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The 7 Deadly Sins

Leon, George, Gary, Stan, William, Eric and Peter were 7 friends. They all went to the same high school, Saint Gregory’s. They were all regulars at Mass each week. And they all carried something to remind them of Jesus everywhere they went.

Our story begins on a Friday night at around 9 P.M. All of the friends were just hanging out at Peter’s house. Peter’s parents were out of town visiting relatives. They had specifically told Peter not to throw a party while they were gone and Peter intended to obey them. There were going to be no girls at his house, no drugs, no alcohol, only his good Christian friends.

The friends were just hanging out watching some tv that night when Leon said he had brought a porno to watch. He popped it in the dvd player and watched it. Thinking of what he would love to do to the girls in it.

While Leon was watching his movie George was in the kitchen eating. He finished off his 3rd hamburger and threw the remaining two hamburgers and half of a large fry in the garbage can.

At the same time that Leon was finishing his food the doorbell rang. Gary was the closest to the door so he opened it up. An older woman was standing outside. She greeted Gary and told him she was here collecting money for a needy family in the area. When she asked Gary if he would like to donate he said he couldn’t, he barely had enough for himself. The woman left.

Meanwhile in another room Stan was doing some homework. He was a very smart boy but he had no interest in his schoolwork. He decided that he didn’t need to do his homework, and he instead went and layed down on the couch.

Right after Stan decided not to do his work William’s phone rang. He answered it. It was his girlfriend, Mary. She told William that she had to break up with him because she thought she loved someone else. William lost his temper and began yelling various curses at Mary. He told her he would kill her and the boy she loved if he ever saw them. Then he threw down his phone.

Leon’s movie had ended and now Eric turned the television to a show about cars. I would kill to have a car like that he said as he saw a corvette on the screen. I would kill to have that guy’s girl too he said as a man and his girlfriend were on the screen.

Peter heard Eric saying these things and he said, “I could get a girl like that easily. I’m a basketball star and I’m very smart and I don’t even have to try at anything. It all comes naturally to me. I’m sure I will have a great car too when I am older, with all my talents getting a good job will be easy.”

Right after Peter said this, the front door opened and a man in a black cloak walked in. “Who are you?” peter asked, shocked and slightly frightened.

“I am a demon and that’s all you need to know,” replied the intruder.
“What, you’re a demon? Why are you here? We are all Christians.” said Peter in a fearful manner.
“Stand!” commanded the demon. All the boys rose to their feet. The demon motioned for them to stand in a line in front of him. The boys did so.
The demon called Leon to come forth. Trembling, Leon took two steps forward to the demon. A sword then appeared in the demon’s hands. Written on the sword was “Lust”. The demon stabbed the sword into the chest of Leon, who fell to the ground and died.
The demon then called for George to step forward. “Im not going to let you kill me without a fight,” George said.
“The fight was already fought boy, and you lost,” replied the demon.
The demon waved his hand and George came forward against his will. The sword that the demon currently held disappeared and a new one appeared. The word “Gluttony” was written upon this sword. The demon stabbed George in the chest with it, and George fell to the ground and died.
The demon then called Gary forward. Gary stepped forward crying. The sword the demon was holding disappeared and a new one with the word “Greed”” written upon it appeared. Gary then reached inside his shirt for his silver crucifix that he always wore. “You can’t hurt me, Jesus protects me,” Gary said, holding the crucifix up.
The demon merely laughed and said, “He has no power here.” Then the demon thrust the sword into Gary’s chest and Gary fell to the ground dead.
Next the demon called Stan forward. The sword the demon was holding disappeared and a new one with the word “Sloth” written upon it appeared. Stan pulled his Gideon’s Bible out of his pocket and held it up as if it was a shield. “That book has no power,” said the demon and he stabbed Stan in the chest with the sword. Stan fell to the ground dead.
The demon then called William forward. The sword the demon was holding disappeared and a new one with the word “Wrath” written upon it appeared. “You don’t scare me,” William told the demon, “Jesus will protect me.”
“We shall see,” replied the demon. He then stabbed William, and William fell to the ground dead.
The demon then called Eric forward. The sword the demon was holding disappeared and a new one with the word “Envy” written on it appeared. “You won’t kill me,” said Eric, “I have true faith that Jesus will protect me.”
“You are a fool,” the demon said and he stabbed Eric and Eric fell to the ground dead.
“And now the finale,” said the demon, “come forth Peter.” the sword the demon was currently holding disappeared and a new one appeared. The new one was the largest of any of the swords and it had the word “Pride” written upon it. “You committed the greatest of the sins and now you suffer the greatest punishment,” said the demon.
Peter began to pray in his head. “Why Jesus are you letting this demon kill us. Why does he have more power here than you?”
Peter heard a voice say, “He has more power than me because you gave him more power than me. You gave this demon his power and you can take it away just as easily.”
Peter looked into the face of the demon. Then he dropped to his knees and yelled, “Forgive me Father for what I have done. Watch over me as the Shepard watches over his flock. Please, protect me.”
The demon laughed again, “God will not save you.” he said. Then the demon thrust the sword at Peter. But just before the sword reached Peters flesh a shield appeared in front of Peter. On the shield was written the words “Jesus Christ.” The sword hit the shield and a huge burst of light was released from the impact. The demon screamed in agony and ran away from Peter’s house in fear.

Now every good story has a moral and while this story may not be that good it also has a moral. It may seem that six of these boys were killed for six separate sins, but in reality they were all killed for the same sin. Not a one of them asked for Jesus to help them. Some told the demon that Jesus would save them. Some held up religious objects to symbolize Jesus’ protection of them. But only Peter repented and asked for Jesus to save him. So I guess the moral of the story is this: Don’t just expect Jesus to help you. Talk to him, ask him for his help. Don’t just expect Jesus to save you from sin and give your soul everlasting life. Ask him to do it and he will.

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