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Fall into Me

Chapter 1
"Miranda what are you talking about?" Brad questioned.
"I don't know if we should be together." I replied.
"What do you mean? We've been together for over a year now. Is it something I did? He said.
"No Brad, It's not you. You're the one that doesn't make me believe. I don't deserve you."
"Baby if you don't believe in us, then why didn't you tell me?" Brad asked.
"Brad I don't know. It's hard to tell you. I love you so much, but I don't know if it's enough, I said, not sure what to say.
"Miranda, it's ok. I understand. Don't worry. I'll wait for you, ok? Once you think you're ready, just fall into me." he replied, smiling at me, going to kiss me, but I turned my head quick. He sighed and walked out of the room. We're at the pool and I was sitting on the edge of the pool, with my feet in the water.
I don't understand. Brad is probably one of the nicest guys I had ever met, and now I can't figure out if I'm in love? Brad probably thinks I'm an idiot. I wouldn't let him kiss me. I've gone too far over my head. I feel so bad that Brad has to see me act this way, but I'm filled up with many emotions.
I close my eyes, as if I was going to cry. Sure enough, a salty tear fell from my eyes onto my shirt. I sighed and looked around the empty room. It was pretty big, but no one was in here with me, but water and chairs. Brad and I are on a trip with a few friends out in Bozeman, Montana. We were here for about another week yet and then we go back home to Pennsylvania. If I'm not with Brad on the way home, it'll be a long trip alone.
Later that day, I'm in my hotel room, alone. Brad was out with the guys. He told me I didn't have to come if I didn't want to. So I sat on the bed, watching TV, until I heard a knock on the door. Brad.
I smiled, not sure what else to do.
"Miranda so you know, I'm not going to push you into say anything. I figure I'll let you decide on your own without me hounding you." he said.
I nodded. "Thanks Brad," I smiled, giving him a hug, no kissing. I stood there hugging him for about thirty seconds, wondering why I couldn't just say "yes" and just fall into his arms, but it wasn't that easy.
I lied in my bed, which was the opposite of Brad, watching TV when I felt like I was just about to cry. As I said before, I hated going through this. Seeing Brad depressed makes me feel the same way. Brad’s the one that always starts my day with a smile, but I just couldn’t understand why I didn’t think we were both in love and ready for the future. We were watching “2 Fast 2 Furious” on TNT. I felt Brad staring at me. I didn’t want to make eye contact. I looked over at him, staring at me with his gorgeous chocolate brown eyes. I couldn’t resist. He smiled and I smiled back.
“I love you,” he said, giving me a faintly sad look.
I didn’t say anything back, but I just look down at the ground, uncertain of what he’d do.
“Baby you know I want you bad, but I promise you I won’t harass you to come back to me.” He replied.
I felt tears burning my eyes as they rolled down the side of my face.
“Brad, I’m sorry I’m acting this way.” I cried.
“Don’t be,” he replied.
I looked at him in the eyes and crawled into the covers, turning the other way, so I couldn't see him. I heard him get off the bed and tip-toe over to me.

"Miranda," he whispered sadly.

"No!" I blurted out, with my face down in my pillow.

"You know you're only hurting yourself." He replied.

"I thought you said you weren't going to hound me?" I said, lifting my head off my pillow.

"I'm not trying to, but it's hard not to."

Brad sat on the edge of the bed, with his hand on my leg. In that time, someone was knocking on the door. I crawled out about to go get it, but Brad insisted he'd go get it.

So, I sat down on the bed, trying to see who it was. Brad opens the door. I start to listening in.

"Hey Danny!" Brad greeted.

"Hey umm... is Miranda with you?" Danny asked.

"Yeah she's inside," Brad said, moving out of the way of the door. I looked up at the two of them.

"Do you mind if I talk to her alone out in the hall?"

"As long as it's ok with her." Brad smiled.

"Miranda?" Danny said, looking over at me.

"Yeah that's fine." I said, getting up of the bed. "Let's go."

Danny and I walked out the door, with it slamming behind us. We walked down the hall and he lead me into his room, which was about five doors down from mine and Brad's. I started to have a bad feeling about this, but I could trust Danny. He wasn't like any other guy I know.

"Sit where ever you like." he offered.

