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The lover Knight

" The Lover Knight "
By: Peter Asaad
Chapter 1
once upon a time at one of the ancient Romanic ages , where every country belong to a king and he has all its treasures and resources and his orders mustn't be disobeyed , all this is a part of the Romanic Emperor which is very united and all kings co-operate with each other to retain the stability of the emperor . Besides, there were the public of the people which try hard to live in a better life but they suffer of the big taxes and also suffer of the bad treatment which they have from the Romanic soldiers.
Our story begins at one of these countries and exactly at one of the poor neighborhoods where houses consist of maximum two floors and it's a simple houses each family live in it alone , beside these houses there were markets and shops of clothes , cooking pans....etc.
At that neighborhood Tommy's family live , this family consists of the father , the mother and their son Tommy , the father works at his shop and Tommy sometimes help him but he goes to the school of attending the army and he loves fighting with the sword and also riding horses .
He learnt a lot more than other students and he had got " training soldier " but he is still young, his age not more than 16 years old .so, he has another two years before he will be a soldier , his friends call him " the Knight " and he is proud of that name .
The king of this country called " king Lewis " , his wife " Queen Elizabeth " , their son " Prince Leonardo " and their daughter " Princess Christine " and this royal family live in a big palace full of servants and guards .
At one day Tommy and his friends were walking in the street of markets , suddenly the street was full of soldiers and Tommy asked his friends about what was happening and they said to him that the prince and the princess is coming and that is the only way to the palace so many soldiers came to guard them .
Many soldiers passed and also the cart with the horses which prince Leonardo and his sister Princess Christine were in.
Tommy said to his friends that it's the first time for him to see the king's son and daughter so they laughed at him.
Tommy looked inside the cart & he saw the princess who was very v beautiful , when he saw her he couldn't put his eyes away from her and at the same time the princess smiled to him, he couldn't believe himself and he told his friends about that but they told him to shut up to avoid being killed by any soldier's sword .
The cart entered the palace and Tommy wasn't convinced with what his friends told him , he thought a lot of what happened but he didn't know what to do and he only know that he likes that princess who he saw for the first time.
In the next morning, Tommy went to school and he met his friends who saw him not focusing in the class so, they knew that he's still thinking of what happened yesterday.
The time of training with the sword came, and this time was the best for Tommy but he wasn't taking attention in this lesson until he made mistake in one of the trainings so, his trainer blamed him very much as he was one of the best knights in the class.
The school time was finished and at the way back to home with his friends , they blamed him of not concentrating in the lesson and one friend ,they call him " the wise ", told him a word he didn't forget it : " don't dream of something you can't reach " .

Chapter 2
Tommy went home thinking of a quick solution for what occupies his mind and suddenly he got an idea, he wished he could reach to the princess by it.
Although that this idea don't make him so close to the princess, but if he did it , he would be very happy & he slept that night in a great desire to do it.
In the morning, he got up early before the time of school and his parents asked him about the reason and he told them that he is going to work so they were claimed of these words.
Tommy got out from his house with his heart beating very fast particularly it has been two days he didn't see the princess in them.
He walked in the street of markets until he reached to its end where the gate of the palace exist and he stopped at that gate and the guard asked : " what do you want ? " , Tommy said : " I want to meet the king "
The guard said: “Are you crazy boy, go away"
Tommy insisted to enter but the guard refused and wanted to beat him so, Tommy ran away in order not to be beaten.
He went home sadly until the school time came.
At school, his friends saw him sad so they told him to forget that thing and they called him that day “The Lover knight ".
Hardly , the school time finished until he went home and he entered his room thinking how to enter the palace but he couldn't think of anything so, he set in his father's shop hoping to see the princess again.
Five days passed without seeing her so he decided to go to the palace again and retry but his try failed again!
Everyday he goes to the palace trying to enter until the guard said: “why do you want to see the king?”
