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FreeWrite 2

FreeWrite 2

The Park

-Sinister curls of flamming red hair bounce up and down on the dark jacket as the
pale girl wanders by, puffing on a long cigarette.

- With it's windows busted and tires worn out,a rusted Fire Truck idly sits in a desolate lot,
waiting to be started by it's owner.

-Burgundy shaded flowers sway in the summer breeze, inviting various insects to come and suclke the dew
from it's leaves.

[Zooms in on cigarette girl]

She is loud, unique and just doesn't give a shit. With hissing smoke wafting from her pale nostrils,
she saunders down congress street slowly, each step from her wasted converses vibrates the pavement with earsplitting
twangs from an electric guitar. All of life is drained in her path. "Fuck You Lookin' At, Pippy?" The black eye shadow growls.


Humming through the air, the yelp of the boy echos across the colorful lunchroom,
his arms out, his foot sliding on the wet tiled floor, his hazel eyes wide and
siliva splats on his face. Iches above his dark hair, a grilled cheese sandwich
and a bag of fries sail on the wind, the actual yellow tray looping under his
arm, along with a spinning carton of chocolate milk. Hundreds of faces turn to him.

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