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"Nala, I love you!" Sean yelled through the rain."No... don't say that Sean!
You know we can't be. We've tried it and we failed in the process." I choked
out through my sobs. Sean looked up into the stormy sky and sighed. "Nala...
your my everything...your the first thing I think about when I wake up in the
and the last thing I think about when I go to sleep at night! I can't live
without you, I can't breath without you! I can't sleep and I cant think clearly!
Lets face it Nala, Im nothing without you!" Sean answered. I stared at Sean
while Sean stared back."I sometime wonder what you're thinking when you stare
at me like that. ' I whispered as I reached up to stroke his soft facial
features. I've always loved his sharp stuctured cheekbones,his deep gray eyes
and his perfectly lined nose and lips. When we first met I would get caught up
in his eyes."Mesmorizing" I whispered unknowingly."Did you say something?" Sean
asked. I hesitantly pressed my lips against his but suddenly pulled away
realizing what I had just done."I'm so sorry Sean! I got caught up in the
moment... its just... I-" Sean cut me off with his lips. It seemed like my
world was spinning faster and faster with every second of it and thats when I said
screw it and gave in!
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