Tommy said: “just tell him that I want to see him in an important thing”
The guard said: “ok, wait here until I tell the king but if he refused, I won’t see your face here again”
Tommy accepted and the guard went leaving Tommy out long time until he came saying: “you are lucky boy, the king accepted.... " And he didn't complete his words as Tommy interrupted him: " let me in now, please”
the guard opened the gate and Tommy entered the palace for the first time in his life, he walked along the garden until he reached the palace itself and he couldn't believe his eyes as the palace was very luxury and well designed , the guard took him to the big room where the king is in.
Tommy said “it’s a pleasure to meet you, King Lewis”
The king said: “who are you? And what do you want? "
Tommy said: “aim Tommy and I want to work here in the palace”
The king: “all jobs are occupied and also you still young for work”
Tommy said : " Iam the first in my class in the military school , in the fourth year and I can fight with sword and ride horses in addition to there is one unoccupied job... "
The king said: “then tell me what is it?”
Tommy said: " I want - with your accept of course - to be the bodyguard of your daughter princess Christine”
The king claimed: " and why my daughter specially?!”
Tommy said confidently: “I knew that the princess of any country should have a bodyguard so I wanted to have that honor for our country to be like the other countries”
the king said : " ok, Iam a little convinced but the final opinion is the princess's opinion " and he called one of the servant girls to call the princess from her room....the princess came and finally , Tommy saw her after missing her a lot and the king asked her : " this guy wants to be your bodyguard ,do you accept ?"
The princess didn't talk for a while and she looked to Tommy then she turned to her father saying: “mmmmm, ok I accept”
The king said to her: " you didn't accept to have a servant girl to serve you and now you want a bodyguard?!”
The princess nodded and the king thought for awhile until the moment that Tommy waited for has came, the king said: “you are from now the bodyguard of my daughter and you will start your job tomorrow "
Tommy couldn't believe his ears and he was very happy.
He thanked the king and asked for his permission to go and he returned home happily , when he met his friends he told them what happened and how he became the bodyguard of the princess, they congratulated him a lot and told him that beside having a lot of money, he made two things of the hardest things in this country : having job in the palace & being close to the princess , he told them that nothing is hard for " The Lover Knight " .

Chapter 3
Tommy told his parents that he will work in the royal palace tomorrow and he will leave the school to concentrate on his work and they were very pleased to hear that but his mother told him to take care of himself and avoid any mistakes as the work in the palace is too serious and the punishment of any mistakes is big.
Tommy told them also that he would probably spend the night in the palace and they won't see him much, his mother cried after hearing that but she wished him success in his work.
In the early morning ,Tommy got up very active and he went to the palace and the general soldier gave him the official clothes and Tommy chose a sword and he went to the king to give him the sword so he took the job officially .
The king called a servant to take Tommy to the princess's room and Tommy went with him to the second floor where the princess's room in the end of the corridor, Tommy's heart was beating too much as he couldn't believe that he would see her everyday, and before having this job he wished to see her just for a moment .
At that time, Tommy thanked his mind for inspiring him with that fantastic idea.
The servant knocked the door and entered leaving Tommy outside , finally the door was opened and the beautiful princess went out with her white dress and the crown of diamonds , Tommy was very surprised as he hasn't ever saw that beauty before and he didn't know what to say
She started to talk and she said to him: “what’s your name?”
He said: “my name is Tommy, your majesty”
She asked: “And why you chose to be my bodyguard, Tommy?”
His face went red as he was very embarrassed from that question but he answered: " for your protection your majesty”
however the answer was not enough but she didn't care and she told the servant to get chair and put it beside her room for Tommy to sit on and she said to Tommy : " when Iam in this room you sit on this chair and when i go out ,you follow me any where ".
