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You're Perfect

I saw her at the end of the back room unpacking boxes with her delicate pale hands. I wondered what she was thinking of. What she would give her mother for mother’s day, or what grade she would get for her math test. She didn’t know that I was there watching her, intoxicated by her slender body. I took a step closer. Her shiny hazel eyes making love with my blue ones. “Catherine” was all she said with her melodic voice.
I crouched beside her as if I was going to help her unpack the box she was working on. I took her hand before she could go back to work. Her hand looked so small beside my long pianist fingers but was much stronger while I was struggling to not shake. Slowly I brushed the back of her neck with my right hand, moving her black and purple hair. Her eyes trembled as I approached to kiss her.
She was scared of our illegal love and so was I but I couldn’t resist staying away from her every day. I wanted our friendly hugs to be long passionate ones. I wanted to rest my head in the hollow her neck and feel her soft breathing. Our kiss was slow and romantic even if the surroundings were deplorable it didn’t matter. Her simple presence made me feel like we were floating in clouds.
Then unexpectively she pulled away looking at me startled. “We shouldn’t be doing this,” she said with a quivering voice.
“But I know you want to,” I said smiling at her. Once again our lips touched. I raced my hands against her body feeling her curves while she went towards my breasts. “You’re perfect” I breathed.

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