From Turbulence To The Diviness Of The True Self | By: Oreo Batard | | Category: Short Story - Adventure Bookmark and Share

From Turbulence To The Diviness Of The True Self

Our consciousness is our perceptions,thoughts,emotions, memories, fantasies,and dreams.
They all are part of a material existence on a subtle level.They are in constant movement within our
consciousness. They cause turbulence and make it hard to quiet our consciousness. When we define ourselves with them we we create a turbulence inside ourselves.
The contents of our minds are limited by time and space. They cause us to create illusions that
our lives are fleeting and cut off from others. We lose the connection with the Divine. This causes sorrow. To quiet it. Pay attention to your breath. It is the present.
The mind is the future and the body is the past. By focusing we bring them all in to the present. This is how you become the true self. The eternal you. You are unchanging, and unlimited in the Divine State.
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