Tommy considered that his job is the greatest job in the world and he was doing all the princess's orders happily.
some day , the princess wanted to visit another princess , a friend of her , in another country so Tommy went fast to the street of markets to clear the road , the princess went out of the palace in the cart and Tommy walked in front of it but he heard two of his friends whispering and he tried to hear what they say and he heard them talking about how beauty is the princess so, he pulled his sword and said : " what are you saying ,foolishness ? "
And the soldiers went to him to ask him about what happened and he told them that they were gossiping of bad things on the princess so, the soldiers have beaten them.
After exiting the country, Tommy got into the cart and they reached the other country and the princess met her friend (Karin).
Karin said to her: “this bodyguard is handsome if he was a prince, I would have married him immediately”
Christine didn't say anything but she smiled.
At the end of the day, they returned back to the country and Christine told Tommy to go to his house to take a rest and he thanked her and he returned home and his parents welcomed him , he said " Iam more than happy in that job "
He spent the night telling them all what happened and told them that he eats what he want in the palace , he take rest times and have a lot of respect .

Chapter 4
In the morning, Tommy went back to his work at the palace.
That day Tommy heard that the king Jack came to visit King Lewis with his wife, Queen Bernadette and his son, Prince Charlie.
The princess Christine and her brother , prince Leonardo to welcome them and all of them sit down to talk and then they ate lunch , after the lunch prince Charlie said to king Lewis : " I heard that you have a rare kinds of horses in your stable and I wish to see them , can Christine take me to see them ? "
King Lewis replied: “of course she can, Christine go with him”
In their way to the stable Charlie noticed that Tommy is following them so he said to him: “go away from here no more guarding”
Tommy said: “I don't take orders except from the Princess Christine herself”
Charlie got angry and said in a loud voice: “Are you teaching me, bustard go away before I put you in prison”
Christine said: “relax Charlie he is only doing his work”
Charlie said to her: “he is an ant disobeying my orders”
Christine said: “why do you want him to leave us? He is not doing anything bad”
Charlie said with anger: “you are with me now so you don't need guards”
She replied: “I’ll let him go but first give me an obvious reason for his leaving”
Charlie said: " ok, Christine does what you want and now let's complete our way”
They went to the stable and watched the horses and at the end Charlie said to Christine: “how about taking a ride with those two horses?”
Christine said: “and where will my bodyguard go?”
Charlie got angry again and said: “what is that servant that you are caring for? I am sick of that”
She said: “it’s better to go back to the palace because you are so nervous today”
At the door of the palace Charlie said to Tommy: “be sure that you will have a great punishment”
they entered the palace and Charlie told king Lewis about what Tommy did but he told him things didn't happen about him and Christine disagreed with that but king Lewis called Tommy and he came quickly , the king said to him : " Are you gone crazy do you know who is prince Charlie ? , I have to fire you now "
Tommy was unpleased to hear that and he knew that Charlie made that to him to get rid of him but Christine tried to defend him but the king insisted to fire him
Tommy said: “ok, I’m going now but you must know your majesty that's not justice”
Tommy went up to the second floor to collect his things and Christine went up after him and she said to him: " don't go please “, he said to her: “my stay is not welcomed anymore "
Christine said: “I need a guard very much and I feel good when you are guarding me”
He said: “but king Lewis ...... "
She said: “stay here until King Jack's leaving and I’ll talk with my father “.
The princess went down again and she told them that he has left , after a short time king Jack prepared to leave with his family and when they were leaving Charlie said to Christine : " it's good that you fired that guard and I hope not to see another one next time "
They left promising with another visit.
Princess Christine talked with her father and she told him that Tommy didn't do anything wrong and he said to her that they will find another one but she disagreed saying : " sorry dad but I won't accept any other guard as Tommy is a good guard and he had a lot of trainings besides he is from a kind family "
He said: “ok, I’ll send a soldier to call him again”
She said: “he didn't leave; I’ll call him from the second floor”
The king was surprised to hear that, Christine went quickly and told Tommy that the king accepted to keep his job and he was very happy to hear that and smiled to her and she smiled to him also , they looks to each other and that day he was sure that the princess has some feelings toward him and he promised to try hard to protect her during his life .
