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The Last of Pug and Echo

Echo sits at the stop light and waits impatiently for it to
turn green. He should have gone the other way he now realizes too late.
He leans his head on his left hand with his elbow halfway out the
window and tries his best to look cool and nonchalant.
Soon his mind begins to wander. Thinking. . Thinking. But his
thoughts keep coming back to the dam red light that seems to be broken
yet shining fine. He begins to nod his head to the rap music on the
radio and soon he's mouthing the lyrics not missing a beat.
Pug sits anxiously trying to keep calm. Her eyes keep going
back to him no matter how much she tries not to look. But she can't
help herself when it comes to him.
She wasn't even supposed to be at this intersection, she was
supposed to turn left at the other stop light they had just flown by
moments ago. But the black cadillac made her change lanes without
thinking. She knew it was him, knew it the minute she saw the car.
And now the anticipation is killing her. She can't wait for
him to turn around and see her.
Echo begins to look around. He's frustrated and he wants to
get the hell out of there.
Pugs heart skips a beat when she sees that he is beginning to
look around. She can't wait for him to look at her.
But he will not.
Echo knows that she is next him, he knows that she is dying
for him to look right at her. But he won't, he refuses to. He doesn't
want to see her, or even think about her. Not anymore. He's moved on
and he wants her to get the picture. But he knows Pug better than that.
He knows that she is dtermined to get him back.
And so he does the only thing he can think of to get her to
leave quickly and get over it, over him. He turns to look at her just
as she turns to face him and with a smile he leans back against his
seat to reveal his new girl sitting next to him.
The girl has no clue as to what is going on. She doesn't see
the girl in the car next to them breaking in two. She just smiles at
Echo and tries her best to look her prettiest only for him.
Pugs eyes sting. She feels a tightening in the pit of her
stomach. But she can't get herself to look away.
He's with her when he's supposed to be with me. She cries
Echo can see the pain in Pugs eyes. And even though he would
give the world not to see his Pug in pain he remains motionless. He
has to keep his front.
His new girl smiles at him now and leans over to him to kiss
him. It was only meant to be an innocent kiss.
Pug is falling apart. Warm tears roll down her cheeks and
cause her mascara to bleed.
If only he knew what he was doing to her.
She needed to get out of there. This was killing her. The pain
inside was killing her.
And then regret kicks in. Echo feels guilty. He wants to stop
what is happening and go back in time. He was wrong and now wishes for
a way to turn back time, to make things right.
But wishes never come true.
Pug think she sees the light turn green.
"Finally!" She cries and steps on the gas pedal flooring it.
Echo's heart races. He can not believe what is happening. The
black car came out of nowhere and now it was crashing into the green
Volkswagon Beetle.
Into Pug. . .
Echo hears a scream in his soul.
The guys in the black car screamed as they met their fate.
But Pug remained silent.
She was already gone. .
. . . . The light was still RED.
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