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Sleeping Angel

He sat and watched her sleep , and he sighed as the sunlight slowly revealed her bueauty from the darkness of the night . The way the sunlight shined down on her from the windows , she looked like an angel sleeping .The way the sheets just seem to drap over the most important parts of her , but yet still left her back and leg uncovered . He wanted to wake her , but wasn't sure how to . She rolled over to her back , arching it , and bent her knees , and quitely moaned as she streached her arms over her head . And then laid back on her stomach , with one of her legs bent and somewhat tucked up close to her body .
He began to kiss the side of her foot , trying to wake her , but her eyes never opened . He kissed around her ankle , and up the calf of her leg , to her knee , up the back of her thigh ., but her eyes were still closed . He began to kiss to the inside of her thigh , up higher , and pressed his tongue to her skin , but again , her eyes were still closed . He brushed his finger tips along the bottom of her foot , up her calf , and across her knee , to her thigh , and slipped them under the sheet.
She took a deep breath , and opened her eyes , He smiled at her ,
"Good morning."he said .
He kissed up her back and shoulder , and pulled her hair from around her neck and kissed it as well . And then laid next to her , running his fingers through her hair , starring into her eyes.
"Hows my angel this morning ?" he asked .
In a sweet voice she replied "uuummmmm...fffiinnee."
He put his hand on her hip , and pullled her up against him , pulling her leg up on his hip . He moved his hand along the side of her body , to her neck , and grinned , Then licked the tip of her nose .She giggled and smiled at him .
" You know I love you , don't you ?" He said sincerely.
She giggled and smiled . "Naaaahh , you just want my body ."
He laughed at her , "Yeah I want that too ... but I do really love you."
"I know , I know you too." she whispered.
She giggled and suddenly straddled him , trying to hold him down his arms as she attemped to lick his face out of playfness. But she was no match for him . He griped her hands firmly , and pulled her hands over his head . Bringing her upper body towards his , and kissed her . He released her hands , and glided his hands down her arms , down to her ribs , letting his thumbs graze over her nipples as he moved them to her waist .He shifted her to her back , and laid between her legs , kissing her even more passionately . Kissing her chin , running his tougue up her neck , and kissing down it . His lips creeped down her chest , and he circled his toungue around each nipple , takeing them in his mouth sucking on them , while messageing them with his hands . His lips proceeded to creep even further down to her navel .
She pulled at his hands that were wrapped tightly around her hips , and tried to keep his lips from kissing down further , but failed . Her hands clutched the sheets beneither her , as he teased her with his tongue , exciteing her even more .Even though she tried to keep her emotions inside herself , she fell week to his touch , as well as his tongue , She arched her back , and began to breathe heavily , and moan . "mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..." She could feel her knees begin to buckle , and her body began to trimble .
He let his tongue touch her skin as she pulled him to her lips , licking her from her navel up to her neck , and then kissing her . He shifted to his side , pulling her up against him again . Pulling her leg up on his hip , And he began to taunt her even more the before . He pressd himself up against her , slightly entering her , and then withdrawing , repeatedly . She clawed at his back , trying so deperately to hold on , as he kissed down her neck , and messaged her luscious breast.
He laid awake with her next to him . Her head on his chest , with her hand over his heart . He held her hand in his , thinking how tiny and soft it was capared to his own . He moved his head to where he could see her closed eyes , and thought , how beatuiful she was , and that she was all his . Heart , body and soul .
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