Christine told him to follow her to the stable to feed horses as she used to do but before going he went to the king to thank him and to ask his forgiveness and promised not to repeat his mistake again .
Tommy went with the princess to the stable and he watched her feeding horses in her sweet and nice manner but while he was watching her , he had some fear , it's a fear of the day when a prince come to marry Christine and he imagined this scene of her wedding on that prince and he thought what to do that time , will he kill himself ? Or kill that prince? , or go to a far place where no one can find him, or any other way of that desperate ways.
The princess finished what she was doing and said to Tommy : " go to your home now and come after the sunset because I’m going outside the town , Tommy obeyed her and returned home and he told his mother about what happened with prince Charlie and she told him that all kings and princes should be obeyed any time and she said to him also : " we are just public ,son and the kings are our masters " .

Chapter 5
After a short rest Tommy returned to the palace and Christine was going to another friend of her called Princess Caroline in a far country so, she went to ask her father to go and he told her to take her brother Leonardo as the road is too long but she said : " It's enough that my bodyguard Tommy will come with me but I think we will come back late because the distance is very long between the two countries"
The king accepted and the princess got into the cart with Tommy and the distance was really long so, Christine was talking with Tommy all the way and she liked his intelligence and his gentleness and he was amusing her with his funny stories .
Finally, they arrived to the other country and they did not feel the distance of the road and Christine met Caroline and at the end, Caroline said to Tommy: “what do you think of being my own bodyguard? And I’ll give you double the money you are taking from King Lewis”
Tommy replied: “even if you will give me the entire world's treasures, I won't leave Princess Christine”
Christine thanked him for his loyalty and Caroline congratulated her for her loyal guard.
At the way back , it was little harder as the dark was so close and the weather was very windy and the rain was falling heavily with the lightning and storm don't stop , it was a bad weather with all measures , all this made the driver get out of control and the cart was inclining to the right and to the left until it hit some stones and two wheels were broken and when that happened Tommy was injured in his head but he wasn't fainted , It was so dark that he couldn't see the princess so he called her but she didn't reply and she was totally fainted , so Tommy got her out of the cart and he found the driver injured in his leg and couldn't move ,
Tommy took one of the horses and put the princess on it and he ridden it and he said to the driver: " wait here until I drive the princess to the palace and I’ll come back to rescue you”
Tommy ridden the horse slowly and he was very worried about Christine, Although the road and the weather was hard but he reached the country peacefully but in the morning, he carried Christine on his arms and he ran into the palace and the queen saw him, she said: “what happened to my daughter? Please tell me”
He didn't replied and he went up fast towards her room and he said to them: “bring a doctor immediately “.
He put Christine on her bed and the doctor came then Tommy got out of the room and he was walking in the corridor going and coming as he was very worried until the doctor came out and he said that her case is not serious but she has some small injures , after awhile Christine waked up and asked them about what happened and they told her that Tommy saved her life .
When they all got out, they thanked Tommy and promised him with a reward then he entered the room and found Christine in a good health, he said: “thanks God for your safety your majesty the princess”
then she said to him : " I don't know how to thank you for what you have done but I’ll tell you something I wanted to tell it to you from along time but now it's a perfect time , Tommy ..I...I...." and she didn't complete her words as Tommy jumped from his place in a hurry saying: " we have forgotten the driver...we have forgotten the driver”
then he asked a permission from the king to take two guard with him , the three went fast to search for the driver and they went very fast and the horses seemed to be flying not running , Finally they found the remains of the cart and they found the driver either but a dead body !
One of the guards said that he must was bleeding until death, the other guard told Tommy that he is still bleeding from the wound in his head but Tommy didn't feel that wound because he had a terrible feeling of a crime he didn't commit but he is a reason of it .