"I thought you said we were just going to be out in the hall?" I said."Well, what I have to tell is pretty much between the two of us. And out there someone could probably hear us." he replied.

He had a good point. I sat down in a big blue chair next to the window, which shown a beautiful scenery of the mountains outside.

"So what is it that you want to tell me?" I questioned.

"It's about you and Brad." he said, as I sat in the chair afraid to answer."

What about us?" I replied.

Danny paused. "I know you two aren't getting along the greatest. Is there anything I can do to help?"

Of course, Danny boy here wants to help. One of Brad's hot friends have to ask that to me don't they. Danny had dark hair that he always had it spiked, and blue blazing eyes, which made him more attractive. I don't know why I'm saying all these nice things about him. What about Brad?

Chapter 2
"There's nothing that you can help with. We'll take care of it ourselves thank you." I sneered, getting up off the chair and walking past the window in one corner. Of course Danny followed.
"Ok, I'm sorry I even asked." he replied, putting a hand on my shoulder, as I looked down at it. I pushed it away, walking the other way.
It took about five minutes until I gave in and told him everything, even though I was sure he knew.
"Ok fine! Do you promise you won't tell a single soul, especially Brad?" I said.
"Of course, even if my life depended on it."
I looked at him and sat on the bed, as he sat next to me, ready to listen in at ever word.
"Well, the main thing was when we were at the airport back home on, I kinda spilt coffee on him."
I just came from the starbuck's coffee stand and I was looking all around for Brad. I rushed through the airport with scolding hot coffee. I felt someone tapping on my shoulder. I started freaking out and turned around and my coffee flew out of my hand and all over his shirt. All I can say is that he wasn't too happy." I said, starting to flashback
"The mother f*cker!" he shouted. I looked at him wide-eyed.
"What the hell was that for?" he said, putting his hands out in front of him, giving me an angered look.
"Brad I'm sorry! I didn't try it." I was kinda surprised that he was cursing in public. He never does. I guess I really did it this time.
Brad had no idea that it was me. I looked like I was about to cry.
"Oh my god! Miranda, I... I had no idea that it was you. I should be sorry for swearing." he replied.
"No I should be. I'm the one that spilt scolding hot coffee all over you."
"It was only my shirt, but it's alright baby. I'll go grab a shirt from Danny or Jeremy." He said, giving me a kiss on my forehead. And walked away.
I felt bad that entire day. I knew that it would be stuck in my mind for quite sometime.
"How do you kinda spill coffee on him? When I lended him one of my shirts, it looked like the whole coffee cup to me." he laughed.
"Ok, but it wasn't a pretty site. Plus, he never swears in public. It's just not like him. And to me it makes me feel like that would affect our relation." I said.
"Do you really think Brad cares about that? No, he loves you. He'd do anything for you. I can't believe that that's what this is all about." he replied, shaking his head in disbelief.
"Danny I guess you're right." I smiled.
I wasn't sure what I was suppose to do next, but everything that Danny had said, was true. But I'm still not sure if I can believe all of it. I leaned over to Danny and gave him a warm loving hug for being a great help.
"I think you already helped me Danny." I said, pulling away from him. "And I thank you." I smiled.
"No problem," he said, smiling back.
I got up off the bed and walked over to the door and walked out. I walk down the long narrow hallway and back into my room. I knock for Brad to let me in. Nobody answered right away, but I was about to knock again and I saw Brad, standing in front of me, without his shirt on. Dang, it just made me go crazy.

