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Althrough the night she cried in pain,
For every time it tried to strain.

But as the dawn's new early light,
poked through the darkness of the night.
The birds did sing with such delight,
while the cocks they crowed with all their might.

My eyes beheld a sweet, sweet sight.
For there she lay right long her side,
A mother's love A father's pride.

Michael sang, Juvy cried,
"This is a love you cannot hide.
Can this be said in any way clearer,
yes now we have a little sister."

She was a fruit of God's true love,
She was the fruit of our own true love,
She was our little filipino daughter,
She was our little Marialuisa.

The ladies they came 'round to call,
with their loads of pan da sal.
To this I say I must have said,
yes some they carried upon their heads.

Maria, She smiled then aid to me,
"This is our child, my number three
My second girl is it so true,
because she comes to me from you."

Sesabe ni Maria, "Me anak ko sa dito ang tatlo se delawa kasi pumutatay se ako ng ikaw."

Next day the priest came there to see,
God's newborn gift he gave to we.
Unto his blessing bestowed on she,
to wet her head for all to see,
To God her love and life must be,
From now until eternity.

She was our little angel,
She was our little girl,
She was our little daughter,
She was our little Marialuisa.

The churchbells rang with such a sound,
was heard all through this Bicol town.

Marialuisa ang anjel maliet.

Into my arms I held her near,
So she would be to have no fear,
and then her mom would take her there,
to open her blouse and feed her fair.

The days they passed then weeks it be,
Then months it seem to go for me,
but now it was to be so clear,
the time you know was drawing near,
for she was here with us one year.

Happy Birthday to a special filipina girl,
Happy birthday to our little daughter,
Happy Birthday to our little Marialuisa.

Although her mounth had pain from teething,
Our little girl was so decieving,
for all she'd do is smile at me,
because I looked at her so endlessly.

Her small hands wrapped 'round my finger,
made me feel just like a singer.
and that first word it sounded meek,
" Mahalkita" first word she speak

Then came the day we stopped to "gawk"
we just stood there and could not talk.
'cause suddenly she learned to walk.

One day she smiled with such great joy,
that day I brought home her first toy.
Her eyes were filled with such delight,
which then did sparkle just like starlight.

From time to time we had to say,
"Marialuisa, Go out and play,
but before dark please come back in,
sit down with us and eat "kanin."

"Sigina, Marialuisa, Pumutata se ikaw ng salabas pero hamusnatayo kasi ng gabi gutum ni ikaw ng kanin."

For they'd be gone for all those hours,
The kids they played, she'd just pick flowers,
and yes it was to be so fair,
She's place them all into her hair.

She was our little sampaguita flower girl,
She was our little daughter,
She was our little Marialuisa.

Can this ne said without a sigh..Oh!
Marialuisa in "Los Flores De Mayo."
To this was seen by every person,
when she knelt before the blessed virgin.

She bowed her head then looked up high,
then prayed to her without a cry.
For then it came like nighttime sky,
a "sparkle" appeared in her eye.

We said to her "she'll be no fool."
and picked up right off her stool,
for that's the day she started school.

Sabe ni asawa at sa ako, "Hamusna Marialuisa, Ikaw pumutata sa escuela."

She was the pride of all her class,
For every course she'd clearly pass.
Her teachers said she learned so fass'

She was our little genius.
She was our little filipina.
She was our little daughter.
She was our little Marialuisa.

Then came a day for there was trouble.
Police were called upon the double.
A man he screamed in rage despite,
the children were all filled with fright.

This man well known for all his might,
upon one girl he cast his sight,
but when he looked into her eyes,
He simply stopped, walked off and cried.

Can this be true 'cause that it seems.
Is she the "Angel of the Philippines"

Pagaling se Marialuisa, Ang "Anjel ng Pilipinas"

In all those times that they were near,
for their own words I want to hear.
'cause when they spoke unto each other,
Tagalog one and know NO other.

To thee I say I will say clear,
For in this land you must stay here,
Americans are as the bitter vulture.
you must stay with your one true culture.