Tommy went back to the palace and his face is filled with two things , the blood from his wound , and his tears that he couldn't stop and specially when he knew that this driver has a wife and three children , although nobody accuse him of anything but he wanted to do something so, he decided to give the driver's family a part of his salary which he take from his work in the palace and decided also to do that during all his life , he refused to take reward for saving the princess but he wanted to take a rest and go to his house after that tiring day and the king accepted and he returned home having a wound in his head and other wound in his heart .
In the next morning , Tommy went to the palace and the princess was completely healed but she didn't leave the bed as the doctor's orders and the king said to Tommy : " you can take this day a rest also as the princess won't leave the bed today "
Tommy said: “but I want to see her first after your permission your majesty”
The king accepted and Tommy went up to the princess's room and he said to her: “How are you today princess Christine?”
She said: “I’m very fine because I saw you”
Tommy was surprised to hear that and he said: “thanks very much, princess that's very nice from you”
Christine said: " Why are you saying that?! I know well what is your feelings towards me, after your try to be close from me and your insist to be my own guard and finally saving my life, that explains every thing”
Tommy did not believe what the princess said and he felt like dreaming, and he said to her: “but what are your feelings towards me?”
She said: " I wanted to tell you about my feelings, do you remember that day when you saved me?, I wanted to tell you something but you remembered that driver”
Tommy nodded and he said, “Yes, I remembered, please tell me what you wanted to say”
She said: “you are the best person I’ve ever met, I love you Tommy”
Tommy said: “I loved you from the first sight, do you remember that day in the street of markets when you smiled to me?”
She replied: “yes, I remember it very well; I liked you when I saw you but when you became so close to me, I loved you more and more”
He said: “that is the greatest thing I’ve ever heard in my life”
She said: “but it's better for you and me to keep it a secret”
He accepted: “ok, I accept every thing you say, princess”
She said: “and you can call me Christine when we are alone”
Tommy smiled “ok, Christine “.
Suddenly Leonardo entered and he saw Tommy so he said to Christine: " what is he doing here?, he must go out immediately “.
Tommy went out from the room and he sat on his chair but he felt like he had the whole world.
What does he want more than telling him that she loves him?.

Chapter 6
In the next day the princess left her bed and Tommy said to her: “thanks God for your health, baby”
Christine said: “thank you, my darling, let's have a walk in the garden”
Christine went down and the king, the queen, and her brother Leonardo congratulated her on her recovery with all the palace workers.
After that she went out with Tommy to the garden but Leonardo was looking from the window and he saw Tommy walking beside Christine not behind her as a guard so, he felt that there is something strange about this and what made that so strange that he saw Tommy sitting behind her and they had a long talk as they are in a close relationship so, he thought too much about that but he know that his sister won't do any fool thing and she won't care of that poor people or the public people , but he didn't be sure of that until facing his sister , when she went up he asked her about her opinion about her bodyguard , and she said : " That is a special guard loyal in his work in addition to he saved my life "
then Leonardo told her about what he saw from the window so, she didn't know what to say so, he said to her : " I know you are sane , Christine, so don't make that guard a point of your interest just for saving your life , and I hope if you thinking about anything about him , then delete it from your mind "
Leonardo left her, she called Tommy, and she told him that her brother is suspicious about their relation so, he said: “don’t be afraid, nobody will know about what's between us as your well”
He didn't want to discuss with her what they will do in the future but he wanted to leave the days show them everything and nobody knows what will happen in the following days.
