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True love

How could you do this to me------------------oh Susie tell me once about your feeling I would leave everything just for the sake of your love
Michel sitting freezingly while going through susieís last mail
It was a hot summer evening when michel was too occupied with his work so he decided to take a break and relax his mind he start surfing aimlessly suddenly a site took his attention Ďtalking is the best way to remove tensioní.he gave a jerk and laugh how could talking take away tension but he didnít know how he business minded person believe it and open that site..there thousands of people talking to each other on different subjects he thought such people had nothing to do in life that they came here to waste their times.then suddenly one separate window opened in front of him.the name was Susie she was asking him may I disturb you.firstly her way of talking struck me but I overcame it by allowing her.i said sure why not.i donít know how I kept talking to her nearly 2 hours without thinking about time.she had such a charismatic influence over me that i feel so relax after talking to her
And then we had a routine to talk to each other for hours without thinking that we were wasting their time here.i always felt care and love in her conversation,she was very confident and determined in her decisions.many times i share my worries and tensions with her and i donít know how she knew the root and within seconds removed it each time at the end I felt so relax and happy that at times surprised myself also.
My mother engaged me with her niece when i was too young infact i accepted her as there was no other girl in my life but now after meeting Susie iím was thinking that my mother didnít do good with me I discussed this several times with Susie but she avoided this topic whenever i tried to express my love toward her she started laughing and said i never think like this for you.
He wipes his eyes after knowing that how much Susie loves him without mentioning it because she didnít want him to be rebellious towards his mother

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