Chapter 3
"So what did you and Danny talk about?" Brad asks, pulling my hand bringing me inside the room. The door shut behind me and made me jump.
"Nothing really. He just want to talk." I replied, assuming that wasn't enough for him.
"Ok, as long as you weren't doing anything else." he smiled.
"Of course not. Why would you think that?"
He chuckled, looking down at the ground. "It was a joke babe."
We both laughed softly.
"Why don't we go to bed?" he suggested.
"Alright, sounds good."
I crawled in my bed placing the covers over me. I was drifting off into a deep sleep.
The next morning, the sun from the window was shining in my eyes, so I had to get up.
"Good morning sleepy head." Brad laughs, as he's sitting on the edge of his bed.
"Hey," I whispered, rubbing my eyes to wipe away the rest of the sleepiness. "What time is it?"
"Almost seven, I was afraid to wake you, but everyone was planing on going to Yellowstone for a day or two. I didn't know if you were up to it or not." he said.
"What I didn't want to?" I asked.
"Then we don't go, but you'd be missing out on a lot."
"I'm in," I giggled.
"Great! You go ahead and get dressed. I'll go and tell everyone we're going." he said, excitingly.
I crawled out of bed and grabbed a pair of light wash jeans and a dark blue blouse. I went into the bathroom, closing the door behind me. I changed around and put a little make-up on, then started fixing my hair a bit. I walked out of the bathroom and heard my phone vibrating on the night stand between both beds. I picked it up.
"Hello?" I said.
"I hear that you're up for some fun eh?" Hayle laughed.
"Yeah, I wouldn't want to stay here the entire week." I replied, walking back in fourth the room.
"Right, hey I noticed that you were in Danny's room last night. What were you doing over there?" she asks.
"We were just talking. Nothing happened Hayle." I said.
"I believe you, but I hope that you change your mind and stay with Brad." she replies.
I hear a knock on the door, expecting it to be Brad.
"Hayle we'll talk later. I got to go." I hung up, not waiting for her to answer.
I pace over to the door and open it. It was Danny.
"What are you doing here?" I ask.
"I have to ask you something." he said, sounding urgent.
"Is it really that important?" I questioned.
Before he could say anything Brad was coming down the hall.
"Danny we can talk later." I said.

Chapter 4
Danny didn't say anything or come after me. Brad walked up to me.
"Everyone's ready to go. I'll grab our bag and put it in the car." he said, smiling and went right in our room. I nodded and looked back at Danny.
"Alright, you can tell me. What do you want now?" I questioned.
"Ok, well I really don't think you should be with Brad." he replies.
"What? Yesterday, you were all gung-hoe about me being with him. What changed your mind all of a sudden?" I asked.
He paused, as Brad walked out of the room with our bag and Hayle, Jeremy, and Alexa, (the other friends that were along), came out from their rooms with a few bags. The looked over at us, but didn't say anything. I could tell they had the wrong feeling in their mind. Once they walked away, Danny started to talk.
"It's because I care about you." he says. "And I don't want Brad to hurt you."
"But that doesn't explain why you said all those nice things about him last night and now you are against him." he replied, trying to prove a point. I can tell now Danny was really getting frustrated.
"Do you really want me to tell you?" he shouts.
"Yes already," I agreed.
"It's because I love you. I don't want you to be with anyone else but me." he said, lowering his tone, as he places his hand on my shoulder. I looked at him, confused. I really couldn't believe he just said that. Then again, I could.
Danny rested his forehead against mine, gazing at me with his solid brown eyes. He pushed his lips against mine, roughly, but so passionate. I didn't flinch or push him away. I wrapped my arms around his neck, as he had his on my waist. About a minute after, he pulled me away and looked deeply in my eyes. I just wanted to melt right then and there. It seemed like a fantasy.
"What the...?" someone shouts from down the hall.
My heart sank down into the pit of my stomach. I know that voice and I know that I'm toast. I turned my head in the direction from where I heard the voice.
"Brad..." I whispered, as I could feel the tears begining to build up in my eyes, as he walk up to Danny and I.
"No you don't need to explain. I saw it all." he replied, trying to sound as calm as possible without letting out his rage of anger.
"Brad it isn't want you think. It was all a mistake." I said.
Brad looked down at the ground. I could tell he was broken and I was the cause of it all.
"You know. You're right. This was all just a mistake. It was a mistake to trust you. But you know what? I let you choose and I can tell that I'm good enough for you."
I was stunned. I was shocked, though I could now feel the tears flow from my eyes down my cheek.
"Brad you know that you don't mean that, right?" I said in disbelief.
Brad looked at the ground and back at me. Tears were in his eyes too, which was the first I've ever seen in a long time. I didn't know Danny was doing, since he was behind me, but now everything I did, I regret and I can't change that.
"I don't know if I should mean it or not anymore." he looked back at the ground so I wouldn't see half crying. "I just don't think we should be together anymore." After he said that, he turned around and started pacing down the hall.
"Where are you going?" I hollered down the hall.
Brad turned around and looked at me, halfway down the corridor.
"Out with everyone else. We're still going, but all I know is that it's just going to be a big mistake just like everything else." he said, turning back around and heading out through.
I stood there in the middle of nowhere so it felt. I felt Danny's hand on my shoulder. I looked down at it and pushed him away. I ran into my room, slamming the door behind me, so Danny wouldn't come rushing in. I fell to the ground curled up in a little ball and cried my eyes out.
"Why in God's name does this have to happen to me?" I whispered. "Now I really have to make a big decison between Brad or Danny."