After a few days , king Jack came to visit king Lewis again with his family of course and that visit was only to discuss some royal problems , King Lewis and his wife welcomed them but Leonardo wasn't in the country that time , but for Christine she preferred to stay at her room and that was also Tommy's opinion , but unfortunately.......King Jack asked King Lewis to let his daughter take Charlie in a walk outside and King Lewis accepted immediately so , he called a servant to call her from her room , she came and apologized to them for not receiving them that she sleeping to not make them believe that she didn't want to meet them, and of course she didn't refuse King Jack's request but that time Tommy didn't follow them in order not to repeat what happened last time but he was watching them from the window and Christine was knowing that , Charlie asked her to sit beside the small lake and they sat there until the sunset and Charlie said to her : " this is very romantic , the sunset and the lake fantastic scene "
And he started to ask her very personal and strange questions about what she likes of food and her hobbies.....etc and she didn't give him satisfying answers but she was trying to finish this as soon as she can; because there is someone looking from the window who was boiling from jealous, and finally the leaving time of King Jack came and before leaving, they promised that the next visit will be very special!

Chapter 7
Tommy specified a day in the week to go to his school, he was making the hardest tests successively, and as usual, he is the first in his class.
King Lewis knew that Tommy's skills is higher than his school so he suggested to him to complete training in advanced schools in another countries , Tommy promised to think about that and he went up to Christine to ask her about her opinion and she said : " you will stay in another country during school and I won't see you much so..... "
Tommy said: " I won't go, baby, I can't stand even a day without seeing you and I don't care of that stupid school”
Christine smiled: “and I won't leave you whatever happened”
Suddenly they heard a noise down and they went fast, they found a servant girl screaming and she said to Christine: “go fast, Princess... king Lewis is in a danger”
they went quickly to see what is happening and they found the guards fainted so they entered to the main room and they found a giant man with big muscles holding a sword and he wants to kill the king , Christine screamed : " daddy.... daddy.. "
The queen was crying and Leonardo was not in the palace, Tommy said to the man: " what are you doing?! Leave the king immediately or I’ll cut you into pieces”
The giant man left the king and turned to Tommy saying: “who are you, bug to say this to me, you are still a kid or you are not noticing that?”
Tommy got angry and he said : " I’ll teach you who is that kid " and he pulled his sword and the fight started with that giant man , the man's hits was a lot towards Tommy and very strong that it divided a chair into two pieces but Tommy was moving in an incredible speed that the man's hits was missing Tommy and he continued in that until he felt that the man got tired so , he took advantage of that and he went up on one of the chairs and jumped in the air and hit the man on his head by the sword's back and the man fainted immediately and he felled like a corpse , Tommy said : " I won't dirty my hands with that bustard's blood "
The king said to Tommy: “you are a loyal guard so, I hired you the general manager of the royal guards”
Tommy was very happy to hear that and he felt as an important person and Christine congratulated him and she told him that he deserved that and he asked her about that man and she told him that there are many outlaws like that man but they couldn't pass by the guards so, he said : " I’ll organize that royal guards very well and this wouldn't happen again " .
And he didn't lie as the guarding went more careful than before and Tommy gave them many orders about what enter the palace of food and about who wants to meet the king and many other things that need cautious , Tommy didn't want more than Christine's happiness and safety .

Chapter 8
Days passed and Tommy & Christine live with each other happily and they didn't think what will be the end of that , but the day that Tommy was afraid of has came , Someone who Tommy dislike came to visit the palace , he is Charlie of course , his father king Lewis and his mother queen Bernadette came with him , and as they promised , this visit was very special and they wanted queen Elizabeth and also Leonardo to be present as they came for something that deserve all that ; they came wanting the marriage of Christine from prince Charlie !
What a surprise! king Lewis thought a lot but finally he said he wouldn't mind and also wouldn't his wife and his son , but they didn't accept until they know Christine's opinion then Christine came but she don't know what was happening and her father asked her : " prince Charlie wants to marry you , Christine do you accept ? "
Christine was shocked to hear that and she said: “nooo, I don't think of marriage at all”
Then she ran to her room and Tommy asked her about what happened and she said: “Charlie came to marry me”
Moreover, while they were talking Leonardo came suddenly and he saw Tommy inside the room but Tommy didn't say anything and he left quietly. Leonardo asked Christine: “what have you done? Why do you refuse a person like Charlie? "
She replied: “as I said I don't think of marriage”
Leonardo said: “what are you saying? Moreover, where you can find a prince like Charlie? He is very wealthy and he would make you live in a paradise”
Christine said: “I don't love Charlie and I didn't say that the guy who I’ll marry should be a prince and has a lot of money”
He said in anger: " what ?! Are you insane?! And who would you like to marry? A servant for example or a guard........... ? "
Christine Couldn't say a word and Leonardo said to her: “Christine, do you love that guard? "
She didn't reply so he said: “come on, say it Christine do you love him ....”
