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hurt feel of my life

hi.. now im 16... iwant to share my love story with other it is... i felt in love with this girl.. she beautiful.. i felt in love because, she close one eyes at me.. damn.. im shocking and felt love..
shes so polite at me.... give me in in her house... i remembered that she say hye, her concentrate at me is difference from other people... i remembered that when faris,mat and harry want to see her photo, she dont give.. but when i want to see her photo... she give it..
when that guy says "why give ery??" i remembered that iqah says "because ery is difference.." wow.. i feel in heaven... at another day at school, she most talk with me.... i love her... but i let it in my heart... because im shy...
untill long holiday, i not meet her again... because she go program and not have time to saw me... and after holiday, im in teenager... it is in 13 years old... i see her in long range.. i still keep that thing in my heart... and when have class in another day, i see she is not like before..
now she is become proud.. her exam grade is perfectfull.. all A.. i also proud... but.. she ignore me.. i feel like my breathe going down... but i... still strong.. i still kept in my mind that she still not ignore me.. in some day i want to express my feeling she says that she have boyfriend.. and i just... i just.. i just... say.." really??" and she says yes.. and i kept my feeling that i true love her..
until now.. she ignore me... i lost my self.. i lost my love... i cry in my room and not say my feeling to everyone... i thing that... if i say i really love to her seriously, shes not comfortable... so.. untill now i kept my feeling of her eventough she say she have boyfriend, i just kept in my mind that it just fake couple.. and im the true.. until now.. im like this.. not have couple, not have true friend and cannot go out.. because
my parents not give me to go out,my parent care me add i have bipolar.... and i blind what are have in out there... but... i not lost my study... and i have someone love me... it is... my parent...:)
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