Grasping | By: John Shelton | | Category: Short Story - Love Bookmark and Share


A yearning for everlasting passion drives the soul in ways ones mind can never comprehend. Love is not observed threw the eyes simply sensed, thoughts may fill your head of an individual which foolishly deceives the substance that drives fondness. The mind becomes a hearts greatest adversary extending love without regared or even recognizing when it is being neglected, what you experience in the mind dilutes the truth. Leaving ones soul lonely as a dream and empty of faithful affection, with that we are bruised but once more we try again only to travel the same route time after time. Time does heal wounds to the flesh, it is honest acts of compassion which bind the threads of love that touch affectionately and drive anguish away so love can go forth unimpeded. With that your dreams will never be lonesome here is where the mind excels reminding us with each breath someone awaits the morning anticipating that first glimpse of one that would not trade this moment and shall treasure each awaking just a little more than the last. In this comfort resides keeping the flame that lights your heart glowing for all the world to witness.
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