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She was in his arms, living-- enjoying-- in ecstasy, but all of sudden she woke up n realised OH! A DREAM! A DREAM AGAIN! it was her dream, which had been in her eyes from last 2 years; but never could gether guts to fulfil it or just take an intiative step.
It didn't started from their first meeting but she had a slight idea due to da wayhe had stared her. but she didn't took any notice, but it grew. whenever they meet she find some kind of charm in him which attracts her towards him even more each time. many times she had told herself to stop thinking about him in such a way, but nothing seemed to be in her hands. their meeting would start as:
How r u Stela?
I m fine, what about you?
Fine, thank you.

and thats it and just simple "good-bye" at departure time. but still there was alot in between them--- untold--- unheard--- yet felt.
The feelings started to grow day by day in Stela;
was it her first love, a young Crush, or just infauation? she, herself didn't knew!
In the same way a year passed and now she was 19 years old; some times she behaves like a kid, sometimes like a zealful new lover and sometimes like a grown up matuer lady. Each time she felt closer to him and each time she totally wanted to belong him.
Days, weeks, months passed and her feelings grew stronger, but the reason behind it was Ron's attention towards her; he used to visit with his mother to Stela's house unnecessarily and use to penetrate in her heart through her eyes, and when she used to lie down on her bed at nightshe could feel his same warm eyes looking at her and then her dream begins----
but none of them ever intiated.
It was 18th Nov 2007 when Stela's dreams and emotions were crushed down to pieces, when she and her family recieved an invitation of Ron's engagement with Tina, Stela couldn't believe her ears and suddenly the room started to spin around her. but she could do nothing, except sitting on couch and staring the invitation helplessly for another hour. she had to attend the function anyway.
she went there but with eccentric sort of emotions, emotions-- which were mixture of hatered, regret, love..... she tried to find in Ron's expressions any sort of feelings for herself but her Eyes returned empty handed. Tina was might be beautiful for others but for Stela was no more than any ordinary girl. Stela returned home and straightly went to her bedroom and as soon as she opened the door she found Dreaming, Happy Stela DEAD.
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