.
"We'll have to find a house party since your underage and don't have a fake ID." Jamie said. "Hey maybe there’s a beach party tonight there’s usually lots of those during the summer, want to check it out?" Jamie asked.
“Sure.” Kristen said feeling sort of light headed. So they head on down to the beach and park, leaving the car they walk to the beach pleased to discover there is indeed a party going on.
In an elegant bedroom in a Montana mansion Jessica sat at her dressing table, her heart aching for her younger son. Jessica was a beautiful woman with long black hair that showed no gray. Her skin was flaw less; her eyes were a beautiful green. She had full breasts and a slender figure even after bearing four children.
“You’re late! You missed dinner.” She commented when her husband entered the room.
“I had to straighten out a bloody mess at work.” John told her with a frown.
“What happened?” She asked as she picked up a brush and began brushing her long black hair.
“Josh failed to show at a very important meeting.” He told her as he sat down on the bed to remove his shoes.
“I’m sure Josh has a good excuse. Something must have come up.” She told him.
“I don’t know what I’m going to do with that boy.” John said as he removed his tie and began unbuttoning his shirt.
“Josh isn’t interested in business like you and Trey.” She told him setting her brush aside she turned to look at her husband.
“I wish Trey was a little less interested in work, he practically lives at the office. I keep hoping he’ll find someone to settle down with. But he’s not even dating anyone.” John told her as he removed his shirt.
“I don’t think Trey is the settling type.” She replied rising to her feet. She was dressed in a green silk robe that was belted at the waist.
“I don’t know what’s wrong with him.” He muttered as he stood up to unbuckle his belt. He stopped as Jessica’s hands drifted down his chest and over his stomach. She opened his pants and pushed them off his hips. Her hands caressed his hardness through his briefs. She loved how responsive he was to her touch even after twenty –three years of marriage. “I need a shower.” He said as his hands untied the belt of her robe.
“I could use a shower as well. I’m feeling dirty.” She teased as she pulled him toward the bathroom.

