Free Don't Cry For Me! | By: Oreo Batard | | Category: Short Story - Adventure Bookmark and Share

Free Don't Cry For Me!

She saw it in my eyes. The love I felt. She thinks I am bitter now over lossing it. I am free. Free and not a prisoner to love which is a bad emotion for me. It is obsessive and conpulsive and additive. I am No longer bond to anyone and am free to live again. Do not cry for me
Argentina or anyone else. I am free of love again. The torment is gone. I can sleep again. I can dream and love without commitment in my dreams. It is just as emotionally satisfying and it is over when I wake. I never get rejected and the loving is always really good. It is always the way I like it and want it to be. The people are perfect and live up to my expectations and I am perfect too. It is great. Do not feel sorry for me. I am happy again. Real people and love is disappointing and falls short of my expectations. Alas, I am free!
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