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Mia "chunck"

Mia's a cat, that's what you see
But I know different, you should listen to me

She was a loner at one time
No one to care for her, no one to purr her rhyme

But one day a girl came near
Mia could feel she had no fear

When this girl held her tight
Mia's heart melted, she knew it was right

She wanted to go with this girl so loving
But did want to push, didn't want to be bugging

Her hopes were up but didn't know
That this girl would take her on the go

When this beautiful girl finally took her home
Mia's mind, so curious, began to roam

What a life, it's all for me
What in the hell is that. She calls him Cody

I will teach that dog, Mia thought to herself
I will become stronger then he, I will improve myself

So Mia began working out
Building her muscle with every bout

And one day the pretty girl who brought her home
Brought this boy with her that she has been talking to on the phone

Now Mia doesn't get jealous, she isn't shy
Mom loves me more then this guy

Well one night Mom was with this boy
They were watching TV throwing Cody a toy

Mia understood, soon it was time
For mom and Mia's bed time

For then, for sure Mia would see
Her mom so close no one else could be

But to Mia's surprise mom left without her
Into her room with that boy and dog full of fur

She shut the door and left Mia out
Mia got crabby and started to pout

Now remember she has been working out
She was strong at this point, with out a doubt

So when mom locked Mia out of the room
Mia came crashing with a big boom

The door flew open and startled the people inside
For Halfback Mia there is nowhere to hide

So remember to love Mia with all your heart
Don't fuck with her, or she will rip you apart.


You know Mia now
That crabby chin halfback that said meow

Well she's back again you see
Another story, you should listen to me

Alone one night in the bedroom
Mia and kitty planned for certain doom

That boy mom sleeps with in that bed
Must go, for he is a pain in my head

He takes all her time
Never to see my sign

That I need her love
Mom's all I think of

I have to get rid of that boy
And I will start giving mom the joy

But what can I do
My thoughts are few

It must be good to succeed
I will do this thing I will plant my seed

What is this? A new bed in the house.
This big thing, I feel like a mouse

It is huge, to big for me to jump up
What can I do to fuck it up?

I know what I can do
Take it apart, my tools are in mom's shoe

That's what I will do to this boy
Putting together this bed as a toy

We don't need that big bed you see
It's only supposed to be mom and me

I get my hammer, screw driver and saw
I will bang away, while that boy is down the hall

Piece by piece I will remove
This bed so big, I am now in my groove

Yes, that's it, Kitty hand me a wrench
Then go get the hammer on my work bench

The time is flying soon I will be done
And Mom will hate this boy, and we will have our fun

What was that did you hear something Kitty?
Was it mom and that boy, Can't catch us, must be witty

Lets work a little longer, my plan is set
The bed will collapse, and the boys doom will be met

Ok, I am done my work complete
Into the hall we should creep

And listen from outside the door
Listen as the bed hits the floor

Nothing I hear, it should have fell
Go take a look Kitty, What the hell?

Charge the door and knock it down
Just like I showed you, and use that frown

Boom! the door flies open and in she creeps
Startled the people trying to sleep

But upon noticing the bed still standing
That boy grabbed Kitty, and threw her in the hall, on her feet landing

What did you see, what went wrong
You won't believe this, the story isn't long

Cody fixed the bed
He likes the boy more then mom instead.
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