Todd, Bill, Ryan and Shawn had all met Trey and Josh in high School. They were all from hardworking middle class families. Trey and Josh had ended up in public school after being thrown out of several private schools. The group of boys had become instant friends and remained friends all through High School and college, although Trey had drifted away from the group. They all met up at Josh’s place and headed out onto the town in Todd’s black 4x4. Todd drove through L.A and down toward the beach. They planned to hook up with a friend at a club on the beach. But as Todd drove by the beach he spotted a wild party.
"Hey take a look at that what a party huh?" Todd said slowing down as they drove by. "Check out the babes will yah!" Todd said.
"Come on Todd were suppose to meet Ray at the Club." Ryan said.
"Why not stop here pick up some babes and than head over to the club?" Todd asked turning into a parking lot and parking, before climbing out.
"Hey Todd what are you doing?" Josh called from the back seat of the pickup.
"There’s a party over on the beach it looks pretty hot let’s check it out." Todd said turning back toward his friends.
"What about Ray?" Shawn asked.
"What about him we can meet up with him later." Todd called over his shoulder.
"Well were here now we might as well check it out." Josh said jumping out of the back of the pickup.
"I don't like this we’ll probably get arrested." Bill said as he jumped out of the pickup.
They all head over to the party located on the beach near bye. Arriving at the party Joshua scanned the crowd of women. Finding several possibilities, and than his eyes settled on Kristen noticing how out of place she looked compared to her friend who seemed right at home. He watched as her friend disappeared into the darkness with a guy leaving the girl alone. With out a thought he moved through the crowd toward her leaving his friends to their own means. Meanwhile, she was searching the crowd for Jamie feeling lost in the party.
"Hi!" Joshua said coming up next to Kristen.
"Hi!" Kristen replied blushing. Why is he talking to me she wondered?
"Nice night for a party." He told her noticing her blush and feeling oddly stirred by it.
"I guess so!" She replied staring up at him and wondering if there had ever been a more handsome man than this one.
"So tell me! What's a pretty little thing like you doing here?" Josh asked his eyes moving over her body, liking what he saw.
"Looking for a good time! Why else!" Kristen replied. She nearly groaned as she realized how stupid that must have sounded. Those stupid wine coolers she never should have drank them in the first place.
"Really?" He asked startled by her reply until he sees her blush. "You want to go for a walk?" He asked eager to get her off alone away from all the noise and distraction. Seeing the way her eyes were searching the crowd Josh said. "If you’re looking for your friend I saw her leave with some guy she probably won't be back for a while."
"Sure I'll walk with you." Kristen replied boldly, thinking how impressed her cousin would be when she heard about this.
They silently slip away from the party strolling along the beach together both are lost in their own thoughts each unexplainably drawn to the other.
"So where are you from?" Joshua asked breaking the silence.
"Spokane, Washington, I'm visiting my cousin Jamie." Kristen replied nervously.
"Is that who you came with tonight?" Joshua asks looking down at the girl beside him.
"Yes she thought it was time I saw a little more of the world." Kristen replied looking up at him the liquor making her bold.
"Really, what do you think of it so far?" Joshua teased with a smile, which caused the girl to blush again.
"I don't know I haven't seen very much of it." Kristen answered truthfully as she stared out at the ocean.
"Well I'll just have to give you a tour of the city won't I?" Joshua replied as he reached out to take her hand, in an effort to reassure her, for she seemed a little lost.
"Do you live here?" Kristen asked him in a soft voice as she stared up at him.
"No I'm from Montana I'm just staying here for the summer." Joshua answered drawing her, a little closer to him so that they stood only a few inches apart.
"Really, I love Montana, my grandmother and I visit Kalispell, Montana every year, her brother and his wife, live there." Kristen replied dreamily before pulling away from him to walk to the water’s edge. "I always planned to live there someday, now I only hope I will be buried there in the Rocky Mountains." Kristen voice softens at the last part. The weight on her heart had been growing with every attack her mother made on her. And now all of a sudden it seemed overwhelming.
"Are you ill?" Joshua asks surprised by the fear her words evoked.
"No, I'm just so tired." Kristen answered while tears streamed down her face. She was embarrassed to be crying in front of a complete stranger but she couldn’t seem to stop the tears. It was as if a dam inside her had broken and her emotions were all flooding out. Some impression she was making. He would probably walk away thinking she was some sort of nut case. Instead Joshua silently reached out to hold her in her grief giving her the warm caring she so longed for.

The beach party raged on into the night but two people were unaware of this as they walked along the beach together.
"How old are you?" Josh asked.
"Sixteen; how old are you?" She asked as they walked along.
"I'm twenty-two." Joshua answered.
"Its so peaceful out, it’s like nothing I've ever seen." Kristen replied as she turned around in circles. "I wish this night would never end!" Kristen said the liquor making her feel alive and free. Joshua watched as she turned in circle after circle her beautiful blond hair blowing in the wind. He was, captivated by her beauty, and innocence, for the first time in two years Joshua felt alive as feelings long hidden broke threw the wall around his heart, and so he went to the girl who had awakened his heart to feeling.
"I feel dizzy!" Kristen replied as she collapsed into the sand laughing. But laughter soon died as she looked up at Joshua who stared at her in a way that made her warm all over. And when he reached for her hand to pull her up from the sand she placed her hand in his. He pulled her to her feet with ease. He gently stroked her cheek, and lifted her chin before leaning down to gently kiss her. Pulling back he studied her startled expression before kissing her this time with more passion. He broke away long enough to ease her down onto the beach where he covered her body with his. He kissed her passionately, teaching her how to kiss knowing it was her first kiss. Wrapping her arms about him she clung to him as the kisses deepened.

Meanwhile a drunken Jamie entered an apartment with the man she had met at the beach party. In her drunken state she has forgotten her cousin.
"Nice place." Jamie replied barely giving her surroundings a glance.
"Would you like something to drink or eat?" The man asked.
“I'm not thirsty, and I'm only hungry for one thing, and its not food." Jamie replied sauntering over to him and pulling him into a passionate kiss. "So where’s the bed in this place?" Jamie asked in a silky voice, the booze, making her act on impulse without thinking.
"Down the hall to the right." The man answered with a smile glad he had picked this one up on the beach. It was going to be an interesting night. In moments the man headed for the bedroom. Jamie is already in bed waiting for him, having undressed quickly, she watches the man hurriedly strip off his cloth, she had already forgotten his name. He was a very plain man in looks she thought as he climbed into bed.

