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you could see the smile on my face
the feeling of being liked
feeling love
looking at her only the way she
let me
and the look i got
with that smile
how can you want
anything else
now i cant sleep
i cant feel my heart
and i still want her
but its so dissapointing
when you dont have the smile
and i cant look at you that
way anymore
i cant kiss you anymore
i would have loved you to death
so now i have to put my love
back in and recycle it
in my own body hoping that
its there still when i try again
i want
i need
i cant why cant she
the anger
what was behind her eyes
why did she tell me
and then take it back
her touch
i want my chance dammit
i want my chance
i want her to see me
and tell me
that she doesnt

the way i do
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