Then it came as if a dream,
Marialuisa was now sixteen,
twas then her heart was filled with joy,
'cause now she'd fallen for a boy.

To him she said that she was ready,
for this first love whose name was Eddie.
"Mahalkita" He said to she.
"Mahaldinkita" she said to he.
It must be so for you and me.

and then it came like nighttime skies,
that sparkle appeared in her eyes.

Our daughter had found her first true love.
Our loving daughter,
Our loving girl,
Our loving Marialuisa.

Then came the day with all its honor,
Upon a stage her alma mater,
A cap & gown bright as the sun,
twas for a job that was well done.

Called forth she walked and took her book,
because I could not help to look,
and then she saw us in the crowd,
twas when we 'plauded her so loud.

With tears of joy she could not hide,
She ran right up along our side.
A great big hug we gave to she.
"Salamat po" her words to me.

Congradulations to our high school grad.
Congradulations to our special girl.
Congradulations to our special daughter.
Congradulations to our Marialuisa.

Then it was just like "siesta"
Marialuisa crowned "Queen of Fiesta"
Her long, black hair hung to her waist.
Melted our hearts as if were paste.

She was truly a Philippine Beauty,
She was truly a beautiful girl,
She was truly our beautiful daughter,
She was truly our beautiful Marialuisa.

One bright night we all came on,
Singing Oh Oh Maliwanang kasi Ni Buwon"
These words which say for us to see,
Oh Moon Please send a love that's true to me.

For when this song we did do chance,
Luisa & Juvy would run to and dance.

But this I say from me to you,
Today she celebrates her "Devu"
Yes she is all now twenty-one,
A whole new life has just begun.

She was now the beauty of all the Philippines!
She was a beautiful filipina girl,
She was our beautiful filipina daughter,
She was our beautiful Marialuisa..

One day she called us to her side,
Her joy it was she could not hide,
She was in love not selfish pride,
For she'd been asked to be a bride.

Our daughter had found her life's true love,
Our loving girl,
Our loving daughter,
Our loving Marialuisa.

But then her joy turned into sorrow,
For now it was there's no tomorrow,
'cause when she heard the distant rumble,
twas that our marriage was bout to crumble,

For when my wife from me she'd hide,
Marialuisa stood by my side,
'cause in her heart she knew I tried,

But when she saw our love had died,
& specially true her Chris had lied!
Marialuisa ran off and cried.

Yes he was seen to be that still,
and such so that it was a thrill,
'cause he was with another girl.

Her long, black hair now covered her face,
To hide her tears which formed a lace,
That ran their course straight down her face.

And that night a call to me,
That we must now come there to see,
For she had gone to Sacrifice Valley.

But what was it did that she see,
which drew her to this strange valley?
twas on it was that horrid night,
We all stood there in total fright,
then ran to her through mists of night,
But suddenly it hit... that light!
Which tore apart that thing despite.


We all stood there and then fell down,
Upon that hard and cold wet ground,
right next to where she lay her gown.


Michael & Juvy both started to cry,
In such great shock we'd thought we'd die!
Twas now we vould not even sigh.
We prayed to God there up on high.

OH! Juvy cried, "No more no more I'll ever see her.
My beautiful & loving sister."

But this I say to you my brethren,
Marialuisa is now in heaven.

The news which spread for all to hear,
of what occured just this passed year,
for late one day two boys did play,
both ventured down that path they say.

and then they saw off in the night,
What was to them this strange white light!
" We both approached then did not dared,
come close enought for we were scared.

For then we saw this awsome sight!
A beautiful lady adorned in white!
Who was this one that was so fair?
with flowers up in her long, black hair?

My God My God I'm only seven!
She's come to here for us from Heaven!

She held out her arms to hug both we
but then her tears we both could see,
and then was gone this white lady!

Twas late one night it came to seem,
Marialuisa appeared in a dream,
and then these words was said to we."
"Mahalkita me nanay ko"
"Mahalkita me tatay ko"

But then these words she said to me,
"Rick Please dont cry for its now better.
One day we'll all be here together."

BY:Richard J O'Hanlon Jr.
Copyright May 15, 2000
All rights reserved.

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