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In Memory of Our Daughter

The tickets were sold out and the crowd waited anxiously on the bleachers,
eyes switching back and forth from the florescent clock on the wall to the double
doors of the school gym.Time seemed to stand still, but soon she would come
bursting through the doors, bringing her talent and a smile that would brighten
up and room, even on the darkest day.

Proudly flaunting a black and red short set uniform, with the #40 imprinted
with bold black letters on the front and back of her jersey, she brought
excitement to the crowd. Her broad shoulders played a game of peek a boo from
the edges of the sleeveless jersey as she bounced around the court. Known by
the name of "Squeeze" she was a strong athletic senior and captain of the varsity
girls basketball team. Always bringing excitement and determination to the gym,
with her energetic personality and love for the game, she was a joy to watch. There
was never a game where the gym wasn't packed with fans that were there to cheer her on.

Standing 5ft 9' tall with a healthy build, her hazel eyes sparkled, lending a shine
to her light brown hair that shimmered in the shadows of the overhead lights.

No one knew what kind of wild hair stle she would wear. It might be a ponytail on one side
of her head and a braid on the other. Another tiem she wore a braid on the other. Another time she
wore a poytail sticking straight up on top of her head like a cactus soaking up the morning sun.. No matter
what the hairstle, she always brought attention to herself and was frequently the center of attention in the
crowds of people she loved so much.

Her calf muscles bulged above her white, full length socks embroidered with the letter"T" and the #23 in
memory of a teammate whose life was take three months prior. Her black and red Nikes shimmered as the camera flashes snapped
continously in then nearby crowd.

Alwyas so lively and sure of herself, her face would glow as the crowd cheered her on, but she stayed calm and focused on her
ability to play. Looking closely, you could see her crack a smile as she ran down the court with the ball in full control. At the
same time she would peek befind her, as though she were taunting the opposite team into trying to catch her. Nearing the net her body would fly
into mid air as she slammed the ball into the net scoring her last and final winning point in the game.

On a rainy night, one week before senior prom and two weeks before graduation, a 199 honda civic slif out fo control. By then it ws softball season and a lonely bottle
of mountain dew stood on the pitchers mound where she once stood. The cheers still echo through the gym and the field in her memory and she will be remembered for years to come.

RIP Christina... You will be greatly missed....8-5-88 to 5-5-06
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