Joshua opened the door to his bedroom and led Kristen into the spacious room. She barely glanced at the room as she went to sit on the bed feeling drowsy from the alcohol she had downed earlier, soon she stretched out on the bed unaware of what seeing her like that did to Joshua who stood watching her. Joshua wondered what he should do with her now that she was in his room, with any other woman he would have jumped right into bed but with this innocent girl he had no idea how to proceed. He had brought her home because she had no where else to go, her cousin had dropped her and left, and on top of that the kid was drunk.
"Does this house belong to you?" Kristen asked from her sprawled position on the bed.
"No it belongs to my Grandfather."
"I think it’s very nice." Kristen replied sitting up to look at him. The way he looked at her brought an unusual ache to her body. "So what do we do now?" Kristen asked innocently.
"I don't really know." Joshua answered truthfully.
"What do you usually do when you bring a girl home?" Kristen asked.
Joshua was at a lost for words, so he remained silent, while he mulled over an answer. But before he could answer Kristen further silenced him with her next remark.
"Just treat me like you would any other girl." Kristen replied completely unaware of what that would mean? Getting up from the bed Kristen walked over to Joshua. He watched her approach with unease, knowing that he couldn't treat her like his normal woman friends but longing to at the same time.
"Kiss me please." Kristen replied as she gazed up at him.
It was a temptation Joshua couldn't resist, so he kissed her. It was a long passionate kiss that took Kristen's breath away. Warning bells sounded in Joshua's head, warning him to stop before things got out of hand.
"Are you hungry?" Joshua asked as he pulled away from her.
"No!" Kristen replied as she looked up at him.
"Is there anyone I could call to come get you." Joshua asked aware of his pressing need to have her.
"I suppose you could call my Grandma, but she's staying with Uncle Russell and I don't know his phone number, and she doesn't even know I'm out." Kristen answered while she wandered about his room.
"You can stay here tonight, and tomorrow we'll locate your cousin." Joshua said his eyes following her as she walked to his bed and stretched out across it.
"Okay!" Kristen replied with a sleepy smile. In a moment Kristen was asleep.
Joshua walked over to the bed and gently removed the sleepy girl’s clothes leaving only her bra and underwear on, before going to get one of his shirts, and putting it on the exhausted girl. When he was done he removed his own clothes and crawled into bed beside the girl, pulling her into his arms in a protective gesture he fell asleep.

Trey and a beautiful redhead entered a hotel room, the redhead giggled.
"If my father finds out that I spent the night in a hotel with you he'll kill you." Samantha teased in a seductive whisper.
"He can try!" He declared in a serious voice not the least threatened. He had inherited his height and build from his father. His face at times appeared to be carved in stone. He was ruggedly handsome, but he had a hard edge.
"I would have taken you home but with Mom and Dad there I thought this might be more comfortable for both of us." Trey said as he pulled her close.
"My father says you’re the devil reincarnated, I think he's right." Samantha said never quite at ease with this man, who's dark nature often showed.
"Why are you here than?" Trey asked as he nibbled at her neck.
"Because you’re the best lover I know." She replied truthfully.
Trey kissed her, and moments later they removed each other’s clothes before moving to the bed where they spent the next couple hours indulging in the erotic pleasures of the flesh. Afterwards Trey slipped out of bed, leaving the exhausted woman to sleep.
"Trey, where are you going?" Samantha asked sleepily sitting up, to watch him dress.
"Home, I don't want my parents to worry." He lied.
"Call me!" She said as he started to leave.
"Sure." He replied before leaving.
Samantha collapsed back onto the bed wondering if he would call, she could never be sure with Trey.