Chapter 5
"Miranda are you ok?" I heard Danny ask, as he knocked on the door.
"NO! Just leave me alone Danny!" I shouted, still curled up in a ball on the floor.
"It was an accident. Can't you just trust me on that?"
I wasn't really sure what to think. I wasn't sure if I could trust him. I got up off the floor and looked in the mirror. I cleaned of the smeared mascara with a wet towel and put a little more on. After that I decided to open the door and walk out.
"Are you coming or what?" I asked, looking at him.
I could tell he was surprised that I was actually talking to him.
"Yeah, umm... let's go." he added.
We walked down the hall and down the stair, which lead down to the lobby. I paced outside and saw the two rental cars. The only problem was Hayle, Jeremy, and Alexa were in the one which left me with Brad. Danny went in their car so I sat the passenger side of Brad's car. He looked at me once but didn't say anything. Once everyone was ready we were on the road.
A few miles down the road, I was getting tired of just looking out the window with no music on so I had to say something.
"So umm... how long does it take get there exactly?" I asked, trying to start a conversation.
"About two hours, give or take. It all depends on the traffic." he replies, keeping a straight face and never once looked over at me.
I sighed. I looked over at him. He wasn't really crying, but I can see the sadness that spread across him.
"Brad, can I just explain?" I said, hoping he would say something.
"That all depends. Can you answer my question?" he said.
"Sure anything," he replied.
"Do you love me?" he grinned, looking over at me for the first time since I got in the car.
"Brad of course I do. Why would you say that?"
Once I said that, I knew exactly why. Brad turned his head back on the road, not saying anything else.
"I guess that just means you trust me?" I sighed.
"Trust you? God Miranda! How was I suppose to know that you were going to be kissing my best friend? I don't know how I could even trust you at all." he shouted.
I paused for a brief moment.
"Brad?" I said, trying to get his attention again.
"Yeah," he replied.
"Do you love me?" I ask.
He didn't say anything for about a whole five minutes until I heard him say something.
"Yes! Yes I do."
I smiled slightly and looked out the window. It was a quiet ride the rest of the way there.
Once we were in Yellowstone National Park, we stopped at a gift shop with a little restaurant in the back of the store. Everyone else went in, but I was stopped by the pull on my arm by Danny. Personally, I didn't want to see or talk to him.
"Danny just leave me alone. I don't want to talk to you, nor see you." I said, as we stood there in front the entrance.
"We don't need to talk. I need you." he replied sternly, placing his hand on my shoulder.
That little son of a bitch! All he wants is me. He's not even sorry for what he did. I should have just pushed him away, but I couldn't.
I turned my head, looking inside to see if Brad or someone was watching and could help get away. Danny spun me around and pushed me against the red car that I and Brad were in. He looked me the eyes, mine full of terror. I didn't want him near me. He grabbed my below each of my wrists and kissed my once again. Now the time that I wanted to push him away, I couldn't.

