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Marie, the puppet string Doll

Marie the Puppet string Doll

In a far off place in France there lived a puppet master named Marverick. He lived in a trailer with his widowed father and travelled from town to town hoisting his shows. It was called the Marvell Puppet Show.

Whenever the show reached a town, Marverick would set up the marquee and assemble the stage full of puppet dolls.

It was Marverick himself who made all the marionettes out of stuffed cotton and cloth with finely sewn garments. Wherever he went, he got a good audience.

The latest show was Snow White and the Seven Dwarf’s. The little puppet Snow-White looked so gorgeous and the prince ever so handsome. However, Marverick felt short of material and none was left for the wicked queen and the seven dwarfs. Since he could not buy any more material, Marverick had to tear off a length of the curtains of the Marquisette stage in order to make them.

The puppet doll that was made from the Marquesitte stage curtains was named Marie. She was so different from the rest of the puppet dolls that she became Marverick’s favourite little puppet. Even the rest of the dwarf’s he designed looked so cherubic.

On the day of the show, all the children rushed to the marquee. One could hear the shrieks of delight, clapping and laughter. Thanks to Marvericks dextrous fingers, all puppets played their role so well. Every puppet was made up perfectly to match the part.

Snow White and the seven dwarfs were marvelous on the stage. When the wicked queen would hold the mirror and say her part “Mirror Mirror on the wall, whose the fairest of us all”, the children shouted Boo and when Marie who played the part of the wicked queen had to hand over the poisoned apple to Snow white, once again the crowd “ Booed” her.

Finally when Marie had to fall over the cliff, the children cheered and said “Down with the wicked queen.”

At the end when Snow White and the Prince united, the children cheered and went home happily.

Marverick then returned his puppets into a huge box. As night fell and everything was quiet, a strange thing happened and no one knew. The puppets secretly came alive. Marie the Puppet String Doll however was very unhappy as deep down she was a kind hearted doll and loved to see the good of others. She wept bitterly and said

Boo Hoo Boo Hoo
I am Marie the puppet string Doll
And play the part of the wicked queen
For afterall I am but a puppet
And have to do Master Marverick’s bidding
As he pulls my little hands and feet
With his deft fingers on invisible strings
Boo Hoo Boo Hoo

Little Snow white the puppet comforted her saying
Marie do not loose heart yet
‘coz fate will turn out for the better
Wipe away those bitter tears
And give a simple smile instead.

The handsome prince puppet offered her a handkerchief, while the cherubic seven little dwarf’s choroused

One two three four five six seven
In our hearts
We remain your true puppet friends
So that you will remember us
Till the rainbow’s end!

Thus with the encouragement she got from her puppet friends, she took courage and hoped that a day would come when she would be given a better role to play.

But in the nights when puppets would come alive Marie would be very gloomy, however when mornings came by, she would play her part well just like how a puppet is expected to be.

Finally oneday Marverick thought that it was time to change the puppet show. He kept Marie the puppet string doll for another role where she would wear a flowing shimmering dress, dotted with tiny little stars and a lovely pair of delicate Wings. This time Marverick had earned enough of money to buy her all the accessories.

Marie’s eyes gleamed with happiness. She now played the role of a fairy that would bring to life a wooden little string puppet. She did enjoy her role and would wait to see the happy smiles on the children’s faces.

That night when Marie was placed in the box along with the others, her thoughts drifted to her master Marverick. She greatly admired the entertainer’s talent and the joy and enchantment it brought to his audience. She wished that the Marvel Puppet show would go on forever and also wished she be a true little girl.

In the morning a fresh spray of marigold flowers lay beside the wooden doll. She awoke to find herself for real and sniffed the flowers sent by Master Marverick.
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