The long white limousine turned off the highway and headed down a long driveway toward a huge mansion. The car pulled to a stop before the mansion, the driver quickly opened the door for Trey who stepped out.
"Will you be needing the car again tonight Sir?"
"No go ahead and take it down to the garage." Trey replied.
Trey headed up the steps, as he reached the door it opened and a middle age man said "Good evening Sir."
"Good evening Phillip." Trey replied.
"Your Father wishes to speak with you in the Library Sir."
"Thanks Phillip." Trey said before heading to the library at the end of the hall at the left. Trey wondered briefly why his father would want to speak to him at such a late hour. Reaching the library Trey entered.
“Where the hell have you been?” His father yelled as soon as the butler had departed.
“Why?” Shit his Dad looked pissed!
“Josh blew off the meeting with James Whitney!” He replied his face darkening.
“What?” His face paled. Christ! Josh knew how important that meeting was.
“I just spent the day getting my ass repeatedly chewed off by Dad!”
“I told you, you should have let me handle it?” He reminded his Dad with a frown.
“You slept with the man’s wife Trey! I couldn’t send you!” He reminded him in disgust.
“Ex-wife.” He dared to point out.
“Thanks to you!” John shouted.
“I was only one of many lovers. James knows that.” He replied calmly.
“I hope your right. Because I’m sending you back down there to deal with this!” He told his son.
“I’ll leave tonight.” Trey replied with a weary sigh. He was going to kill his brother.
“Did you look over Josh’s reports?” He asked holding them up.
“Yes. I told him to redo them.” He answered.
“Well he didn’t!” John said slamming the reports down.
“Big surprise. He’s barely been into the office. He’s to busy playing around.” Trey retorted. “You never should have told him he could work part time.”
“That was you’re Mother’s idea.” He admitted with a grimace.
“Since when does Mom call the shots around Harrington?” He questioned in disgust.
“She doesn’t.” John grumbled.
“Except where Josh is concerned?” Trey muttered.
“She’s protective of Josh, especially since he lost his wife.”
“That was over two years ago. And he wasn’t even happy with her! She was a lousy wife and mother!”
“Trey, I don’t want to hear you speaking ill of the dead! She was your brother’s wife and he loved her!” His father told him his face darkening more.
“You never should have allowed him to marry her!” Trey grumbled.
“What the hell has gotten into you?” His father asked.
“I’m sick and tired of the way you baby him! If I had lost my wife you would have given me a week and than told me to suck it up and get back to work.” He spouted resentfully.
“I don’t force you to spend every minute of your life at work! That’s your choice Trey.” He pointed out with a frown.
“I work all the time because I have too! Today is a perfect example of what
happens when I’m not around to handle things.” He replied shaking his head.
“You need to find a woman and settle down Trey.”
“Women are only good for one thing. I have no interest in getting tied down.” He told his father turning to leave.
“What about children?” John asked as his son started to turn toward the door. For a brief moment Trey’s eyes filled with pain. And than the pain was hidden behind the stony mask his son was known to where.
“I’ll take care of things in L.A.”
“Son, is there something you want to tell me?” He asked.
“No.” He answered before leaving the library.
John stared after his son. His son was hiding something painful. That much was clear from the look of pain. Why couldn’t he get Trey to open up to him? They had been so close before Trey had left for Europe. And in many ways they were still close. Trey was his right hand at work. But he had hidden himself behind a wall for some reason. Had some woman broken his son’s heart? Was that where his negative attitude toward women came from?

Trey made his way down the long hallway toward his apartments. Upon entering them he closed the door and scanned his room, which consisted of several large sofas and overstuffed chairs all black as were the coffee table and end tables. Across from them was a huge entertainment center. The room's darkness suited Trey just find, it was here that Trey found perfect refuge from the outside world. Going to the phone Trey dialed a number.

In a large hanger filled with planes of all shapes and sizes the largest being a 747. A man entered the office to answer a ringing phone.
"Yeah!" A sandy haired man said into the phone."
"Dan this Trey, I'm flying to L.A first thing in the morning have our twin engine jet ready." Trey ordered.
"Yes Sir, it will be ready." Dan replied immediately.
"See that it is." Trey stated in a firm voice before hanging up. On the other end Dan shook his head and hung up.

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