Chapter 6
Finally, Brad comes out, but it was at the wrong time I suppose. Once Danny stopped kissing me, I look in front of the car and see Brad standing there ready to freak out.
"I knew it! I wasn't as dumb as you think." he said.
"Brad, he kissed me. I couldn't push him away because he had me pinned to the car and my hands grasped on by his. I had nothing to do with this." I replied, not sure if he really believes it. "Please you believe me?"
He paused and looked Danny. He still had me pinned against the car and he still had a hold on my arms.
"Miranda I believe you, but I don't know about the first. For all I know, that might not have been the first time. I think this entire trip was just a mistake."
"No it wasn't. Don't say something that isn't true." I said, slipping myself away from Danny.
Brad didn't say anything and neither did I. We went inside and ate then went around gift shop. The entire time I could feel like someone was just staring at me, but no one was near me. I grew worried, unsure of whom it might be. Then I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned my head. Danny.
"Haven't you caused enough trouble in one day? I'm sick of it. Leave me and my life alone!" I said sternly, trying not to make much of a scene.
"I'll make you a deal. You come with, we'll do something together, and after that I'll leave you alone."
That "something" doesn't sound any good. And how am I supposed to know that he'll leave me alone.
"What's the something exactly?"
"It'll be a surprise."
Yeah a surprise, I know where he's going with that and I'm doing it.
"No, I'm not going with." I replied.
"Come on! It'll be fun."
That's the part I got scared. What the heck is wrong with him? He's acting so perverted.
"You can't make me!" I said.
"Oh, but that I can, if you ever want to see Brad again, I suggest you listen to what I have to say and it'll be all good."
"Yeah, to you; I have to go with you in order to see Brad. You're really not what I expected of you."
Danny shook his head and walked away. I was sure that he was going to come back and get me and do something I didn't want to do.
I walked out of the building and waited for Brad to come out, which was about five to ten minutes later.
"Brad, do you ever think that we can be together again?" I ask.
He looked at me as he started the ignition.
"Well, I believe that would be up to you."

Chapter 7
Brad was right. I guess most of it was up to me. I didn't think we should be together from almost the start. I sat back in my seat, looking out my window, as Brad started backing out of the parking space. I hated myself right now. Danny doesn't mean anything to me and Brad thinks I chose Danny over him. I'm stuck.
We decided not to stay in Yellowstone, just because there wasn't anything around but millions of buffalo that grazed the entire park. It was really late until we actually got back to the hotel. I slept on the way, but I was just so beat.
Brad opened the door and let me go in first. I crashed on Brad's bed, not really thinking. He didn't really mind. He stripped down to just boxers to go to sleep. I was half asleep when he picked my up in his arms and placed me under the covers my bed. I could tell that he thought I was in a deep sleep, but that's where he was wrong. He kissed me on the cheek and heard him whisper something, as he stroked my hair.
"I love you Miranda and I wouldn't know what to do if I lost you."
He walked a short distance over to his bed. I lied there in bed, unsure if he'd be asleep in ten minutes or not. Then, I look over my shoulder at Brad, who was lying on his side, facing the wall. That's when I thought that I've been the one that made his life a happier, but at others a disaster. I could tell he needs me as much I needed him. That's when I fell asleep.
In the morning, I woke up around ten o'clock and Brad was still asleep. I didn't want to wake him, so I lied in bed for about a total of five minutes until my cell phone rang. I got out of bed and answered it.
"Miranda it's Alexia."
"Oh, hey what's up?" I said acting surprised.
"Nothing really; everyone was just wondering if you and Brad wanted to go downstairs to the pool. No ones there and we didn't have anything to do." she laughs.
I laughed too. "I'll have to ask him. I'll call you back."
I hung up and walked over Brad who was staring at me now.
"Do you wanna go down at the pool? Everyone wants to know." I asked.
"Yeah sure; do they wanna go now?" he replied.
"I guess, I don't know for sure."
He smiles and sits up in the bed, rubbing his eyes.
"Miranda," he said.
"Brad I know what you're going to say. Just don't talk about him anymore ok? Let's just get ready to go."