Christine said: “yes, I love him Leo do you understand? I love him”
Then she got into crying then he said: “I was suspecting that but now I’m sure ...”
Then he went toward the door to go out and before going out, he said to Christine: “you must know that if you didn't marry Charlie, I’ll kill you and kill that guard ".
After Leonardo has gone, Tommy entered the room again and he found Christine crying heavily so he asked her about what has happened.
Leonardo went down and he said to King Jack: “Christine is thinking about that and you will have the reply in two days”
Charlie said: “but please I want the reply more sooner and be sure that the princess is very precious to me and I’ll build for her a palace that she haven't ever dreamed of”
Then after awhile King Jack left the palace.
King Lewis asked Leonardo about what his sister told him and he said to his father : " we must send the reply with accepting tomorrow as the wedding would be after tomorrow , as my sister Christine doesn't know what she is doing anymore , imagine dad that she loves that stupid guard who is called Tommy ....... "
The king was very surprised to hear that and he said: " what ?!!! What are you saying ?! Bring her to me immediately”
Christine came and the king asked her: “do you really love that guard, Christine?”
She replied: “yes, daddy and I don't want to marry any other person except him.... "
The king hit her on her face and said: “there’s no princesses marry from servants”
Then he ordered to bring Tommy and when Tommy came, he said to him: “tell me honestly, do you love my daughter?”
Tommy looked to Christine then he replied: “yes your majesty and I want to marry her”
When the king heard that, he stood up from his royal chair and called the guards: “arrest that animal and put him in jail”
And they took him to jail with the crying of Christine and screaming saying: " leave him...leave him”
Then she said to Leonardo: “you will never be my brother”
Moreover, she went up to her room crying.
The king said to his wife and his son: “Christine has made a big mistake and she should consider the results”
And Leonardo said: “she will be fine tomorrow as she will marry Charlie and she has no choices “.

Chapter 9
In the next day, King Lewis sent the reply to King Jack accepting the marriage and King Jack sent back message saying that the wedding will be tomorrow night in his palace and they must prepare for it.
Christine knew that but she didn't know what to do as she was forced to marry Charlie and she thought to commit suicide but she got away from that idea later.
The witnessed day has came and Christine saw them preparing and they brought to her the wedding dress and when she saw the dress, she remembered Tommy and his beautiful day which they spent with each other so, she took her white horse and she ran out of the palace very quickly towards the prison which is near to the palace and when the prison guards saw her they asked her about what brought her there then she ordered them to open Tommy's cell so, one of the guards said : " we can't do this , princess cause the king would cut off our necks "
She said: " what do you think fool? I want only to talk to him”
The guards hesitated but Christine said to them: “I order you to open the cell now or I’ll cut off your necks myself”
So, she entered his cell and she found Tommy sitting in sadness beside him the food and he didn't eat any piece of it and when he saw her he was very happy and he said: “I miss you , Christine so much "
She said in sadness: “my wedding tonight on Prince Charlie”
He claimed: " what?! That couldn't happen, no don't marry him please”
Christine said: “there’s nothing for me to do, Tommy as if I didn't marry him, my father would kill you”
Tommy said: “that’s better than your marriage from that animal”
Christine got into tears then Tommy dried her tears saying: " don't cry, baby, this bustard don't deserve your precious tears?”
