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Once upon a time there were two boys named Dominick and Julian.
Dominick is the prince of the kingdom but Julian is the cousin of
Dominick so the mother of Dominick always has time for the two.
Then one day the King is so very angry with Julian because He said
“That no one can enter the room of the King and Queen except Dominick”
but he heard news that Julian went to the room but the news they heard
is a lie so Dominick did not believe the news. The next day The King said
“Julian will be dishwasher forever and ever” but Dominick heard the news
so Dominick tell the news about this but he did not saw Julian in his room
so he went to the kitchen and absolutely there is Julian washing all the
dishes and the old dishwashers were only laughing at him so while he
wash he wash the dishes he cry’s and Dominick shouted
“Do not laugh at him” I will let you out of this castle if you laugh
at him” then the King enter the kitchen then he heard it so he become
angry to Dominick and said “Do not enter inside this Kitchen every time if
I saw you entered this room I will let you out of this castle even if
you are the prince but the queen heard that so she said that “if you let them
send out I will go with them and not to comeback anymore unless they comeback”. King said “So if I let them out you will go with them so I will not be angry with Julian and Dominick I don’t want you to lose anymore so Julian bring all you’re things to you’re room and then respect them as a king and then I will make him the second prince of this castle” then the two boys went to parlor & barbers park then they saw 2 cute girls they ask they’re names and then they said “ let’s go to the castle, join us!” Anneliese said ok we will join you but in one condition you two will give us food? Dominick answered Umm ok we will give it to you. Erika got a crush to Julian .Anneliese has a very sweet talk under the tree then Anneliese fell in love with Dominick then they’re mother call to Dominick “Hello mother” said Dominick The mother said “you’re father will die in just a few minutes go here to talk to your father” then Dominick was running then they saw Dominick is running Anneliese said” that there is problem in their castle” Julian ask what is it? Anneliese said I just heard that the King of your palace will die in a few minutes” Julian said what? What is his disease Anneliese answered it is tuberculosis and common cold and cough, Erika said just that? Anneliese said yes! So let’s help Dominick to save the life of his father. Then when they reach the castle they saw Dominick is sad Erika said what happened? Dominick answered my father died before you reach here he died Anneliese said we are here to forget your problem. Then Anneliese and Dominick fell in love with each other then Erika and Julian fell in love with each other then Julian and Dominick propose Julian proposed to Erika and Dominick proposed to Anneliese.Then they said yes and the next day the wedding is cleared then they have the wedding and have their own family.


-Hannah Elcana P. Garcia
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