Chapter 8

"Are you ready yet?" Brad asks.
"Just give me a sec," I replied.
"Well hurry up. Everybody is probably waiting for us down there." he chuckles.
"Just chill I'm coming out."
I walk out of the bathroom, black and white polka-dot bikini with cut of jeans. I could Brad was just staring at me the entire time, but I didn't mind much. We ran out of the room and went and down the corridor, holding hands. That's how I knew we were growing closer than I had thought. We paced down the stairs and went in the doors to the indoor pool. Nobody was there yet and when I mean nobody, I mean not a single soul around.
"It's dead down here." I said.
"I'd say," Brad agreed.
He look over at me, still holding my hand. I looked into his eyes. They were just amazing as he stood there. I didn't know what to do.
"Miranda," he said, taking my hand and sat down at the edge of the pool with our feet down in the water.
"Yeah," I reply.
"I've been thinking of this for a while now, and I wanted to let you know I'll give you another chance. That's as long as you still believe that we were meant to be." he smiled.
I look at him and then I smiled.
"I'll have to think about it, but I'm so glad you let us have another chance."
He didn't say anything, but I leaned against his bare chest, giving him a warm loving hug. He wrapped his arms around me and I cried softly, just in happiness.
I was still in his arms for a few minutes, until I saw all our friends coming in the door. But there was one thing that was wrong with this whole thing. Danny, he looked furious with me in his arm, though I really didn't care, as long as he does hurt Brad.
"What the hell are you two doing together again?" Danny cursed.
"We never officially broke up Danny and what does it matter to you?" I asked, wiping a few of the tears from my eyes, but a few left stains on my face. Both Brad and I turned facing him, along with everyone else.
"I told you he was no good." he replied.
Brad got up and was face to face with Danny.
"For now on, just stay away from us. Neither one of us wanna see you anymore." Brad said, which was so true.
"Oh is that so," Danny replies and Brad nods.
When Brad wasn't looking, Danny tackled him down to the ground, which made me jump and and stand up. Brad's other friend that was with, Jeremy tried to stop them, but it was no use. After a few minute of tackle, Danny shoved Brad and lost his balance which made him fall into the deep end of the water.
"Brad!" I shouted.
I was terrified and scared, because Brad didn't come back up.

Chapter 9
I was really scared and I didn't do anything, but start screaming in my head. I was so lost. I didn't know what to think.
"Brad!" I shouted.
I began looking around like a child who has lost their mother in a grocery store. I was a mess. Nobody else seemed to want to jump in and go after him, so I guess it was up to me. I took off my cut-off jeans and walked over to the diving board, which stood over ten feet tall. I didn't want to just jump in. I climbed up the ladder and started walking across the board, as I meet up with the edge of it. I always had a scared side of me for heights. I just closed my eyes and jumped in.
I fell into the water, as my feet actually touched the bottom of the pool. It was like twelve feet deep at that. I opened my eyes and all I could see was a blur. I turned around swimming around like a dolphin. The pressure was getting to me and made me feel light-headed. When I turned around to one side, I saw a blurry figure, which I suppose was Brad, but I couldn't really tell. I swam over to it. He had his hand out to me. I got closer to him and grabbed his hand and brought him up to the surface. He was unconscious and he looked like he was dead. Jeremy helped me get Brad out of the water. I hopped out and we both carried him on to the ground.
Jeremy said that Alexia and Halle went out to get help, as Danny just stood there, grinning. I was so mad at him right now; I could say a bunch of bad things right in his face, but I didn't.
Brad wasn't breathing at all and I wanted to do anything, just as long as he'd live. CPR... duh! And that's what I did. I tried many times and like that, he started coughing and choking up a lot of water. I was amazed.
"Oh my god; Brad, I was scared to death." I cried.
He didn't say anything at first, because he was just gasping for air, but then he chuckled a little.
"Miranda you don't have to worry." He coughed. "I would never leave you without saying good-bye first,. I love you too much."
That's what I was waiting to hear for so long now. I smiled and he got closer to me.
"Well, aren't you going to give me a hug for being happy?" He asked.
"Screw the hug. Come here gorgeous!" I laughed.
I leaned against him and gave him one of the longest most passionate kisses I've ever given him. It felt like an electric shock had just been made all over again. I could tell that he was enjoying this as much as I was. This all seemed to happen so soon. It felt like I was still panicking that Brad was going to die, but that's over now. I'm kissing the man who's always been in my dreams.
We pulled away from each other, dazing into each others eyes, as Alexia and Halle came in with the hotel security. The both stood there saying their "awe’s." We both laughed.
I heard the security asked them where the trouble was. I saw Alexia and Halle pointing at Danny. It was kind of hard not to laugh at his face as the security took him away.
I closed my eyes and smiled.
"I love you," Brad whispered.
"I love you too." I said, smiling.
I fell into his arms and I started kissing him again, better than ever. I had a feeling that our relationship had just began.
I found all I've waited for and I could not ask for more.

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