Christine hugged him crying and the guard said: “please princess, if the king knew your presence here, he would punish us all, I’m sorry”
She said: “ok, I’ll get out now”
She went toward the door of the cell to get out but Tommy pulled her hand then he kissed her........
Before leaving, Tommy said to her: “don’t forget me Christine as I won't forget you till death “.
Christine went back to the palace and when it became dark, they all prepared to go, they got into the cart, Christine was wearing her wedding dress, and the cart went out from the kingdom towards King Jack's palace.

Chapter 10
Tommy considered that night as the last night in his life and also did Christine , Tommy was sitting with broken heart wishing that the iron of the cell could melt to let him out but he also was saying to himself what he could do by going out as he would find who wants to kill him and he wouldn't do anything to Christine so he decided he won't eat and drink anything until he die , at the same time Christine was wishing to get a knife and put it in Charlie's heart which has no sense , she was thinking also about Tommy who she won't see again and her father and brother who forced her to marry Charlie who will give them gold and jewelry , then she said to herself how could I will marry to that monster while who I loves is suffering in jail ? How I did that to myself and to him? I must have objected.
Tommy was sitting with tear eyes thinking of Christine until he heard the sound of cell door opening and he saw the guard saying to him: “go from here, boy and save your love”
Tommy was surprised: " what?! Are you serious? "
The guard said: “there is a horse in front of the prison's gate, take it and go to your baby... come on, do you want her to marry another person?”
Tommy said: “I don't know how to thank you, kind man”
The guard said: “only don't tell the king that Iam who let you out, come on no more talk”
Tommy went out quickly and he took the horse and he found a sword on it and he ran with the horse like the speed of lightning hopping to reach the wedding before it starts , and at last he reached after a great effort and he hit
the guards then he stopped with the horse in front of Christie who was sitting behind Charlie and he pulled her then put her on the horse very fast and he took her away then she took off her crown and the necklace which Charlie gave it to her , and they went out from the palace and Tommy said to her : " where would you like to go now , baby "
Christine said: " I’m with you anywhere you go, darling”
And they went away until they reached a far kingdom and they presented themselves to the king there so, he treated them well and he gave them food and drink and he accepted to let them spend the night in his palace.
King Jack ordered to search for them everywhere and he sent many guards behind them.
In the morning , Tommy and Christine got up and the king told them that king Jack sent a lot of soldiers behind them and they are searching for them now in the near kingdoms so it is better to run away , so they took what they need of food and drink and they ran away on the horse but the king said to them : " take the road inside the forest and at the end of the road you will find the free people who don't have a king , try to be nice with them and they will protect you "
they thanked the king then they went through the road of the forest but the soldiers of king Jack saw them so they ran after them but by Tommy's skill of riding they escaped and reached to the free people , the soldiers went back to king Jack so he was very angry for not catching them then prince Charlie said : " go to the free people behind the forest as they must have went to hide there and ask this people to give them to you , if they refused kill all that people and also if you saw Tommy and Christine kill them without hesitating " !
Tommy and Christine told their story to the free people so, they accepted to let Tommy & Christine live with them.
unfortunately, the soldiers came asking that people to give them Tommy & Christine but they told the soldiers that they are part of their people now and no one can touch them , the soldiers got angry and they started to kill those people without mercy and a lot of innocent people fell dead that day , Tommy & Christine tried to escape again but that time while they were escaping on their horse , an archer shooted Christine in her shoulder as she was sitting behind
Tommy on the horse then Tommy ran away with the horse and escaped from the soldiers until they reached a desert with no water or food and Tommy decided to take a rest to wind Christine's wound but she was bleeding a lot and she was so tired , Tommy wanted her to drink water but she said in a weak voice : " be sure that I always loved you , Tommy " then she closed her eyes and she didn't say a word , Tommy screamed : " NOOOOOOOOOO , don't die Christine , please " .
After two days, the soldiers were searching for them in the desert until they found Christine’s corpse behind Tommy's corpse holding her hand...

The End.

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